中文拼音 [shù]
術名詞1. (技藝; 技術; 學術) art; skill; technique 2. (方法; 策略) method; tactics 3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Aaal american academy of arts and letters

  2. Aaas american academy of arts and sciences

  3. Zhejiang xinda machine factory is member of china package association, the professional enterprise of manufactureing plastic packing machinery, the state star spark project - undertaking member, the provincial science technology star spark demonstration enterprise, award of the provincial science and technology progress, award of the advance enterprise at wenzhou and pingyan, we gain the title of respecting compact and keeping faith of provincial and local area unit and aaas bank credit enterprise title many times

  4. Study on the key techniques of the imaging infrared guidance for aam

  5. Testing the trace elements in water with aas technology

  6. Maricultural technologic regulation of abalone. seedling

  7. The abbot and his monks were assembled in the great hall, observing with childish wonder and faith the performances of a new magician, a fresh arrival.

  8. Realized abecedarian industrialization through considering to develop and introduce a technology independently

  9. Among the grove ' s 40 or so buildings are a caribbean house with shutters and a wooden balcony, an art deco cinema and a grand beaux arts building that houses a branch of the clothes shop abercrombie & fitch

    格羅夫購物中心大約40座建築中,有一座配備百葉窗和木製樓廳的加勒比式建築,一座裝飾藝電影院和一座豪華的美大廈(內設阿伯克比龍與菲奇時裝品牌分店) 。
  10. Concha bullosa is the aberrant pneumatization of the middle turbinate. large concha bullosa may be obstructive and require resection

  11. Among the political tricks were pretended virtue abidance, dissident suppression, seducing and autobiography forging

    無論是恪守德行,還是排斥異己,以至使用讖緯、自造《自本》 ,都是其權謀中的一環。
  12. Methods 126 cases with ablating parotid glands were retrospectively analyzed

  13. Laser marking is a kind of technique using heat effect of laser to ablate meterials on object surface so as to leave over permanent press

  14. Methods operation performed under tourniquet, the crusts were ablated down to the superficial layer of deep fascia, and then autologous micro - skin grafting, combined with allogenous skin coverage, was conducted in 13 patients

  15. To understand aboriginal art, it is essential to know something of the aboriginal culture and religion.

  16. ` abracadabra, ' said the conjuror as he pulled the rabbit from the hat

  17. Bonded abrasive products sticks technical specifications

  18. It can promote ovarian haemal circulation, restore the two big functions of ovarian oviposit and endocrine, have the remedial effect that disappears to regulate the menstrual function, hemostatic, ache thereby, control the growth of cyst effectively, make cyst gradually atrophic, abreaction finally, make you prevented the secondary action that the suffering of the operation and operation bring

  19. Death case caused by abruption of thyroid cartilage and cricoid cartilage after hitting angle iron

  20. Factors restricting widespread application of controlled rock gangway abruption blasting technology and countermeasures