vacuity 中文意思是什麼

vacuity 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 空,空虛;真空;空間,空處。
2. 精神空虛,出神,茫然若失,發呆。
3. 無聊,無所事事。
4. 〈常 pl. 〉無聊事,無聊話。

  1. Bertha thought it disconcerted him by rendering evident even to himself the vacuity of his mind.

  2. These people are manifesting red face constitution of liver / kidney yin vacuity

  3. Starting fwg all alone, checking the vacuity achieve the rated value whether

  4. Vacuum foaming behaviour and test method of foaming vacuity of an impregnating resin

  5. Cases of chronic fatigue syndrome in dual vacuity pattern of spleen and kidney treated by pricking and cupping

  6. The sky wore, in another colour, the same likeness ; a white vacuity of countenance with the lineaments gone

  7. At present mostly investigation of real estate is about house and is vacuity on the market and location of commercial real estate

  8. The tape - like surface of the road diminished in his rear as far as he could see, and as he gazed a moving spot intruded on the white vacuity of its perspective

  9. The process which the students fill the vacuity dot according the text meaning by creating and assuring, just is about a sort of process of the science searching of the text. second, subjectivity

  10. Professor yang diagnosed yin and yang vacuity prostatitis, made him taken powder and capsules, the symptoms disappeared and illness was cured. the patient married beared a son the second year, for appreciation, he presented a silk banner wrote " modern huatuo, effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life

  11. In chinese medicine theory, the pathogenesis of bph is associated with qi transformation of the triple burner, impaired diffusion and downbearing of the lung, unable to govern regulation of the waterways, the splenic transformation failure and unable to upbear the clear and downbear the turbid, damp - heat pouring down into the bladder, kidney vacuity and yang debilitation, qi transformation disturbance of lower burner, so the bph is caused by the disturbance of qi transformation in the lung, spleen and kidney triple burner

  12. Much works has been distributed to the development of a vacuum system to simulate the outer space and a measurement system to test the arcjet performance. ignition experiments in various operational modes have been done with argon as propellant. macroscopical working parameters including thrust, mass flow rate, voltage, current, inlet pressure and vacuity are obtained by the test measurement system and actual performance parameters including specific impulse, thrust efficiency, ratio of thrust and power and ratio of power and mass flow are calculated