補防 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fáng]
補防 英文
fill in
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (修理; 修補) repair; mend; patch 2 (補充; 補足;填補) fill up; add supplement; supply; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(防鷥) provide against; defend against; guard against Ⅱ名詞1 (防守; 防禦) defence 2 (堤...
  1. To forestall is better than to amend.

  2. But we also see, some people prematurely senile, and some people passed middleaged energetic still, because they are different to kidney maintains acquiredly, this is, good life, food is used to, timely and measurable use fills the medicaments of kidney, it is to prevent kidney empty, defer anile tweak

  3. He recommends a calcium supplement for those on antacid medication, in order to prevent the harmful side effects

  4. It was used as an anti - infectous, anti - inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and as a tonic

  5. The anchor flange for west - fast gas pipeline project is a kind of important device to avoid axile thrust damages all valve of electric field and the anchor flange of the project are only supplied by my company. the anchor flange has replaced import product, filling up domestic blank and achieving nationalization.

  6. Much of recent literature on emerging markets crisis highlights the limited financial development of these economies and the severe credit squeeze experienced by local firms during crises. from this structure, two opposing arguments are commonly made regarding optimal monetary policy. extrapolating from developed economy credit channel analysis, some advocate an expansionary monetary policy to offset the effect of the credit squeeze during downturns

  7. It ' s not only an excellent tonic for preventing illness but can also clear up colds, catarrh, viruses and fever

  8. This product is a highly effective and penetrating - tylpe water - proofing agent that is also environmentally friendly and has strong chemosmosis integration properties that can remedy tiny cracks in the substrate materials and is also permeable to air

  9. Intrusion detection is an active technology for defense, supplies the complement for shortcoming of traditional security technology like firewall, cryptograph

  10. Prevention is better than cure.

  11. The product replenishes skin moist deeply, prevents skin from becoming suntan efficiently, is the whitening skin refiner to regulate cutin layer of skin cleanly and clearly

  12. He ' s improved in the area of defending ball screens as well, using his massive wingspan to slow down the dribbler and cut off passing lanes without being foul prone

  13. Now we will review last week ' s lesson. first, review the match - up zone ; secondly, review filling - in

  14. But you have to realize that there are man - to - man principles in zone defense, and there are zone principles ( for instance, weak side help ) in man - to - man defense

    但是你必須懂得在區域守中有人盯人的守原理,在人盯人的守中也存在區域守原理(如:弱側隊員的補防) 。
  15. Function and advantages : it features such functions that protects metal against abrasion and corrosion while muffling unwanted noise caused by excessive vibration

  16. Function and advantages : it features such function as superb sound absorption ; shock proofing, water proofing, impact resistance and beautiful texture appearances. it provides driving safety

  17. Through many project applications and long - term performance testing, it is proved that the polymer cement mortar is one kind of ideal concrete patching and shielding material

  18. Against israel, the critics united in praising him for tracking back to cover when the full back pushed forwards down the wing

  19. Main content of " hef ( high efficient firewall ) firewall realize mode study " have : ( 1 ) emulation experiment and ipv6 / tunnelbroker model set up through transproxy, explain transproxy method, improved structure of rfc3053 emphatically, act for technology about solution of efficiency, make their suitable for different need of isp of scale ; ( 2 ) on the basis of analysing ipsec agreement security question, to isakmpsa varying load attacks and improves in consulting, carry on form analyses, proved, design vpn high - efficient safe model based on ip / ipsec concept finally ; ( 3 ) on the basis of ids dynamic characteristic of system, for remedy firewall static deficiency of defence, design one method that the two combine, offer a good foundation for high - efficient online security system ; ( 4 ) through theory design and emulation experiment, the above - mentioned three part can make and imbed fire wall of the system for module, offer certain theoretical foundation to domestic fire wall design of product

    《 hef ( highefficientfirewall )火墻實現模式研究》的主要內容有: ( 1 )通過transproxy模擬實驗及ipv6 / tunnelbroker模型建立,著重闡述transproxy方法、改進的rfc3053的結構,以及代理技術中有關效率的解決方案,使之適用於不同規模的isp的需要; ( 2 )在分析ipsec協議安全性問題基礎上,針對isakmpsa協商中的變換載荷攻擊做出改進,並進行形式化分析、論證,最終設計出基於ip / ipsec概念的vpn高效安全模型: ( 3 )基於ids系統的動態特性,為彌補防火墻靜態禦的不足,設計出兩者聯動的方法,探索了高效網路安全體系模式研究的新方向; ( 4 ) hef火墻實現模式的理論研究及模擬實驗,所得三部分研究結論均可設計出module ,內嵌入火墻系統中,為國內火墻產品的設計提供了一定的理論基礎。
  20. Function and advantages : it features such function as superb sound absorption, shock - proofing, anti - flaming, anti - rusting, water proofing and impact resistance. it provides long - lasting care to your beloved cars, elevate driving safety