vacuo 中文意思是什麼

vacuo 解釋
n. 名詞 〈拉丁語〉真空。

  1. The mixture is then distilled in vacuo.

  2. The cortical atrophy leads to compensatory dilation of the cerebral ventricles known as " hydrocephalus ex vacuo "

  3. According to phenomena observed during total solar eclipse, it can be pointed out that the velocity of gravitational field wave is equal to the velocity of light in vacuo

  4. Then fourier transformation is employed to solve equations of motion of the rings, bulkheads, stringers and fluid respectively, with their reactions ( moments ) expanded by the shell ' s in - vacuo modes. by means of continuity conditions on the interfaces between the shell and the stiffeners as well as the fluid, and inverse fourier transformation, the modal reactions ( moments ) are finally expressed by the shell ' s modal velocities

    然後用fourier變換分別求解環肋、艙壁、縱骨和流場的運動方程,將它們對殼體的作用力(力矩)用殼體周向模態展開,利用它們與殼體在連接處位移連續條件以及fourier逆變換得到用殼體速度表示的模態相互作用力(力矩) 。