表皮突 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [biǎo]
表皮突 英文
cuticular process
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面;外表) outside; surface; external 2 (中表親戚) the relationship between the child...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人或物體表面的一層組織) skin 2 (皮革) leather; hide 3 (毛皮) fur 4 (包在外面的一層...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (猛沖) dash forward; shoot out 2 (高於周圍) protrude; bulgeⅡ副詞(突然) abruptly; sud...
  • 表皮 : [生; 醫] epidermis (pl epidermides); cuticular layer; cutex; cuticle; cuticula (pl cuticulae)...
  1. The anatomical and ultrastructural research in the cotyledon of antirrhinum majus indicated : cutin membrane and sparse epidermal trichome occurred on the surface of cotyledon. stomata protruded appreciably over the epidermis, the ratio of palisade mesophyll and spongy mesophyll was low, the previous evidence showed structural charecater of shade leaf

  2. Infected mandibular, parotid and anterior cervical nodes usually cause subcutaneous induration and surface bulging.

  3. A tubular growth which encloses the living protoplast is initially formed the epidermal cells of the cotton seeds.

  4. Our skin surface is " cuticular layer ", and cuticular lower part is " dermal layer " ; cuticular layer and true cortex are not completely close together " sticky " together, skin is in only certain zone by connective tissue closely " bind " go up in derma, certain place is done not have ; so, absorbed water when skin " swollen " when rising, " bind " the place that live is stayed by confine however and show cave shape ; look from the exterior, cutaneous surface just has sunken have dash forward, like furrow

  5. Elephantiasis nostras verrucosa describes the cutaneous changes including dermal fibrosis, hyperkeratotic, verrucous, and papillomatous lesions that occur after chronic secondary, nonfilarial lymphedema

  6. These specimens of ruppia are characterized by possessing a small oval endocarp, smooth endocarp surface, distinct narrowly elliptic external depressions, distinct apical mucro, slightly curved seed shape and conspicuous globose hilum. a new species, r. yushensis sp. nov

  7. Most of these species had simple hairs. the stomatal apparatus is paracytic type with one or two subsidiary on both or either side of the guard cells. three types of anticlinal walls of epidermal cells are recognized : straight, sinuolate or sinuate

  8. A transcriptional fusion between 35s promoter and nearly full length hag1 cdna was constructed and transformation was performed through agrobacterium using root expantso the first whorl organs of transgenic plants flowers are carpel - like organs with stigmatic papilllae and a few ovules

  9. We clone a 1. 3kb promoter sequence of the homologous gene in arabidopsis by pcr. this promoter is shown to direct the specific expression of the reporter gene, b - glucuronidase ( gus ), in trichomes of arabidopsis. promoter deletion analysis reveal that the region from - 300 - - 1 bp is sufficient to direct trichome - specific expression

    對其進行缺失變,構建5個缺失達載體轉基因擬南芥,葉片gus定量測定分析明- 300bp ? - 1bp序列就可以指導gus基因在毛細胞中特異達,說明這段序列可能含有指導此啟動子在擬南芥毛細胞進行特異達的核心序列。
  10. The seeds of 10 species ( 96 samples ) of the genus schisandra michaux were observed tinder light microscope and scanning election microscope. the results indicate " that : the macroslructural features of seed surface, including smooth type, rugulose type and tuberculate type, may suggest the evolutionary trend from smooth type to rugulose type, from rugulose type to tuberculate type ; the microstructural features of outer epidermis can be divided into two types, viz. verrucate type and reticulate type

    結果明:該屬的種子宏觀形態呈現平滑、細皺紋或瘤狀起,並認為五味子屬種子形態可能有從平滑到有細皺紋再到有瘤狀起的演化趨勢;該屬種面微觀形態可分為疣狀起型(如:大花五味子、北五味子、東亞五味子、狹葉五味子、毛葉五味子、翼梗五味子和二色五味子)和網紋型(如:鐵箍散和重瓣味子) 。
  11. His small mouth with its upper lip out above the lower, his eyelids a little dropped over his watchful eyes, gave him a satirical and resolute expression.

  12. This is minimal change disease ( mcd ) which is characterized by effacement of the epithelial cell ( podocyte ) foot processes and loss of the normal charge barrier such that albumin selectively leaks out and proteinuria ensues

  13. Results there were 3 pathological characteristics in alhe : massive hyperplasia of capillaries in the dermis ; the endothelial cells proliferated and swelled, projecting into vascular cavity like tombstones ; mixed infiltration of lymphocytes and eosinocytes in the vessels

  14. The secondary sculpture is formed by the outgrowth of the outer tangential wall of the epidermal cell, and this kind of protuberance always occurs in the adjoining cells, which makes the laminar protuberances

  15. ( 4 ) the light evoked loca1 field potential with latency 20 ms could be recorded on the surface of visual area l of the rabbit. it was inhibited with latency l0 ms and duration 20 ms after electrical stimulation of the basal amygdala

    O )電刺激杏仁基底核可在兔視1區面誘發出一個局部場電位,其潛伏期僅為l 2ms ,明這可能是經由單觸直接投射的結果。
  16. Post - marketing aderse eents : additional aderse eents reported from worldwide marketing experience with rabeprazole sodium are :, coma and hyperammonemia, jaundice, rhabdomyolysis, disorientation and delirium, anaphylaxis, angioedema, bullous and other drug eruptions of the skin, interstitial pneumonia, interstitial nephritis, tsh eleations

  17. These alleles showed wing and cuticle phenotypes related to both wg and hh signaling pathways ( notch and vein defect et al. )

  18. There are many secretory salt particles on the blade epidermis of siberian, epidermal hair and stoma are irregular, stoma is at the same level of epidermal cell, or even protruding

  19. By analyzing the wing phenotype, cuticle phenotype of germline clone embryo, deficiency kit mapping, direct sequencing and searching the genome sequence database, three genes : sll, oxt and pygo were identified ( each gene corresponding to one group of mutant alleles )

  20. Large cavities also exist under epidermis and occasionally crystals can be found in some of these cavities. there exist many projecting constructions shaped like two guard cells on under epidermis