vacuum cleaner 中文意思是什麼

vacuum cleaner 解釋

  • vacuum : n (pl vacuums vac ua )1 真空;空處,空虛,空白。2 〈美口〉吸塵器(= vacuum cleaner)。vi vt 〈...
  • cleaner : n. 1. 清潔工人;(乾洗)洗衣工人。2. 洗衣店(老闆)。3. 除垢器。
  1. During 6 years, the main products are : vacuum cleaner brush, car electrical motor brush, micro type electrical motor brush

  2. Hoover has become a household word for a vacuum cleaner through the world

  3. They conclude that such dramatic technological innovations as the spinning jenny, the sewing machine, the typewriter, and the vacuum cleaner have not resulted in equally dramatic social changes in women ' s economic position or in the prevailing evaluation of women ' s work

  4. Vacuum cleaner and water suction cleaning appliances

  5. Then susan and i go upstairs to make the beds, dust upstairs and downstairs, and do the carpets with my vacuum cleaner.

  6. Why don ' t you buy a vacuum cleaner

    你為什麼不買一個真空吸塵器(真空清潔器) ?
  7. Dirt and dust are drawn into a vacuum cleaner by suction

  8. If your house has carpet you need a vacuum cleaner

  9. A vacuum cleaner is a handy household tool

  10. Hey, listen, you got a nose like a vacuum cleaner

  11. Ningbo feijiada household appliances manufacture co., ltd. was originally founded in 1997 as a specialized manufacturer of vacuum cleaner accessories

  12. If you put on the radio, the washing machine, and the vacuum cleaner at the same time, it will blow the fuse

  13. Cantona ' s a fucking vacuum cleaner today, man. it ' s unreal

  14. Test methods for paper used for vacuum cleaner filter bags

  15. The vacuum cleaner broke down yesterday

  16. The salesperson plugged in and demonstrated the vacuum cleaner

  17. It is more convenient to do house work with washing machine, vacuum cleaner or even dishwasher

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  19. Chris : oh, well. i ' ll take in the dish dryer, stove, and vacuum cleaner

  20. I don t want my toaster or vacuum cleaner appearing emotional