次焦點 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiāodiǎn]
次焦點 英文
secondary focal point
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (次序; 等第) order; sequence 2 [書面語] (出外遠行時停留的處所) stopping place on a jou...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (物體受熱失去水分 呈現黃黑色並發硬、發脆) burnt; scorched; charred 2 (著急) worried;...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (液體的小滴) drop (of liquid) 2 (細小的痕跡) spot; dot; speck 3 (漢字的筆畫「、」)...
  • 焦點 : 1 [數學] [物理學] (二次曲線焦點; 主焦點) focal point; focus 2 (問題的關鍵所在或爭論的集中點) ...
  1. A class of cubic systems with one order ' s fine focus

  2. A new algorithms and matrix simplification of a center - focus cubic system

  3. His father, david edward beckham, known as ted, was a gas fitter s mate and sandra west was a hairdresser when they married in 1969 in hoxton, east london, and spent their honeymoon in bognor regis before returning to a terraced house in leytonstone

  4. In 2000, keanu went on to film three more films, the gift, sweet november, and hardball

    The matrix成為1999全美票房第二,同時, keanu再成為世界影迷關注的
  5. Focal point region blend which in xihu lake front this tradition and the modern age, her each time change con arouse people ' s interest but renovates the good transformation to her also to be also goad, the practical significance all imagines us must be bigger than

  6. The marrakech talks focus on completing the translation of the landmark ministerial agreement on the kyoto protocol, achieved in bonn last july, into detailed un legal text that specifies precisely how each of the components of the kyoto treaty will operate

  7. All the pictures are selected by the association, chosen from thousands of images from various newspapers, magazines and news agencies. in addition, focus at the frontline 2006 exhibition, in which photographs are winners of the hkppa annual photo competition, will also be shown. three winners from each of the seven categories spot news, general news, people, sports, nature environment, feature and photo essays were selected

  8. This experiment focuses on the characteristic of green refrigerant r600a in a small parallel flow aluminum closed two - phase thermosiphon and measures all the quantity of injected mass and heat dissipation, the speed of air and the difference of temperature of the electronic element ( cpu simulate chip ) surface and environment

  9. Wlan service is welcomed in the universiade and is called as " the bright focus of the communication technique in the universiade ". many conventional and internet media gave special reports on it

    Wlan業務在大運會上受到使用者的歡迎,被中新社記者稱為"此大運會通信技術的閃亮" ,多家傳統媒體和網路媒體對此進行了專門報道。
  10. On the basis of the background of the present situation in the development of tourism real estate industry in china, this paper, in view of existing situation of tourism marketing planning and combining with the problem of marketing planning in my job, expounds content and working procedure which should focus on during the process of marketing planning, analyzes the present situation of domestic tourism real estate market, and constructs a frame of marketing planning by way of tourism real estate market survey

  11. By becoming a sponsorship partner, your company brand will be repeatedly communicated to key decision - makers in the health care industry

  12. The reputation of the golf player had been on the wane. but he has been in the media spotlight after he notched up several victories in a single season

  13. In november, hangzhou once again became the focus of attention with the hot business atmosphere and huge business opportunities brought by the synergy of new and old economy models

  14. To complement our “ director in focus ” retrospective of lee ' s work, prominent hong kong poet ye si will talk about the cinematic and literary aesthetics in lee ' s films

  15. At the age of cultural heritage protection which focuses attention on for the common people day by day, along with as national key project - the mausoleum of the first qin emperor protection plan pass, protection enters a new time, according to the new request, how to further carries out the ruins protection plan once again becomes the focal point which people pays attention to

  16. Especially, the divination - sacrifice records of wangshan tomb no. 1 which is the first discovery of the chu divination - sacrifice records, and the characteristic of fabrics, such as cloth, quilts, are the focus of debate and hot topic in academic circle up to now

    尤其是望山1號墓竹簡作為我國首發現的楚國的卜筮禱祠資料, 2號墓竹簡有關衣物等絲織品名稱、特等內容,向為學術界討論的與熱所在,持續至今。
  17. After another semi - final victory for the soviets in 1988, the sport opened to professionals. once again, the question became who would finish second

  18. Uk data highlights for next week include leading indicators on monday, which are likely to show minor declines, while cpi and rpi data on tuesday could stir the inflation waters again if results are significantly above expectations of + 0. 4 % mom

    英國本周的為周一發布的領先經濟指標,預測將有較小幅度的下降,如果周二發布的消費者價格指數及零售價格指數比預期+ 0 . 4 % (月率)有顯著增長,那麼通貨膨脹問題將再浮出水面。
  19. The first 3 focus quantities and the first 3 saddle quantities are derived simply and quickly with the formulas for real planar quadratic systems

  20. The brazilian full - back has been the subject of transfer speculation all summer and was expected to complete a big - money move to stamford bridge