uganda 中文意思是什麼

uganda 解釋
n. 名詞 烏干達〈非洲〉。

  1. Forest whitaker delivers a ferociously commanding performance as bloodthirsty ugandan president idi amin in kevin macdonald ? s the last king of scotland. adapted from the novel by giles foden, the film recounts amin ? s horrific reign through the eyes of a fictional character, nick garrigan james mcavoy, a young doctor from scotland who travels to uganda hoping to do some good

    科維斯偉狄加forest whitaker憑最後的蘇格蘭王the last king of scotland勢如破竹地狂掃英美各大影展及協會超過10座的最佳男主角獎項,更在奧斯卡金像獎稱帝!
  2. The soldier, an indian, was in a un * / supporting congolese forces when their camp was attacked by the malitiaman who are from uganda

  3. A hundred years ago you could still pay your taxes in uganda in cowrie shells

  4. Launch east africa disaster appeal djibouti, ethiopia, kenya, somalia, sudan, uganda

  5. The igad region covers djibouti, eritrea, ethiopia, kenya, somalia, sudan, and uganda

  6. The gorilla is largest existent primate, inhabiting in the tropical rainforest in zaire, uganda, the congo, the central africa, cameroon and the dormant volcano in rwanda in the africa

  7. The cultural art and creative youth centre is based in kampala, uganda with a representative office in congo

  8. Dr. peter mugyenyi of the joint clinical research centre in kampala, uganda will work with dr. christopher whalen of case western reserve university

  9. Though separated by nearly 9, 200 miles ( approximately 14, 800 kilometers ) as the crow flies, young people in kampala, uganda, and tucson, arizona, usa, are discovering one another ' s worlds through a program initiated by ambassadorial scholar ojeya cruz banks

    烏干達的坎帕拉與美國亞利桑那州土森市相互分隔的直線距離雖然約近9 , 200英里(約1萬4 , 800公里) ,兩地的年輕人正透過大使獎學金學生歐潔雅?班克斯發起的計劃,發現彼此的世界。
  10. Uganda is a land locked country, situated in east africa. it shares its borders with the countries of kenya in the east, sudan in the north, democratic republic of congo in the west, tanzania in the south. uganda is crossed by the equator at mid southerly level

    烏干達是東非的一個內陸國家,東部與肯尼亞為鄰,北向蘇丹,西臨剛果共和國,南倚坦尚尼亞,而赤道橫過中部稍南處,國家面共197 , 097平方公里,人口達22 , 210 , 000 , 1962年10月脫離英國獨立。
  11. Landlocked uganda and rwanda are being hurt

  12. This is bad news for most somalis ? and for uganda

  13. He says so far, morocco, tajikistan and uganda support the movement and south africa and brazil are showing great interest

  14. The southernmost town in uganda and here we had decided to rest in comfortable surroundings for a couple of days.

  15. Uganda achieved its independence in 1962

  16. Martyrs of uganda, eighteen eighty one

  17. By brother - initiate muyimba ronald, uganda, africa originally in english

  18. Since 1992, hiv prevalence in uganda has dropped by more than half

  19. To say the least, congo and uganda have never been the best of neighbours

  20. Government of uganda