vacillation 中文意思是什麼

vacillation 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 搖擺,波動,振蕩。
2. 猶豫不決,躊躇,優柔寡斷。

  1. We are vexed by too much inconsistency and vacillation in our creed.

  2. Vacillation is the cause of his failure.

  3. It first come with the particularity of melody and vacillation in two inflexion

  4. You are expected to answer the call with immediate actions and not with vacillation.

  5. Once again my efforts to organize an effective war economy had been ruined by hitler's vacillation.

  6. Free from hesitation or vacillation ; resolute

  7. His constant vacillation make him an unfit administrator

  8. Debate over an issue ; vacillation

  9. However, fears about changing the status quo in the industry, and most notably about the potential of eco - cars to cannibalise sales of pick - up trucks ( a segment that dominates the market and has powerful backers ), led to delays and vacillation

  10. But on one side the confusion and division and unpopularity of the german commander - in - chief led to vacillation and to avoiding a battle, which would have been inevitable had the armies been united and any one but barclay in command of them. and on the other hand, it all led to a growing indignation with the germans and a growing fervour of patriotism

  11. In contrast, the out - of - phase vacillation in summertime ao covers the arctic region and mid - latitude asian continent. though the summertime ao exists on intraseasonal as well as interannual time scale, its asian active center abates on the intraseasonal pattern, thus awarding it more conspicuous zonal symmetric structure. interannually, summertime ao exhibits the zonal asymmetric and baroclinic features, and its seesaw mode is significant only in the lower troposphere

  12. The experiment results show that when other initial parameters are kept constant, the heat and mass transfer of falling film absorption under the condition of normal vacillation of fishing vessels is better than that in static status ; the amplitude and period of vacillation directly influence the performance of the absorber and an adequate decrease of vacillation period or vacillation amplitude is beneficial to the absorption performance

  13. The vacillation between all the plans that were proposed and the inability to fix on any one of them, was more marked than ever after the tsar had been for a month at headquarters

  14. In order to achieve this objective, public ownership sector should be developed without any vacillation. as a result, workers and peasants can be members of mid - income group