valuation date 中文意思是什麼

valuation date 解釋
  • valuation : n 估價,評價;估定價格;價值;【數學】賦值。 be disposed of at a low valuation 廉價售出[處理]。 p...
  • date : n 1 日期。2 時期;時代,年代。3 〈美口〉(和異性的)約會;〈美俚〉約會的對象。4 〈口語〉同日;本...
  1. Closing price on valuation date

  2. Stock valuation date

  3. Believe the price of your selected stock is unlikely to fall to or below your selected strike price on the valuation date

  4. Upon the valuation date, if the closing price of the linked stock is higher than the strike price, you will receive the principal and interest in cash

  5. This fee is calculated and accrues on each valuation date and is payable monthly in arrears

  6. The issue price of units of a constituent fund on a valuation date will be calculated by reference to the net asset value per unit of that constituent fund as at the close of business on that valuation date

  7. Under normal circumstances, units will be realised on a valuation date within 3 business days and in any event within 20 business days of the later of the date the entitlement arises and the date the trustee receives satisfactory notice of such entitlement ( together with appropriate supporting documentation )

  8. When the trustee receives the correct amount of contributions in cleared funds and a duly completed remittance statement, the trustee will apply the contributions received to acquire units on a valuation date, normally within 5 business days of such receipt ( for the bea ( mpf ) long term guaranteed fund ) or within 3 business days of such receipt ( for the other constituent funds ) and in any event within 20 business days of each receipt

    受託人在收到供款及完備之付款結算書后最短3個營業日內之估值日或如投資于東亞(強積金)保證基金,則于最短5個營業日內之估值日(但最長不超過20個營業日) ,將動用所收到的供款購入基金單位。
  9. The trustee will apply amounts received from other schemes to acquire units in the constituent funds in accordance with the investment mandate of the member on a valuation date, normally within 3 business days following receipt of such amounts in cleared funds, and in any event within 20 business days of such receipt

  10. Why is the rateable value not linked directly to the actual rent ? in assessing the rateable value, the rvd has to take into account open - market rents agreed at or around the valuation reference date for similar properties in the locality, with due adjustments to reflect any differences in size, location, facilities, standards of finish and management

  11. Since the rateable value is based on the rent at which a property might reasonably be expected to be let on the valuation reference date assuming that it is vacant, this value is the same irrespective of whether the property is occupied by the owner or let to a tenant

  12. Rates are charged at a percentage of the rateable value, which is the estimated annual rental value of a property at a designated valuation reference date, assuming that the property was then vacant and to let. for the current financial year 2004 - 2005, the rates percentage charge is 5 %. the

  13. Reference date rating valuation

  14. Stock market risk - depending on the closing price of the underlying stock on the stock valuation date, you may receive the interest return calculated at eld interest rate plus the pre - determined number of shares instead of the principal

  15. Valuation reference date

  16. On the other hand, the actual rent for a certain property may not necessarily be the same as the rateable value. for example, the rental commencement date may differ from the valuation reference date, or the rent may include the rental for furniture or machinery

  17. The rateable value of a property is an estimate of its open market annual rental value at a designated valuation reference date made on the assumption that the property was then vacant and available to let. the valuation reference date for assessing rateable values each year effective from april 1 is october 1 of the preceding year

  18. 1 actual return : cash return assuming the depositor sells the stock immediately upon settlement and the share price is the same as the closing price on valuation date

    1 .實質回報:以存戶于結算日即沽出股票而當時股價相等於結算日的收市價計