qf 中文意思是什麼

qf 解釋
1. quick-firing 【軍事】急射的,速射的。
2. quick-firer 速射槍[炮]。

  1. Sj - qf type automatic pp woven bags cutting and sewing machine, cutter

    Sj - qf編織袋自動切縫機
  2. Always say qf is gotten run the market. explain specificly

  3. Analysis of the introduction effects of qf on china ' s security market

  4. Quality function deployment qf

  5. Chapter 4 redesign of the internal personnel training system of qf group

  6. Chapter 3 introduction and evaluation of the present internal personnel training system of qf group

  7. After the demo, qf sports culture inc. presented a few game sets to the school to be used in student activities

  8. Based on the theory of microwave transmission in the media, matching conditiqns qf absorption films for the capture and absorption of microwave signal were ; derived

  9. Contested tour qualifying for the first time at shanghai ; on itf circuit, reached three qf in singles and captured career - first doubles title

    2001年,在上海站首次獲得參加巡迴賽資格賽權。在itf衛星賽賽事中,共有三次晉級單打1 / 4決賽,並獲得職業生涯首個雙打冠軍頭銜。
  10. At first a lot of new characterizations of gorenstein injective modules are given, then the author claim that a ring r is qf if and only if every left ( or right ) r - modules are gorenstein injective, and then show that if r is two - side noetherian, r is n - gorenstein if and only if every n - th cosyzygy of an injective resolution of a left ( and right ) r - module is gorenstein injective if and only if every n - th syzygy of an injective resolvent of a left ( and right ) right module is gorenstein injective. finally, we prove that for an n - gorenstein ring r with n > 0, every module can be embedded in a gorenstein injective module and the injective dimension of its cokernel is at most n - 1

    首先給出了gorenstein內射模的許多新的刻畫,推出了環r是qf環當且僅當每個左(右)的r -模的單邊內射分解式的第n個上合沖是gorenstein內射模,接著推出了左、右noether環只是n - gorenstein環當且僅當每個左(右)模的單邊內射分解式的第n個上合沖是gorenstein內射模當且僅當每個左(右)模的單邊內射預解式的第n合沖是gorenstein內射模,最後推出了n - gorenstein環中每個模都可嵌入到一個gorenstein內射模之中,且其上核的內射維數不大於n - 1 。
  11. With economy development, the contradiction of expansion qf cities and reduction of rural land. existence and development of peasant, and modernization and peasant small production are apparent obvious, countryside land using rights have gradually changed : peasant are deprived of land using rights by the nation levying land and by the collective collecting land, and the voluntary circulation among peasants because of manpower shifting make land collected with small scale etc. the circulation of land using rights is the necessary tendency, but how to ifiake the circulation in the order, protect peasants interests and national profits mostly are always concerning the subject about which many scholars and country worker are concerned

    而農民唯一的生活保障「土地」 ,在經濟發展中成了「唐僧肉」 ,農民土地使用權肆意剝奪、無序流轉非常嚴重。的確,隨著經濟發展,城市擴張與農村土地減少的矛盾、農民生存與發展的矛盾、農業現代化與農戶小生產的矛盾突顯,農村土地使用權不斷的發生變化:國家通過征地使農民永遠失去土地使用權,集體返租倒包集中土地使農民失去土地使用權,農戶之間由於勞動力轉移自願流轉使土地小規模集中,等等,土地使用權流轉是我國經濟發展的必然趨向。
  12. Based on the brief introduction of construction management system and the re1evant theory qf modern enterprise system, the thesis discusses the connotation and characteristic of 1ega1 person

  13. To underpin the implementation of the qf, emb proposes to set up industry training advisory committees itacs to develop industry training specifications itss for individual industry sectors

  14. In order to meet with the status and develop demand qf the oilfield electric power system, basing on the many series of transformer and the high performance demand to transformer in oilfield and the fact that measure instruments are incomplete now, by use computer control technology, a suit of oilfield electric power transformer performance and parameter integrated measure system is developed, which is for in - use, standby and choose type

  15. Furthermore, the aperture element model without thickness is present on the basis of the character of rcc dams and the symmetrical and anisotropic equivalental sequential model. the complicated seepage control measures of jiangkou dam foundation. the result indicates that improving drainage structure may successfully deal with the problem of the simulation qf dense drainage holes and the problem of seepage model of rcc dams are fundamentally solved

  16. The fourth chapter mainly studies the investment fund custodian, in this part, conception, legal status and fiduciary duty are respectively explored. then, the role of independent director in the corporate governance in investment fund industry is specifically analyzed. finally, some suggestions on perfection of custodian system, such as establishment of trustee committee, the separation qf the monitoring function and custodian function, and reporting to custodian by the managers before the execution of material transaction