qatar 中文意思是什麼

qatar 解釋
n. 名詞 卡達〈亞洲〉。

  1. Behind the scene in " bedouin camp " in qatar

    幕後場景:卡達的「貝多因營地」 。
  2. Kone wins major orders in italy and qatar

  3. U. s. air force master sergeant epps ( tyrese gibson, left ) and special forces army ranger sgt. lennox ( josh duhamel, right ) are on patrol in qatar

  4. In right of the early professional mutualism in the sino - qatar trade domain, and since both countries reached the trade agreement, the investment protection agreement and the dual taxation avoid agreement the economic trade relationship between the two sides developed more rapidly

  5. A. because he got champion at qatar open again

  6. The structural design of a tall building in qatar

  7. Young master teaches martial arts in qatar

  8. Chinese embassy in the state of qatar

  9. Peninsula on - line, qatar - 1 hour ago

    湯加現在,湯加- 3個小時前
  10. Milestone of qatar ' s education history

  11. Munitions trade in qatar

  12. Place : doha, qatar

  13. Sainsbury ' s opens its books to the qatar - based investment firm delta two which is planning a 瞿 10. 6bn bid

  14. While he appears to lack experience in terms of a collegiate career, yue has played in the asian championships in qatar in 2005, and in the 2006 fiba world championships in japan

  15. The national health authority in qatar announces a hygiene campaign to teach the public easy ways to avoid illness

  16. Illegal drugs trafficking is a major problem suffered by countries in the middle east specially those like bahrain, dubai, saudia arabia, oman and qatar, whose borders are vastly exposed to sea shores

  17. According to electronic surveillance the coalition command in qatar order the attacking us forces to halt on at least three occasions

  18. Qatar sheikh held up a british airways flight at milan ' s linate airport for nearly three hours after discovering three of his female relatives had been seated next to men they did not know

  19. Doha, the capital of qatar, successfully hosted the 15th asian games, the largest ever in the history of the regional sporting event, from december 1 to 15

    12月1日至15日多哈(卡達的首都)成功舉辦了有史以來最大的區域性體育盛會? ?第15屆亞洲運動會。
  20. Proposals have also been submitted to abu dhabi, bahrain, dubai, iran, israel, kuwait, lebanon, oman, qatar, saudi arabia and sharjah