株行法 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhūháng]
株行法 英文
plant-to-row method
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (露在地面上樹木的根和莖) root and stem of a tree above the ground 2. (植株) individual plant; plant Ⅱ量詞(棵)
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  1. Methods the metablic organic acid of 60 strains of 6 species of oral residential anaerobes were tested by gas chromatography qualitatively and quantitatively

  2. And the sample with the highest monacolin k content and its relative strains were acquired. the strain was numbered m12. finally, monacolin k and citrinin in the sample above were precisely detected again by elisa and hplc respectively

    以該方對6個樣品中的monacolink進了分析測定,得到1個monacolink含量最高為225 g g ( dtlc )的紅曲樣品及其相應菌
  3. The first part of this study is polyphasic taxonomy analysis of the thirteen strains which have herbicidal activities. the polyphasic taxonomy methods include morphology, cytochemistry, dna g + c mol %, phylogenetic analysis of 16s rdna sequences and physiological and biochemical experiments

    本實驗的第一部分對具有除草活性的13放線菌( 40001 40013 )進了系統的多相分類研究,採用了形態學、細胞化學組分、 dnag + cmol 、 16srdna序列分析及生理生化實驗等技術方
  4. Experiment shows that the antigen extracted by autoclave is best for dot - ppa - elisa. applying the x2 test, optimal concentration of antigen was determined, and the optimum dilution of enzyme hrp - spa was 1 : 10. the high specificity of dot - ppa - elisa was proved by the specific blocking test, and also by the cross - reaction test in which the diaphragm does not react with the antibodies against salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, chlamydiosis, hcv, ppv, brucellosis, erysipelas suis, colibacillosis, prv

    試驗中對多種方提取的診斷抗原進了比較、篩選;確定了dot - ppa - elisa的最佳工作條件;測定了st - 171的免疫豬血清抗體及c群、 2型人工感染豬血清抗體效價,並初步確定了該方的陽性標準。
  5. In recent years, the water - saving and control irrigation technique of rice has diverted from plot experimental and demonstration to lare scale. and has got remarkable economic and social benefits. amed at the characteristics of this irrigation area, optimal selection for water - saving techniques of rice, deciding the amout of leaching water and irrigation modles, investigating the adaptability of the water - saving and control irrigation technique in saline land. studying the increase in production mechanism of the technique are important to extend the technique, to better and develop saline land as well as slick spots. according to the results of field experiments, optimization study was conducted on the water - saving irrigation technique of rice in saline land, the effects of different water - saving irrigation techniques on the physiological indexes and yield of rice were systematically analyzed. by using mutiplepurpose fuzzy optimization method, better. water - saving irrigation technique was selector out, that is. the control irrigation technique in rice. the mechanism of it was analyzed from the aspect of the physiological and ecological saving water of rice to provide the implemental process and technical point ; throgh the quantitive analysis and comparision on control irrigation and control class ( flood irrigation ), high production and quality mechanism of the technique was analyzed in terms of physiology indexes of rice, the variation of soil moisture, the pest resistance and the lodge resistance, the change of soil temperature in paddy fields. the yield constitutive factors, the quality of rice and so on. in saline land. control irrigation and intermittent leaching modles were adopted to validate the adaptability of the technique in irrigation of rice in saline land, to analyze rice ' s physiological - ecological indexes and the change of soil salt content under the conditions of control irrigation leaching of rice and and to provide control irrigation and combined modle of intermittent leaching to adapt to different conditions

  6. A analytical method was established for determining residues of quizalofop - p - ethyl ( ethyl ( rs ) - 2 - [ 4 - ( 6 - cororo - 2 - quinoxalinoxalinyloxy ) phenoxy ] propanoate ) and its main metabolite, by the high performance liquid chromatography under the condition optimized. it was applicable to determine residues of the herbicide and the metabolite in soil, sesame plant and sesame seed, and satisfied to meet the requirement of fortified recovery

  7. Purified fusion protein gst - hnadc3 was used as an immunogen to inoculate rabbits and the antibody against the gst - hnadc3 fusion protein was raised, and was purified by gst sepharose 4b affinity chromatography to remove the antibody against gst

    Ptg誘導表達,超聲破碎細胞后,採用親和層析方純化融合蛋白gst十nadc3 ,並以此為抗原免疫紐西蘭白兔制備融合蛋白抗體。應用親和層析的方對gst十nadc3融合蛋白抗體進純化,以去除抗gst抗體。
  8. The deleted mutant pap gene was also cloned into yeast secreted expression ppic9k vector to form ppic9k ~ 3, then the vector was transferred into pachia pastoris gs115 strain. the specific expression protein was secreted into the medium after inducing with methanol and the protein amount reached about 50 - 60 u g per millilitre measured by uv - absorbed methods in the supernatant of the medium via high density fermentation. sds - page results showed that there was one protein band in the gel which molecular weight was about 34ku

    將缺失型pap基因克隆于酵母分泌型表達載體ppicgk構成重組載體,然後導入畢赤酵母( p8chianastoris )菌gslls細胞中,在甲醇的誘導下,經過酵母高密度發酵進pap的表達,經sds page分析,結果表明,在培養基上清液中含有一明顯的特異性蛋臼條帶,大小為34ku ,經western blotting分析,該蛋白與國pap抗血清有特異性反應,體外活性檢測表明該蛋白對tmv的侵染性具有高度的抑制性,說明該pap基因在畢赤酵母gs中也得到了正確表達。
  9. The virus was purified by ultracentrifuge. according to the ns gene sequence published by genbank, one primer t - 1 was designed to amplify the cdna by reverse transcript. the other primers nsl - u / ns1 - 1 and ns2 - u / ns2 - 1. hns2 - u were designed to amplify the ns1, ns2 and hns2 gene

    本實驗用接種雞胚的病毒增殖方獲得了a / chicken / mudanjiang / 0823 / 00 ( h9n2 )分離的大量增殖,增殖病毒經差速離心進純化,經超迷離心濃縮。
  10. Calculated with nei ' s formula and the unweighted pair - group method with arithmetic averages ( upgma ), the cluster analysis results demonstrated that the classification of seven strains of spirulina platensis with rapd markers is consistent with some of their physiological and biochemical characters as well as some molecular biological characteristics

    用nei 』 s公式與歐氏距離類平均對此擴增結果進聚類與親緣關系分析。結果表明, rapd分類結果與7材料的某些生理生化和分子生物學特性相吻合。
  11. The purpose of this study was to clone the major structural protein vp3 gene of gpv hl isolate after pcr, and express by protokaryotic and eukaryotic expressing system, then develop molecuiar diagnostic reagent of goose piaque and construct recombillat fowlpox vina life vector vaccine

    利用pcr方擴增和克隆gpvh1分離主要免疫原性蛋白基因vp3 ,並對其進原核和真核表達,是建立小鵝瘟分子診斷方、構建vp3基因重組禽痘病毒活載體疫苗的基礎,具有極為重要理論和實踐意義。
  12. To dress the question if other virulence gene were present in this kind of strains, 152 of 436 irp2 - hybridized strains were re - confirmed and selected for this study. the virulence genes or putative virulence genes detected by pcr or hybridization include heat stable toxin ( st ) & heat labile toxin ( lt ) for enterotoxigenic e. coli ( etec ), invasive plasmid antigen b ( ipab ) for enteroinvasive e. coli ( eiec ), epec adherence factor ( eaf ), epec secretion protein c ( espc ) for enteropathogenic e. coli ( epec ), hemolysin ( hlya ) and shiga toxins ( sltl and slt2 ) for enterohaemorrhagic e. coli ( ehec ) and eaggec probe for entero - aggregative e. coli ( eaggec ). the prra and yc73 genes of pathogenicity associated island ( pai ) of urepathogenic e. coli ( upec ) and " o " island 28 ( rtx 615 ) gene was also detected, the later was a newly discovered putative pathogenicity island in e. coli o157 : h7

    為探討攜帶小腸結腸炎耶爾森氏菌的hpi毒力島的大腸桿菌是否具有其他已知的毒力基因,選取82由原位雜交和pcr方初篩irp2陽性的大腸桿菌菌,進在致瀉性大腸桿菌的25個毒力基因的檢測,包括腸產毒性大腸桿菌的熱穩定毒素st和熱不穩定毒素lt ,腸侵襲性大腸桿菌的侵襲蛋白b基因ipab ,腸致病性大腸桿菌的eaf 、 espc基因,腸出血性大腸桿菌的溶血素hly 、志賀毒素1 ( slt1 ) 、志賀毒素2 ( slt2 )基因,腸集聚性大腸桿菌的eaggec探針,以及在泌尿道致病性大腸桿菌和o157 : h7大腸桿菌中新發現的毒力島基因。
  13. In six selected areas of the subtropical semi - humid evergreen broad - leaf forest ecosystem of yunnan diaolin mountain, during drought season from november, 1992 to april, 1993, authors studied and analysed, throught adopting the taxonomic, ecological and mathematical statistics method, the distribution, composition and domi - nant fungi of the small fungi as well as biodiversity. altogether 706 strains statistics unit, belonging to 28 genera, dominant fungi 678 strains statistics unit, 20 dominant fungi gen - era

  14. The 2nd pair of primers was designed according to the sequence of strain th - 98 collected in genbank. concentration of tp was analyzed after amplification invitro by rt - pcr, purified by low melt agarose and labeled by digoxigenin

    根據genbankth - 98序列設計第2對引物,應用rt - pcr方體外擴增該片段(命名為tp ) ,瓊脂糖凝膠純化后測定其濃度和純度,進非放射性地高辛標記。
  15. The 1, 3 - propanediol titers of 36. 09 g 1 - 1 and 45. 22 g 1 - 1 have been obtained by using two - stage fermentation with two substrates and microaerobic fermentation in the fed - batch culture of klebsiella pneumoniae m5al, respectively, which greatly exceeded the level that can be achieved in china

    運用雙底物兩步和微氧對klebsiellapneumoniaem5al菌補料批式培養,發酵液中1 , 3 -丙二醇濃度分別可達36 . 09gl ~ ( - 1 )和45 . 22gl ~ ( - 1 ) ,較國內所能達到的水平有很大提高。
  16. The genetic correlations of six agronomic characters in some indica - japonica crosses were analyzed using mixed - linear model method. the results indicated that there existed correlations to a certain degree among the measured traits. the phenotypic correlations of plant height with filled grain or seed setting were significant. panicle length with total grains or filled grain, total grains with filled grain or seed setting, and filled grain with seed setting were the same. for panicle length with plant height or seed setting, total grains with filled, and for filled grain with seed setting, genetic correlations were also significant. further analysis, the result showed that genetic correlations between the measured traits were mainly due to domimant effects. in addition, additive correlations were significant for grain weight with panicle length or total grains or filled grain, and for total grains with filled grain

  17. On the base of var. analysis significance of the experimental treatment, we investigated crop response to water - salt stress regularity, studied the quantity relationship about crop yield and soil water and salt, established a function about them referring to blank and jense water model. conclusions as follows : ( 1 ) the effect of germinating time and rate emergence are different in soil with different salt content, and limited seriously in heavy saline soil

  18. Methods 101 gonococcal isolates obtained from 2003 to 2004 in hengyang city, hunan province, were tested for their susceptibilities to macrolides using agar dilution method

  19. The fragments were ligated directly to the pichia pastrois expression vector ppic9 to got ppic9 - e3and ppic9 - e8. vectors were amplificated in the e. coli dh5 a and were linearized with bgl ii. the linearized vctors were transformed into host strain gs115. the recombinated strain was selected though phynotype and pcrthe positive strain was induced with methyl alcohol and was selected by dot - elisa. the recombinated protein was detected with sds - page and western - blot as before

    重組菌用甲醇誘導表達,用dot - elisa的方篩選到表達量較高的菌。將篩選出的菌大量的誘導表達,對表達上清處理后,用sds - page和western - blot進鑒定。同時,用hiprep16 10heparinff肝素親和柱對表達蛋白進了初步的純化。
  20. Method : a total of 101 isoniazid - resistant and 43 susceptible strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis were analyzed by pcr and sequence analysis of their katg, inha, ahpc, kasa, oxyr genes

    對144結核分枝桿菌臨床分離( 101異煙肼耐藥及43異煙肼敏感) katg , inha , ahpc , kasa及oxyr基因進pcr擴增及dna序列分析。