ungovernable 中文意思是什麼

ungovernable 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 難治理的,難控制的。
2. 放肆的;激烈的。

  1. It was experiencing a spasm of virtuous reaction, quite as lawless and ungovernable as any of the acts that had provoked it.

  2. He is a man with ungovernable temper.

  3. She was a lady of such ungovernable spirit and fiery temper.

  4. " but do you believe you could arrest the progress of two horses rushing forwards with ungovernable fury ?

    「但你自信能套住兩匹狂奔的馬嗎? 」
  5. At the time critics said the new system was meant to make italy ungovernable by creating the stalemate in the senate that it duly produced

  6. Shaking from head to foot, thrilled with ungovernable excitement, i continued - i am glad you are no relation of mine : i will never call you aunt again so long as i live

    她的眸子和嗓音,激起了我極大的反感,我激動得難以抑制,直打哆嗦,繼續說了下去: 「我很慶幸你不是我親戚,今生今世我再也不會叫你舅媽了。
  7. She was not of so ungovernable a temper as lydia ; and, removed from the influence of lydia s example, she became, by proper attention and management, less irritable, less ignorant, and less insipid

  8. Then, commencing a loud whistling noise, he rubbed them well all over their bodies for several minutes ; then, undisturbed by the noisy crowd collected round the broken carriage, ali quietly harnessed the pacified animals to the count s chariot, took the reins in his hands, and mounted the box, when to the utter astonishment of those who had witnessed the ungovernable spirit and maddened speed of the same horses, he was actually compelled to apply his whip in no very gentle manner before he could induce them to start ; and even then all that could be obtained from the celebrated " dappled grays, " now changed into a couple of dull, sluggish, stupid brutes, was a slow, pottering pace, kept up with so much difficulty that madame de villefort was more than two hours returning to her residence in the faubourg st. honor

    阿里的確證明了這一點。他走近那兩匹被人費了很大的勁才扶起來的馬,用浸過香油的海綿擦了擦它們那滿是汗和白沫的前額與鼻孔,於是它們幾乎立刻就呼嚕呼嚕地喘起粗氣來,並且渾身不停地顫抖了幾秒鐘。然後,也不管那圍觀在馬車周圍的人群多麼嘈雜,阿里靜靜地把那兩匹馴服了的馬套到了伯爵的四輪輕便馬車上,把韁繩握在了手裡,爬上了車頭的座位,然後他「羅! 」
  9. Suddenly a distant sound of rapidly advancing wheels was heard, and almost immediately a carriage appeared, drawn by a pair of wild, ungovernable horses, while the terrified coachman strove in vain to restrain their furious speed. in the vehicle was a young woman and a child of about seven or eight clasped in each other s arms