ennui 中文意思是什麼

ennui 解釋
n. 名詞 〈法語〉 厭倦,倦怠,無聊。

  1. She shared their expatriation, their convictions, their pastimes, their ennui.

  2. It even suggested there might be a compensation for the intolerable ennui of surviving his genial sire.

  3. When bertha vowed that life had lost all savour, that her ennui was unending she exaggerated as usual.

  4. Reviews of foreign studies on teacher ' s job ennui

  5. Mother, you suffer from ennui is there anything you wanted to do

  6. What had become of his ennui, his contempt of life, his disillusionment

  7. Correlation of the characteristics of scl - 90 and the professional ennui of teachers in university

  8. Bourgeois ennui comes to an abrupt halt when the sweet potato vendor suffers a heart attack. in their living room

  9. Undoubtedly the very tedium and ennui which presume to have exhausted the variety and the joys of life are as old as adam

  10. Small - town ennui now a subject of the past, the most acclaimed of 6th generation directors takes on the world in his first government - sanctioned feature

  11. Oh, believe me, that when three great passions, such as sorrow, love, and gratitude fill the heart, ennui can find no place. " you are a worthy daughter of epirus, haid e, and your charming and poetical ideas prove well your descent from that race of goddesses who claim your country as their birthplace

    我好象又看到了廣大的平原和遙遠的地平線,以及地平線上的賓特斯山和奧林匹斯山,那時,我的心裏就會有三種情感,悲傷,感激和愛,決不會再感到什麼無聊的。 」
  12. By continuously repeating the structure of binary opposition of joy and ennui, cat in the rain conveys that gender means the incommunicability between the american couple and the death of their love

  13. Whether the phenomenon, referred to as a " flash mob, " is a cure for the ennui of the wired generation or an incipient form of social protest may be open to debate

  14. If we were always, indeed, getting our living and regulating our lives according to the last and best mode we had learned, wo should never be troubled with ennui

  15. Even if you are betrothed, i am sure your betrothed would have preferred you to go into society rather than to languish in ennui

  16. Despite warning shots across the bows of australian ships of state, however, these sciences are stuck in a mire of government inaction and public ennui

  17. At the bois de boulogne, ennui and hunger attacked me at once, - two enemies who rarely accompany each other, and who are yet leagued against me, a sort of carlo - republican alliance