macaque 中文意思是什麼

macaque 解釋
n. 名詞 【動物;動物學】獼猴;短尾猴。

  1. Inside this room sits a motionless macaque monkey

  2. Investigations on the community with taxus mairei of nature reserve of macaque in jiyuan

  3. The effects of tcdd on pregnant cynomolgus macaque macacafascicularis and its pregnancy outcome

  4. This result is well consistent with that found in senescent macaque monkeys, indicating a universal neural change with age

  5. Using this as our base, the first day we go to hsitzuwan bay to swim and watch the sunset. at night you can stroll along the ai river and enjoy the evening scenery. early next day we head to takao hill to observe the macaque monkeys, and in the afternoon we visit the import shops at new chueh chiang and old chueh chiang

  6. Takao hill currently has 12 macaque troupes. their diet should consist mainly of plants, fruits, flowers, and various insects, but these days they ll eat anything, and their appetite for new things is growing

  7. Kumar ' s team used a recently developed method in genetic sequencing to make the most comprehensive comparison to date of genes from humans, chimps, macaque monkeys and rats

  8. Zhen zhibin, ben kunlong, tian baoping, zheng yongtang. 1992 serological survey for antibodies to simian type d retrovirus of macaque colony in china. journal of medical primatology., 21 : 87 - 90

    陳志斌、賁昆龍、田保平、鄭永唐1992中國猴群的猴d型逆轉病毒抗體的血清學調查。醫學靈長類學雜志, 21 : 87 90 。
  9. Tama zoo introduces the symbol animal s mode of life by focusing on the habits of japanese macaque ( snow monkey ), chimpanzee and orangutan living in the zoo with photos and exposition panels

    明年的干支是「申」 ,公園內的日本猴、黑猩猩、猩猩的生活和行動的特寫鏡頭,還有照片和解說員將其真實狀態展現給大家。
  10. There has a comparison among the results of this paper to the rhesus macaque in other area in china, and showed that there were evident differences among them