things 中文意思是什麼

things 解釋
  1. I've certainly been remiss about things.

  2. They did abstain from such things as planting trees in their gardens.

  3. This includes things like size, last accessed time, and so on

  4. Original acquisition comprises making things, taking possession of ownerless things.

  5. Advertising encourages consumers to “ keep up with the joneses ”, namely, it creates an acquisitive society and a demand for material things

  6. But also, this criticism is not entirely ad hominem anyway : i do indeed have a less detailed idea of how hard some techniques might be to develop than people who have laboratory experience of doing similar things

  7. " adjudicate " can mean a lot of things

  8. His bodily form, erect and looking heavenwards, admonishes him to mind the things that are above.

  9. The snake is a symbol of many things but probably embodied aesculapius religious connection to the depths of the earth and symbolized his wisdom a wisdom which involved both extensive knowledge and prudent action

  10. Family or affective things do make me cry

  11. Such sordid things as stabbing affrays were evidently not fit subjects for conversation with a lady.

  12. But - i am no great things at singing afore breakfast now

    可是現在早飯前我是沒有再唱歌了! 」
  13. I ve noticed such things afore

    「我以前就注意到這種事情。 」
  14. For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope

  15. "where do you get your things?" he said in an aggravated voice.

  16. As many things gang agley with us in our plans and desires while alive, it is not surprising that matters turn out contrary to our expectations after death

  17. At this time in shanghai agnes was involved in many things.

  18. Therefore, the fishes in ling river are always looking up, and the birds in ling river are always lowering their heads as if looking for things. today, when we came back to the moon temple, we can always see aigrette flying around

  19. Two things are akin.

  20. Things that are less fun than shopping, alas