regulated 中文意思是什麼

regulated 解釋
  1. The admissibility of functions is regulated by continuity requirements and boundary conditions.

  2. Effect of filamin - c on extracellular signal - regulated kinase phosphorylation mediated by 1a - adrenergic receptor in hek293 cell

  3. I landed here, regulated the affairs of the vessel, and hastened to visit my affianced bride, whom i found more lovely than ever

  4. Sometimes the air chamber above the soil sample is connected to a regulated pressure source.

  5. On the basis of analyzing limitation of using penalty function method dealing with constraints, an amending method based on the knowlege regulating strategy is suggested to amende the mapping relationship of infeasible constraints in decoding, thus making the regulated individuals map into the space to obtain the most promising optimal solution

  6. This paper reviews the signal transduction pathways regulated by light in the biological clock

  7. Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor machr genes and demonstrated that the embryonic bradycardia is regulated by the m

  8. A white led driver circuit is presented in this paper. the circuit drives up to four white leds with regulated constant current for uniform intensity. by utilizing proprietary adaptive 1x / 1. 5x modes and ultra - low - dropout current regulators, it maintains the highest possible efficiency over the full 1 - cell li + battery input voltage range

    整體電路以恆定電流驅動4隻白光led ,利用1倍/ 1 . 5倍分數型電荷泵和低壓差電流調節器,在整個鋰電池供電電壓范圍內保持最高的效率,並使四個白光led獲得均勻的亮度。
  9. Government has an important role to play in fostering this openness - hong kong, like other developed economies, must continue to ensure that its financial markets are well regulated, and that its goods and services markets are truly open and competitive, not cartelized and collusive

  10. Article 75 in the event that any public health authority fails to report the occupational diseases and occupational - disease - inductive accidents as regulated, the upper - level public health authority will order the liable public health authority for correction in addition to notice of criticism ; the principals, executives and other personnel directly responsible for any inaccurate report or deliberate concealment of actual conditions are subject to such disciplinary actions as post - lowering, deposal or dismissal

  11. Inhibition by zn2 + and mn2 + additive, and almost 100 % of t he activity was inhibited under their physiologically significant concentrations. these results suggest that the protease is possibly regulated by divalent cations in vivo

    蛋白酶的活性受到某些二價金屬陽離于的抑制,比如zn訃、 mg卜、 hg熒光發射光譜結果顯示,在不同的抑制劑作用下,蛋白酶的高級構象可能發生了較大變化。
  12. There are 6 dry battery producing lines and complete sealing value regulated lead acid battery production equipment. main products which mainly are r20

  13. I fear poor emmy has not a well-regulated mind.

  14. Constructing human colorectal cancer cell line with stably down - regulated grp94 ( 1 ) the plasmid prc / rsv - ribol that contains specific grp94 - targeting ribozyme and the control plasmid prc / rsv were miniprepared, respectively, cleaved by endoenzyme pvuii

    穩定下調grp94的人大腸癌細胞克隆株的構建( 1 )分別對含有特異性打靶grp94核酶的質粒prc rsv - ribo1和對照組質粒prc rsv進行小量提取、 pvu酶切鑒定。
  15. With the electric industry reformation, the reorganization and non - regulated competition are going into the electric power field. this fact will both bring new vigor and entelechy, and will in some degree bring unavoidable risk to generation companies

  16. Growth and development of animals were regulated by many factors including gene, environment, nutrition and endocrine. in endocrine system, growth hormone ( gh ) always taks up a centerlly regulative place. previous studies have shown that patients with gigantism or dwarfism have abnormal high or low plasma gh levels, respectively, and animals treated with exogenous gh markedly improved its growth. therefore, it is reasonable to enhance the levels of gh in plasma by some techniques will result in improvement of animal production performance

  17. This seems to be especially true in europe : the continent ' s labour markets are gummier than america ' s and services are more regulated

  18. Economic law responsibility is the result that economic law main body should take on when they disobey the incumbency of economic law or improperly exert the rights economic law regulated

  19. Crime of unlawful invasion into and destruction of information system of computer have been regulated respectively in section 285 and 286 of chinese criminal code. but convictions are very few in our present adjudication practice, which plays an inharmonious notes in comparison to current computer crimes and relative research waves pushed forward by scholars

  20. Above all, the labour market is heavily regulated