螺子 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [luózi]
螺子 英文
  • : 1. [動物學] (軟體動物) spiral shell; snail; conch 2. (螺旋形的指紋) whorl (in fingerprint)
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  1. In this paper the floral ontogeny and the ovary development of rivina humilis l. were observed. the results showed that ( 1 ) the tepal primordia initiated in 2 / 5 spirals. the abaxial one initiated first, then the adaxial one, finally the lateral two initiated nearly simultaneously. the third one initiated on the position near the first tepal, and there is a gap between itself and the second tepal. ( 2 ) the 4 stamineal primordia initiated in one whorl at the same time. ( 3 ) the carpellary primordium initiated from the abaxial side of flower primordium ; the carpellary primordium grew upwards and towards axis after it was formed, therefore an elliptic orifice was formed at the adaxial position of ovary, which was the remainder of the mouth of ovary before the ovary was fused completely. with the ovary maturing, the orifice was narrowed because of the ovary growth, at last fused completely. the gynoecium is composed of a single carpel. ( 4 ) in the series developmental sections of ovary, the ovular primordium was initiated on the adaxial meristem when the mouth of ovary was formed

    對數珠珊瑚的花器官發生和房的發育過程進行了觀察.結果表明: ( 1 )數珠珊瑚花被呈2 / 5旋狀發生,遠軸側的1枚先發生,其次為近軸側的1枚發生,最後側方的2枚花被幾乎同時發生,第3枚花被在靠近第1枚的位置發生,第2枚和第3枚之間有1個空隙; ( 2 ) 4枚雄蕊是同時發生的; ( 3 )心皮發生於分生組織的遠軸側,心皮原基形成后,向上向軸生長,在房成熟前在近軸側非正中位形成1個孔,該孔為心皮最終愈合前的殘跡,到房成熟時,因房的生長孔被擠壓縮小,在進一步的生長過程中愈合.房由1枚心皮構成; ( 4 )從房發育過程的切片看,該植物的胚珠是在房發生后不久發生的,房上的圓孔形成時,從近軸側的分生組織發生胚珠原基,由胚珠原基分化出珠被與珠心
  2. This property, often called "helicity, " serves to differentiate the neutrino from its antiparticle.

  3. This property, often called " helicity, " serves to differentiate the neutrino from its antiparticle

    這種性質通常稱為「旋性」 ,可以用來區分中微和它的反粒
  4. The worker spends his whole life time accomplishing nothing more than the turning of bolt 999 on the remorseless assembly line.

  5. 58 aussies are injured each year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers

  6. Robustness of our results was confirmed by high bootstrap support of all nodes in the trees. this result contradicts the batrachia hypothesis ( a salamander + frog grouping ), and is consistent with bolt ' s hypothesis ( 1991 ) basing on the morphological data. the result was also supported by previous molecular studies based on mitochondrial and nuclear rrna data

    這個結果與蛙類假說是相矛盾的,與bolt ( 1991 )中國澤蛙線粒體基因組結構及種群系統地理學研究在形態學基礎上提出的絨蝶類和蚓類為姐妹群關系的假說相一致,並得到建立在線粒體和核trna基因數據基礎上的許多分研究的支持。
  7. Following with the condensing of chromatin, nucle us gradually elongates and spires. a large number of vesicles turn into glycogen granules behind mitochondria. the mature typical sperm of cipangopaludina chinensis, having monoflagella, consists of a spiral head with only one spiral buddle conformed of nucleus, a spiral middle piece with four s

  8. Indoor discussion in tepid security of unsolved historical and criminal problems : lecture of unexpurgated exotic erotic masterpieces : house carpentry with toolbox containing hammer, awl, nails, screws, tintacks, gimlet, tweezers, bullnose plane and turnscrew. might he become a gentleman farmer of field produce and live stock

  9. The schoolboy whips his taxed top ; the breadless youth manages his taxed horse, with a taxed bridle, on a taxed road ; and the dying englishman, pouring his medicine, which has paid 7 percent, into a spoon which has paid 15 percent, flings himself back upon his chintz bed, which has paid 22 percent, and expires in the arms of an apothecary who has paid a license of a hundred pounds for the privilege of putting him to death

    小學生抽打著交了稅的陀;小夥用交了稅的韁繩,在一條交了稅的公路上駕馭著(用著交了稅的籠頭)的交了稅的馬;一個奄奄一息的英國人,將他的交了7 %的稅的藥倒在交了15 %的稅的勺里,然後躺在交了22 %的稅的棉床上,在藥劑師的懷抱中終于斷了氣,而那個藥劑師為了能夠讓他死亡花了100英鎊在證書上。
  10. Since vegetable growth, along with all life, extends itself in spiral motion, it would circumambulate the grid from center ring to outer, just as price and time do on gann ' s calculators

  11. With circumspection, as invariably when entering an abode his own or not his own : with solicitude, the snakespiral springs of the mattress being old, the brass quoits and pendent viper radii loose and tremulous under stress and strain : prudently, as entering a lair or ambush of lust or adder : lightly, the less to disturb : reverently, the bed of conception and of birth, of consummation of marriage and of breach of marriage, of sleep and of death

  12. Compared with traditional mechanical and optic gyros, hrg has such advantages as no high speed circumvolving or moving parts in structure, no warm - up time and short start - up time, wide signal band in frequency, low excursion noises, great endurance in over loading, nuclear radiation and short time power off, small bulk, light weight, low power cost and long life, which is suitable for space applications

  13. Typical examples include common elements such as oxygen, helium and the relative new carbon - 60 ; the anaesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide lathing gas and ether, urea - the first man - made organic compound, consumer products such as adhesives and the sugar substituted aspartame ; dna the coil of life ; and the fiascos in the proclaimed discoveries of cold fusion and memory effect of water

    主要內容包括:氧、氦、笑氣、乙醚、碳60等元素及化合物的發現, 11 .第一個有機化合物的合成,各類日用黏貼膠的制備,代糖aspartame的發現, dna雙旋結構模型的釐定以及冷核聚變和水分記憶功能兩項發現的鬧劇。
  14. Its action site is located on the postsynaptic membrane and the biological activity of hwtx - i is located in the fifth p - turn containing lys25 and lys 27. to - conotoxin mviia is a neurotoxin belonging to one of n - type ca2 + channels inhibitors, purified from the venom of the conus marine snails, contains 25 amino acid residues with three disulfide binds. it adopts the pattern of ick and its linkage of the disulfide binds and space conformation are highly similar to hwtx - i

    -芋毒素mviia ( - conotoxinmviia )是從芋屬( conus )海底蝸牛毒液中分離提純的一種活性多肽,屬于n -型ca ~ ( 2 + )通道阻斷劑中一種,含25個氨基酸殘基,三對二硫鍵,其二硫鍵連接方式、分的空間構象與hwtx -很相似,採取ick結構模體。
  15. In certain case it might be necessary to further decompose a spiral into convex subsets.

  16. Here, cop hold of the screwdriver while i try the hammer.

  17. Stephen s embarrassed hand moved over the shells heaped in the cold stone mortar : whelks and money, cowries and leopard shells : and this, whorled as an emir s turban, and this, the scallop of saint james

    斯蒂芬那雙尷尬的手撫摩著堆在冰冷的石缽里的貝殼,蛾螺子安貝豹貝,這個有紋的像是酋長的頭巾,還有這個聖詹姆斯的扇貝45 。
  18. But with a few deft turns of a screwdriver

  19. Our main products includes more than 20 kinds such as chinese prawn japanese prawn sohth american white prawn swimming crabs mullets weever clam jade snail fairy shrimp eggs shrimp and so on, which sell well in many cities and countries such as tianjin beijing jappan kores and thailand

  20. A mule is a hybrid.