zaire 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['zairei]
zaire 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 扎伊爾〈非洲〉。
2. 〈the Zaire〉扎伊爾河〈即剛果河〉〈非洲〉。
3. 〈z-〉扎伊爾〈扎伊爾貨幣單位〉。
1. n. 名詞 扎伊爾人。
2. adj. 形容詞 扎伊爾的。

  1. The program includes replacing the signaling system in the provinces of cabinda, kwanza - sul, luanda, namibe, benguela and zaire

  2. The gorilla is largest existent primate, inhabiting in the tropical rainforest in zaire, uganda, the congo, the central africa, cameroon and the dormant volcano in rwanda in the africa

  3. Muhammad ali and george foreman in kinshasa, zaire

  4. In1971 the congo ( kinshasa ) adopted the new name of zaire

  5. General jack nix will lead it from zaire

  6. Ali wants his title, and he wants it in zaire

  7. Today zaire is known as the democratic republic of the congo

  8. In zaire, africa

  9. He spelt the nations of africa running alphabetically from algeria to zaire

  10. The democratic republic of congo, formerly zaire, is a huge country in central africa with sixty million people

  11. 1974 muhammad ali knocked out george foreman in round 8 at kinchasa in zaire, to regain the world heavy - weight title

  12. Said from the name that, in the world called “ national day ” or “ national day ” has china, france and so on approximately 40 countries ; called “ independent date ” or “ independent festival ” has american, mexican, philippine, the burmese ten - day period and so on approximately 60 countries, was called “ republican date ” or “ republic date ” has countries and so on the yugoslavia, zaire, iceland ; called “ revolutionary festival ” has the former u. s. s. r, albania, hungary ; called “ federation establishment date ” has switzerland ; called “ union date ” has tanzania ; also some directly adds on “ the date ” by the country ' s name, like “ australian date ” and “ pakistani date ”

    從名稱上說,世界上稱「國慶節」或「國慶日」的有中國、法國等約4個國家;稱「獨立日」或「獨立節」的有美國、墨西哥、菲律賓、緬旬等約60個國家,稱「共和日」或「共和國日」的有南斯拉夫、扎伊爾、冰島等國家;稱「革命節」的有原蘇聯、阿爾巴尼亞、匈牙利;稱「聯邦成立日」的有瑞士;稱「聯合日」的有坦尚尼亞;還有的直接以國名加上「日」的,如「澳大利亞日」和「巴基斯坦日」 。
  13. Malachite is widely available but is mostly mined in zaire, ussr, germany, france, chile, australia, and the united states in arizona and new mexico

  14. Than with a wide gap session have three in all most, three match win ball 9 ball only in world cup competition finals, the fifth hungary with 9 : 0 win korea team ; the tenth pressgang with 9 : 0 win the zaire team team then ; the 12th hungary with 10 : 1 win tile large teams of sha team

    在世界盃賽決賽階段比最懸殊的場次共有三場,三場比賽凈勝球均是9球,第五屆匈牙利隊以9 : 0勝韓國隊;第十屆地斯拉夫隊以9 : 0勝扎伊爾隊;第十二屆匈牙利隊以10 : 1勝莎爾瓦多隊。