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  1. Q. why was aerogel used on stardust

  2. Q. what is an aerogel " movie "

  3. In this thesis, we study some open problems and conjectures about the linear complementarity problem. it consists of the next three aspects : firstly, we study murthys " open problem whether the augmented matrix is a q0 - matrix for an arbitary square matrix a, provide an affirmable answer to this problem, obtain the augmented matrix of a sufficient matrix is a sufficient matrix and prove the graves algorithm can be used to solve linear complementarity problem with bisymmetry po - matrices ; secondly, we study murthys " conjecture about positive semidefinite matrices and provide some sufficient conditions such that a matrix is a positive semidefinite matrix, we also study pang ' s conjecture, obtain two conditions when r0 - matrices and q - matrices are equivelent and some properties about e0 q - matrices ; lastly, we give a counterexample to prove danao ' s conjecture that if a is a po - matrix, a e " a p1 * is false, point out some mistakes of murthys in [ 20 ], obtain when n = 2 or 3, a e " a p1 *, i. e. the condition of theorem 3. 2 of [ 25 ] that a p0 can be deleted and obtain a e " a is an almost e - matrix if a is a co - matrix or column sufficient matrix

    本文分為三個部分,主要研究了線性互補問題的幾個相關的公開問題以及猜想: ( 1 )研究了murthy等在[ 2 ]中提出的公開問題,即對任意的矩陣a ,其擴充矩陣是否為q _ 0 -矩陣,給出了肯定的回答,得到充分矩陣的擴充矩陣是充分矩陣,並討論了graves演算法,證明了若a是雙對稱的p _ 0 -矩陣時, lcp ( q , a )可由graves演算法給出; ( 2 )研究了murthy等在[ 6 ]中提出關於半正定矩陣的猜想,給出了半正定矩陣的一些充分條件,並研究了pang ~ -猜想,得到了只r _ 0 -矩陣與q -矩陣的二個等價條件,以及e _ 0 q -矩陣的一些性質; ( 3 )研究了danao在[ 25 ]中提出的danao猜想,即,若a為p _ 0 -矩陣,則,我們給出了反例證明了此猜想當n 4時不成立,指出了murthy等在[ 20 ]中的一些錯誤,得到n = 2 , 3時,即[ 25 ]中定理3 . 2中a p _ 0的條件可以去掉。
  4. Ah q would be pissed off as usual, and glare furiously.

  5. Ah q had always had the greatest contempt for such people as little nuns.

  6. Q - dw : where did you begin your long journey of aikido

  7. Introducing a class of generalized fibonacci sequences with double variables, we establish the relation with aitken, secant, new - raphson, halley transformation etc., generalize the results of many authors. furthermore, we give a more general generalization of q - matrix

    通過引入一類雙變量的廣義fibonacci序列,建立了其與aitken 、 secant 、 newton - raphson 、 halley等變換的關系,進而給出了q -矩陣的一個更廣泛的推廣。
  8. Don ' t be such an alarmist mr. q

  9. Its tunable wave - region is over 100nm ( 701 812nm ) with the characteristics of simple manufacture and compact structure ; pulse with high energy can be obtained through q - switch for longer life ( 260us ) particles in upper level in this paper, tunable and q - switch mechanism and principle of working material alexandrite ( cr3 + : beal204 ) is firstly expatiated and analyzed. the experiment of tenability ( et ) and experiment of q - switch ( eq ) is proved feasible

    該激光器波長在701 - 826nm之間,製作容易,結構緊湊;上能級粒子壽命長( 260 s ) 、調q容易得到大能量輸出本論文首先對激光工作物質?紫翠寶石( cr ~ ( 3 + ) : beal _ 2o _ 4 )的調諧與調q原理和機制進行了解釋與分析,確定了調諧與調q實驗的可行性。
  10. Q : what happens if i use old, alm - enabled installation software

  11. Sintering conditions of q phase - bearing high alumina cement

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  13. Application : f q v amu : 350 - 0660

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  14. Q : do you believe in the anima and the animus - the male spirit and the female spirit - within each of us, and having a harmony and balance therein

  15. Q. 3 how to distinguish spirit from god and from antichrist

    問題3 .如何判別出於神的靈和敵基督的靈
  16. Q. 3 how to distinguish antichrist

    問題3 .如何判別敵基督
  17. It has been too often assumed that " proof " must be what kant called " apodeictic " that is of the kind that we used to be familiar within euclid, where the argument could be concluded with a triumphant q. e. d. because every rational person who understands the propositions is compelled to accept the inference

    我們常常假定, 「證據」一定是康德所稱之「絕對肯定的」 ? ?那種我們在歐氏推論中所熟悉的,那種可以把論據推演到成功地「證完」 ,因為每個懂得命題的具有理性的人都一定會接受那樣的推斷。
  18. Specifically, many scholars believe that the q document and the gospel of mark were the two sources used for the gospels of matthew and luke ; however, other theories, such as the older augustinian hypothesis, continue to hold sway with some biblical scholars

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  20. Q : arethe korean top players really so friendly towards eachother oristhere lot of behind eachothers back talking going on too ? istherea black sheep in korean scene : d