scale grid 中文意思是什麼

scale grid 解釋
  • scale : n 1 (尺、秤等上刻劃的)分度,度數,標,標度,刻度;尺寸;尺,尺度。2 【音樂】(標度)音階;音列...
  • grid : n 1 格子,格柵。2 (蓄電池的)鉛板。3 【無線電】柵級。4 鐵道網;【電學】電力網;〈英國〉(全國)...
  1. For this purpos, from the point of the log geology, aimed at the actuality of the current fractured reservoir log geology interpretation and evaluation, based on synthetical analysis of the current domestic and foreign fruit of fractal dimension investigation of reservoir fracture, using the method and technique of fractal dimension, through the further discussion of the fractal dimension characteristics of m index and n index in the log interpretation archie model in a sample way and through the theoretic reasoning to the fractal dimension dfa and m index of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, according to the geophysical signification of the fractal dimension dfa of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve shape : the more complicated the change of the curve shape is, the larger the its dfa value is, then the more complicated space structure of fracture and pore, then the higher value of m index of space structure of fracture and pore, and so on, the text propounds an improved method, based on box dimension, of covering log curve with scale grid, and by programming computes the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, then further puts this technique into application investigation, and makes analysis of application effects in the reservoirs located in l area of qx oil field from three aspects : 1. the dfa and its m index value of fractured reservoir interval ' s log curve, for instance, ac and rt curve, ect, which are derived from computing, is used to identify reservoir type by crossplotting m index with the product df _ acrt of fractal dimension of acoustical wave log curve and restivity log curve and by experiential discriminance plate of reservoir type in l area of qx oil field

    因此,對該區裂縫性儲集層的類型識別、孔滲特徵的測井地質解釋以及儲層裂縫的發育和分佈規律進行深入的研究便成為本文研究的出發點。為此,本文從測井地質的角度,針對當前裂縫性儲層測井地質解釋與評價的現狀,在綜合分析當前國內外儲層裂縫的分形分維研究成果的基礎上,利用分形分維方法和技術,通過對archie測井解釋模型中的m指數、 n指數的分形分維特性的深入淺出的論述以及裂縫性儲層段測井曲線分維d _ ( fa )與m指數的理論推導,根據裂縫性儲層測井曲線形態分維值的地球物理意義? ?曲線變化越復雜,則其分維值d _ ( fa )越大、裂縫孔隙空間結構越復雜、裂縫孔隙空間結構指數m值越高等特徵,提出了改進的基於盒維數的測井曲線網格覆蓋法,編程計算了裂縫性儲層段常規測井曲線(如聲波和電阻率曲線)上分形分維值及其m指數值,進而從以下三個方面對qx油田l區塊的裂縫油藏進行應用研究,效果十分理想: 1將計算得到的可變的m指數與聲波和電阻率分維之積df _ acrt進行交繪,採用儲層分維值分類技術統計分析這些參數變化的規律,並結合qx油田l區塊儲層類型經驗判別圖版,從而實現qx油田l區塊下白堊統的裂縫性儲層的類型識別。
  2. ( 2 ) the key to improve the processing time is the multi - scale feature used to accelerate the binary - process. ( 3 ) apery intelligent character cognitron has been given based on the varied - grid feature vector and multiplayer and multi - mode of cognition psychoanalysis

    ( 2 )識別實時性改進的關鍵是提高二值化處理速度,主要利用小波多尺度特性變閾值的全局搜索為局部定位,提出一種改進的二值化方法。
  3. Along with the a enhancing proportion of hydroelectricity in the whole electricity system in our country, the increase of the single unit capacity, the faults ratio of the large - scale hydropower units is more and more important to the whole system safe operation, if we do n ' t manage it well, it will cause the collapse of the whole system and bring a great loss of country ' s economy, hi addition, accompany with " to dispart plant and grid, connect to the grid according to the price " put into practice, how to control the production cost of the power plant has to be put into consideration

  4. Regard - ing the surface runoff mechanism, liang and xie 1, 2 presented a new surface runoff parameterization which dynamically represents both the horton and dunne runoff generation mechanisms within within a model grid cell together with a consideration of the subgrid - scale het - erogeneity, which can be applied to not only humid regions but also droughty regions as well 3, 4. regard - ing the soil water movement, xie et al. 5 developed an unsaturated flow numerical model based on the finite element method, and xie et al. 6 presented another numerical model to compute soil moisture and water flow flux together by means of a mixed finite element method

    在地表徑流方面,文獻1 3發展了一種同時考慮蓄滿超滲產流機制及次網格非均勻性的新的徑流機制模型,並用其改進了陸面模式vic variable infiltration capacity中的徑流計算,該模型既適用於濕潤地區也適用於乾旱地區4 .在土壤水模型方面,文獻5採用有限元質量集中法發展了非飽和土壤水流的數值模型,文獻6則採用混合有限元法建立了非飽和土壤水分含量和通量計算的數值模型
  5. As the grounding grid is underground, large - scale digging was adopted to find the erosion in practice all along

  6. Based on fault diagnosis theory, network theory, matrix theory and computer arithmetic, a method of optimized erosion diagnosis for medium or large - scale grounding grid is discussed in this paper

  7. Adopting high resolution nested grid project and proper physical parameter, a mei - yu heavy rain process during eight july 22, 2002 and eight july 23, 2002 and the meso - b - scale systems alongwith it, were simulated by use of psu / ncar meso - scale nonstatic numerical forecast model mm5 in this paper. the simulation result describes successfully the spatial and temporal distribution of this rain process and the developing course of the concomitant meso - ? - scale systems

    本文利用psu ncar的中尺度非靜力數值預報模式mm5 ,採用高解析度套網格方案和適當的物理過程,對2002年7月22日08時到23日08時的一次強梅雨暴雨過程和伴隨的中-尺度系統進行了數值模擬,結果很好地描述了本次暴雨降水的時空分佈及相伴隨的中-尺度系統的發生發展過程。
  8. Coordinate grid scale

  9. ( 3 ) for parameterization of the sensible heat, the positively correlation between surface temperature and bulk transfer coefficient lead to a positive additional sub - scale flux. its magnitude is determined by the grid average roughness and average wind velocity on the reference level

    ( 3 )對區域感熱通量的計算而言,由於地表溫度和整體輸送系數產生一個正的次網格通量項,它主要由網格平均粗糙度和參考高度平均風速所決定。
  10. It is an important work for the manage men of planning power grid to evaluate and control of power grid construction and size of grid electricity scientifically, and it is also the inevitable demand in market conditions. “ researching of assessing system methods and evaluation indicators in regional power grid construction ” is from the topic of assessing the scale level of regional power by hunan electrical power company

    科學地評價、把握和控制地區電網建設規模是電網規劃管理部門的重要工作,也是電力市場條件下地區電網建設的必然要求。 「地區電網建設規模水平評價指標體系及評估方法研究」是湖南省電力公司在地區電網建設規模水平評估方面的一項課題。其目的是科學合理地認識改造后的地區電網的建設規模水平。
  11. To minimize the impact of the overhaul of power generating, transmission equipments on the safety, stability and economic operation of power gird, this paper, aiming at the overhaul demand of lots of equipments, brings forward the practical optimization method for overhaul planning which can adapt to the dynamic changes of the scale of power grid and integrate the load forecast and the balance of power load and power volume into it, therefore solve the key technical problems encountered by using computer to realize the optimization of overhaul planning

  12. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more large scale science computing need collaboration of hpc and multi - system, which give birth to the grid. by high - speed network, the grid aim at integrating all - resources in order to complete specified task, such as nuclear simulation, distributed computing, aviation

  13. From the view of the engineering application, large - scale power grid load modeling addresses modeling the load distributed at various sites. after analyzing the inefficiency of the group algorithm for modeling load for large - scale power grid, the dissertation proposes a load modeling approach for large - scale power grid based on the aggregation theory, thus solves the measurement - based large - scale power grid load modeling

  14. The effects of goodroad enhanced asphalt mixture and glass fiber grid for resisting reflection cracking are proved by full - scale test, the resisting mechanism is analyzed, too

  15. The additional sub - scale flux is mainly determined by the average grid value, coefficient of variation and correlations among the meteorology parameters. ( 2 ) the additional sub - scale turbulence flux is composed by two parts, one part is induced by the correlations among the transfer coefficient, surface temperature and soil humidity, another is caused by non - line relationship between the transfer coefficient and roughness, stability

    ( 2 )非均勻分佈引起的附加次網格地表湍流通量主要由兩部分組成:一是地表次網格上輸送系數和地表溫度、濕度的相關項,另一是由於模式中計算整體輸送系數時,整體輸送系數是地表粗糙度和穩定度的非線性函數所造成擾動項。
  16. Grid access solutions for large scale on - offshore wind park installations to the power grid

  17. In this paper, starting with the physical mechanics of land surface hydrologic process and the introduction of the theory in probability statistic distribution, an analytical expression of heterogeneous evapotranspiration efficiency is given which takes heterogeneous soil water content ' s subgrid scale spatial variability into account, through which the parameterization scheme of subgrid scale soil surface ' s evapotranspiration efficiency ( which is generally called mosaic method ) is modified to a statistic - dynamic scheme in which a whole heterogeneity of the grid region is considered

    本文從陸面水文過程的物理機制出發,引進概率統計分佈理論,推導出一種由非均勻土壤含水量次網格尺度空間變率所形成的非均勻蒸發散率解析表達式,從而將通常的次網格尺度地表蒸散率的參數化方案( mosaic方法) ,改進為考慮網格區整體非均勻性的統計-動力參數化方案。
  18. This includes further examining their application portfolios and starting to understand how to scale grid from an infrastructure perspective

  19. In this connection, all computer networks throughout the united kingdom will be linked into a large scale grid computing network ; the u. s. department of energy will install its first systems on a nationwide computing grid ; and computer resources for researches on subjects like bioinformatics at five universities in the netherlands will be linked into a grid computing network

  20. With reference to calculation methods of solar radiation within domestic and abroad literature and with the help of our country ' s dem ( with its resolution is 1 km x 1 km ), we build a new model for potential solar radiation calculation combining with pci geomatica ' s platform. in the calculation, hypothesis is that insofar one clear day in more than one year as the biggest value of solar radiation of one day in many years is defined as potential value of daily global solar radiation, we also consider the infection of the slope, aspect and its geometry relations affect on solar radiation. we calculate potential solar radiation which maybe useful for research the distribution of solar energy and build large - scale grid database of our country ' s solar radiation

    本研究試圖在借鑒國內外已有的太陽輻射計算方法的基礎上,利用全國的1 : 100萬數字高程模型數據( grid大小1km 1km )為數據源,以pcigeomatica為計算平臺,以全國多年的太陽輻射日觀測數據進行模式驗證,在晴天無雲的理想條件下,根據太陽光線與實際地形間的幾何關系,研究坡度、坡向等地形因子對太陽輻射的影響,探討太陽輻射在復雜地表上的分配規律,力求尋找潛在太陽總輻射合理的計算方法,為研究太陽輻射時空分佈特徵和建立全國尺度的太陽輻射柵格氣象數據庫奠定基礎,為大尺度上的生態學過程研究提供基礎信息。