jinglei xu 中文意思是什麼

jinglei xu 解釋
  • xu : XU = X-unit X單位〈一種波長單位〉。
  1. 26th hundred flowers awards china best actress - xu jinglei

  2. Host : thanks. last come to miss jinglei xu

  3. Journalist 11 : miss jinglei xu , how do you think of jet li

  4. Jinglei xu : hope that everyone will like this film and it will be a box - office film. thanks

    徐靜蕾:希望大家喜歡這部電影,也希望電影票房大買。謝謝。 。 。
  5. Jinglei xu : he ' s shy with few words. actually we had some intimate processes. he ' s embrassed and i am more

  6. Jinglei xu : every coin has two sides. so i thought it was good to have expectation everyday. though there ' s no scrpit, but there ' s director

  7. Being a 30 year old woman, xu jinglei owns lots of things the other women long for : beauty - her roles in many tv operas and movies as quiet beautiful girls have made her loved by thousands of boys all over the country ; wisdom - she won some important awards as a young guide of two movies, every day thousands of viewers click on her blog to read her articles, as well as her new albums

    作為一個30歲的女人,徐靜蕾有許多屬於她自己的東西:美麗- -她在一些電視劇和電影里扮演過讓成千上百的男孩為她著迷的角色,聰惠的她在兩部自導的電影里贏得了一些重要的獎項,每天都有觀眾點擊著她的個人主頁和她的相冊
  8. Adapted from a short story of the same title by an austrian writer stefan zweig, the film is directed, written and performed by xu jinglei

    改編自奧地利作家茲威格的著名小說《一個陌生女人的來信》 ,由徐靜蕾自編自導自演。
  9. Starring wang xuebing and xu jinglei, a love story taking place in prosperous shanghai