transformation identity 中文意思是什麼

transformation identity 解釋
  • transformation : n 轉變,變化;變形;【生物學】(尤指昆蟲的)轉化,變態,改造,改革;變質;【數學】變換;【電學】...
  • identity : n. 1. 同一,一致;同一性。2. 本體;正身;個性。3. 【邏輯學】同一性。4. 【數學】恆等(式)。
  1. According to the theory, the thesis elaborates how to adopt effective measures to improve the ideological and political education of youth of our country in the special time of society transformation in chief. the whole article contains 2 parts : part one : it briefly recommends the backgrounds and main contents of the self - identity theory. part two : it first analyzes the present situation of the ideological and political education of youth of our country, then, it elaborates the reference meaning the self - identity theory gives to the ideological and political education of youth

  2. In asia - pacific rituals and performances, there are many traditions of appearance and identity transformation

    表演者藉面具超越性別、階級,扮演他者( the other )的角色,或化身為神鬼、動物。
  3. Methods of political communication are tried on here to investigate the political integration problem of state and society. main points as below : firstly, modern nation - state, a new form of governance, whose emergence changed the traditional social communication and integration pattern, completed the transformation of a traditional society to a modern society by means of its highly effective integration, national sovereignty as a core, in politics. meanwhile, it correspondingly disintegrates the former multiplex - structured integration pattern based on blood relationship, local identity, religion and folkways, etc., and shapes instead a single political pattern driven by sovereignty, that is, political integration by power

  4. Facing rapid transformation, the neighborhood now stands at a crossroad, trying hard to keep its unique cultural identity in the midst of a rental surge

  5. On the basis of relevant theories and the already - made ethnological researches into the chinese ethnic minorities living overseas, this paper explores the major issues that merit further studies, analyzes ethnic identity and cultural transformation of these ethnic minorities living overseas with donggan people as a case, and further illustrates the inter - filtration and inter - influence of different ethnic cultures

  6. There are superhero stories in both films and classic literature. the best, says snyder, involve a transformation as the hero finds an authentic identity or mission

  7. A convenient way to form the matrix of a color transformation is to start with the identity matrix and make a small change that produces the desired transformation

  8. Though these issues are dealt with in a personal context, the work reaches beyond the postmodern issues of identity politics, and look at the actions of transformation and adaptation as the fundamental root of social structure

  9. From identity community to life community : the strategic transformation of chinese community welfare model

  10. By means of the dual functional of said - ball basis, the marsden identity is got in terms of said - ball basis, and the transformation formula from bezier curves to said - ball curves is presented, and the subdivision algorithms for the said - ball curves is also described

    利用said - ball基函數的對偶(泛函)基,得到冪基函數在said - ball基下的marsden恆等式,及從b zier曲線到said - ball曲線的轉換,並給出said - ball曲線的細分演算法。
  11. The identity to which mutual transformation attributed exists in contradictory dialectics, though the two are opposite to each other on certain conditions

  12. The organizational identity of the state - owned enterprise staff in the period of transformation

  13. Based on the analysis on the influences of natural environment, resources conditions, historic evolution and administrative system on the regional development of ruhr, the paper tries to summarize the factors that are indispensable to the formation and the transformation of its regional identity