象徵 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiàngzhǐ]
象徵 英文
1. (用具體的事物表現某種特殊意義) symbolize; signify; stand for 2. (用來象徵某種特別意義的具體事物) symbol; emblem; token; type
  • : 名詞[音樂] (古代五音之一 相當于簡譜的「5」) a note of the ancient chinese five tone scale corre...
  1. Zoomorphic animal shapes were ablaze with red and gold and blue symbols of courage, power, and cruelty.

  2. The metropolitan symbol promenade park in tokyo s waterfront city is abloom with colorful wildflowers in the spring and autumn seasons

  3. The paper analyses different forms of narrative embedding in two absurdist plays, i. e., samuel beckett ' s krapp ' s last tape and edward albee ' s the zoo story, in an attempt to show the poetic characteristic of this narrative strategy in application to the two plays

  4. Because of the inevitable tensions of the processes of institutionalization, and by the very fact that all social phenomena are constructions produced historically through human activity, no society is totally taken for granted and so, a fortiori, is no symbolic universe

  5. The absolute monarchy of france was highly developed, and the king was the symbol of peace, order and unity

  6. Dai national minority people affection and advocation peacock, not only many people raise the peacock in the homeland, moreover regards as the peacock good, the wisdom, is beautiful and propitious, the happy symbol

  7. It is aesculapius who then became the god of medicine and it is his staff which properly represents the physician

  8. A look into the origins of these icons shows that the true symbol of the physician is the staff of aesculapius

  9. The snake is a symbol of many things but probably embodied aesculapius religious connection to the depths of the earth and symbolized his wisdom a wisdom which involved both extensive knowledge and prudent action

  10. She felt an affinity to all the subtler manifestations of wealth.

  11. Manjushris left handholds a magnificent blue lotus flower in full bloom, on which rests the prajnaparamita sutra great wisdom sutra. the lotus in full bloom represents the promise from manjushri that we can rise from the mud of delusion and afflictive emotions if we follow the teachings of the buddha. then ultimately, through actualizing and meditating on the great wisdom sutra, attain full enlightenment

  12. Scholars disagree about just what the symbolism of the persian faravahar indicates. is it a symbolic image of ahura mazda, the zoroastrian name for the one god, the " wise lord ?

    學者們不同意波斯法拉瓦哈的象徵意義。它是代表瑣羅亞斯德教的唯一神,阿胡瑪茲達, 「英明的主」的一個象徵肖像嗎?
  13. The ring which is held in the achaemenid faravahar ' s hand is still used in sassanian art to depict the royal diadem, which is handed to the new king by the symbolic representation of ahura mazda himself or by the yazata ( guardian spirit ) of waters, anahita

  14. We can only assume that they must have been of means, as cards were a novelty at the time, " aldridge said

    只能認為,在當時賀卡是富有的一種象徵,因為在那個年代,賀卡是很新奇的事物。 」
  15. " we don ' t know who sent it to miss tripsack. we can only assume that they must have been of means, as cards were a novelty at the time, " aldridge said

    奧爾德里奇說, "我們不知道是誰將它寄給了瑪麗?切薩克小姐。只能認為,在當時賀卡是富有的一種象徵,因為在那個年代,賀卡是很新奇的事物。
  16. They wanted our seal to be an allegory representing the destiny of the new nation.

  17. The symbols of american sign language are visible representations of concepts. they represent neither spoken nor written words, thus making it meaningless to refer to asl as ideographic

    美國手語的象徵是對概念的可視表達。它們既不代表書面語言也不代表口語語言(即是手語與書面語言和口頭語言是不同的) ,所以將其指為表意文字是沒有什麼意義的。
  18. Black english, like all other anamorphosis, is a symbol of the status and the social culture of a race

  19. Its symbolic connotation from this owes to the returning cyclical nature of the seasons ; the oscillations of the night sky ; self - fecundation ; disintegration and re - integration ; truth and cognition complete ; the androgyne ; the primaeval waters ; the potential before the spark of creation ; the undifferentiated ; the totality ; primordial unity ; self - sufficiency, and the idea of the beginning and the end as being a continuous unending principle

  20. Other legacies include the adoption of the cross as a symbol, the doctrine of the trinity, growth of belief in an afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead, the anno domini method of reckoning years, and celebrations at christmas and easter