qigong 中文意思是什麼

qigong 解釋
n. 名詞 〈漢語〉 (中國的)氣功。

  1. Before hepatitis patient is choosing qigong treatment, the pathology of main basis liver, bravery, lienal, stomach will generalize measure of baconian diagnosis and treatment, when choosing qigong method yi yinggen occupies a men and women old young physiology is different, the constitution loses by force each different and individual qigong accomplishment and main symptom will choose more the result method of suit, but a little collective also principle

  2. Hepatitis patient often has the enteron symptom of different level, if be disgusted with is fat, meal hind is abdominal distension, do not think of food to wait, the different breath method in tone breath can be used when qigong takes exercise, and knead an abdomen, massage wait for auxiliary result to adjust gastric bowel peristalsis and abdomen are pressed, eliminate clinical symptom

  3. Icteric to acute model or without icteric model hepatitis, need not use qigong treatment commonly

  4. Take exercise in qigong accordingly in, when moving a body, answer to choose according to the patient ' s symptom and systemic state, adjust the accident of pose and acrobatics time, avoid overfatigue

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  12. “ i practice qigong breathing exercise for fitness sake, ” he said

    唐說: 「為了保持體力,我一直在練習氣功呼吸。 」
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  15. For many years, our whole family studied various types of qigong methods but couldn t find the path to liberation. this time, we have finally found the home of our souls

  16. No matter whether we used modern medical methods, qigong practices, or extraordinary powers, we could only cure the physical bodies but were helpless in treating mental suffering. however, most human diseases are mentally related

  17. Over ten years ago when serving in the navy, mr. yan had started practicing qigong.

  18. But there also is what do not suit qigong cure in hepatitis patient, weigh disease hepatitis for example, illness development is rapid, often be after the foreboding symptom such as calorific, disgusting, vomiting, icteric be deepened very quickly and appear haemorrhage, ascites, spirit is unusual, develop even for hepatic coma, the patient ' s condition is unusual in a extremely dangerous state

  19. ) 300 surplus ( includes qigong, fanzeng, guangshangyue, likuchang, jinshanyi a lot of master works ) ; original creates oil painting 800 surplus ; withs fabricate factory, equips with advanced mount machine 3, high volume production travels draw, fresco, boxes drawing, carries on hotel, unit waits for all sorts of order ; high - quality ' s seek, high - quality ' s service, becomes promote you career successful ambition cooperate partner

    300餘幅(包括啟功、范曾、關山月、李苦禪、靳尚誼等眾多大師作品) ;原創油畫800餘幅;設有製作工廠,配備先進裝裱機3臺,大量生產行畫、壁畫、畫框,承接酒店、單位等各種訂單;高質量的追求、高質量的服務,成為促您事業成功的理想合作夥伴。
  20. The magic show of the qigong master transported everyone in the hall