裁剪 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [cáijiǎn]
裁剪 英文
1. (剪裁) cut (paper, cloth) into certain shape; tailor 2. (修剪; 取捨) trim (trees); cut and give form (to books, essays, etc. ); line through; delete; cut cut
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (用刀、剪等把片狀物分成若干部分; 剪裁; 割裂) cut (paper cloth etc ) into parts 2 (把...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (剪刀) scissors; shears; clippers2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (用剪刀等使細的或薄片的東...
  1. Mrs astor was as small, delicate and fine as a meissen cup, her tailoring exquisite and her jewels unobtrusive

  2. The essay tries to construct a basic garment pattern that satisfies the massive customers and meets the requirements of a brand garment style, and then rapidly be transfered to a garment body structure by analyzing bust board and back board, the relation of the dart and the relaxation of the bust by way of the draping on the basis of the orient body and style

  3. They eat only the best foods, go for regular beauty treatments, and wear designer fashions

  4. After that, the process of porting linux to the s3c44b0 is discussed, including building the cross complier, writing the starting code, modifying and configuring of the kernel and realizing the root system

  5. On the hips, metallic closures and materials are some of the most popular trends in swimwear, according to elise albert, owner of what women want swimwear in tempe

  6. I shall not write to mother and sisters to say we be married, as i said i would do ; and i shan t finish the good - hussif i cut out and meant to make while we were in lodgings. shan t you

    本來我要寫信給我的母親和妹妹,告訴她們我結婚了,現在我也不給她們寫信了我裁剪了一個針線袋子,打算在這兒住的時候縫好的,現在我也不縫了。 」
  7. Now cut the photo and the drawing into strips lengthwise

  8. The one with red cheeks is called miss smith ; she attends to the work, and cuts out - for we make our own clothes, our frocks, and pelisses, and everything ; the little one with black hair is miss scatcherd ; she teaches history and grammar, and hears the second class repetitions ; and the one who wears a shawl, and has a pocket - handkerchief tied to her side with a yellow ribband, is madame pierrot : she comes from lisle, in france, and teaches french

    「臉頰紅紅的那個叫史密斯小姐,她管勞作,負責裁剪因為我們自己做衣服罩衣外衣,什麼都做。那個頭發黑黑的小個子叫做斯卡查德小姐,她教歷史語法,聽第二班的朗誦。那位戴披巾用黃緞帶把一塊手帕拴在腰上的人叫皮埃羅夫人,她來自法國里爾,教法語。 」
  9. The new line against polygon window clipping algorithm which makes full use of two judgement conditions to confirm noneffective intersections between the lines and the polygon edges can only calculate the effective intersections and increases the efficiency of the clipping. third, a new 3 - d clipping algorithm of line against spherical surface window is introduced for the first time

  10. Product once moldings, change traditional cut out wear comfortable, by high temperature high pressure shapes behind, possesses color voluptuous, feel soft, does not loose unremitting wait for feature, very incurs consumer favor on international market

  11. The completed parchment was trimmed to page size and also glued into long rolls.

  12. Algorithm of trimmed surface triangulation of prepositive disposal in predicting rcs of aircraft

  13. Over the shoulder : this pink satiny knapsack goes seamlessly from day into evening. combined with a purple cut - out sweater, it ' s hip and practical

  14. Meanwhile, it is well equipped with curve, seal, incision, cutting, weld, hem, syphon and drill press facilities ; it will give you good suggestions to your products and is able to cut your cost

  15. Tear sheets for tomorrow. the telegram bled our ad

  16. Dramatic cutouts on the hips, metallic closures and shimmering materials are some of the most popular trends in swimwear, according to elise albert, owner of what women want swimwear in tempe

  17. Reading graphics files and dispersing curves and surfaces. after lucubrating current algorithms dispersing trimmed surfaces, the mapping method is adopted. to avoid unnecessary or repeated calculations, a new tessellation algorithm for trimmed surface is introduced

    在深入分析目前流行的裁剪曲面離散演算法的基礎上,採用映射法對裁剪曲面進行離散,並針對面向網路會議的圖形瀏覽器要求圖形數據、剖分速度快的特點,提出了一種基於編碼的裁剪曲面離散演算法; 3
  18. The techniques related terrain lod is systematically studied based on the quadtree data structure. combining the data block attemperation idea, we solved the data integrating and preculling problem, presented the boundary constraining solution, and calculated the collision detection for rambling

  19. This machine is mainly suitable for cutting materials like leather, plastic, cloth leather bahs, toys, hats, spongy floss pieces, floor materials, soft wood pieces and materials meeded cut - ting out

  20. Fifty years ago this month, on a foggy saturday morning in cambridge, england, a 24 - year - old beanpole of an american scientist ( watson ) sat down with a few white cardboard cutouts and set off a revolution in biology