板粘土 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bǎnnián]
板粘土 英文
slate clay
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (片狀硬物體) board; plank; plate 2 (專指店鋪的門板) shutter 3 [音樂] (打拍子的樂器) ...
  • : 粘動詞(粘附) glue; stick; paste; adhere to; bond
  1. Akkadian was written with the cuneiform writing system, on clay tablets, and was in use from the beginning to about 750 b. c

  2. In the process of work, according to complex geological conditions such as huge thick soft clay in site and top surface of possible pile foundation supporting course fluctuating in large amplitude, we adopted many advanced exploratory methods ( just as high accuracy exploration of shallow earthquake, crosshole wave velocity test, vane shear test, pressuremeter test, etc. ), we found out that there is an ancient groove of yangzi river in former plant site, therefore we suggested in time that plant site should properly be moved eastwardly, only this item saved nearly about 50 million for pile foundation project cost

    在工作過程,根據廠址區軟厚度大、可能作為樁基持力層頂面起伏變化大等復雜地質條件,採取了多種先進的勘探手段(如高精度淺層地震勘探、跨孔波速試驗、十字剪切試驗、旁壓試驗等) ,查明了原廠址區存在一個長江古凹槽,並及時建議廠址適當東移,僅次一項就節省樁基工程費用近5000萬元。
  3. Six of the houses so far unearthed measured about 250 square feet ( 23 square meters ) each and had wooden walls and clay floors

  4. Because of the advantages of prefabricated plastic drains over other vertical drains, this technology is widely used in recent soft clay foundation improvement in our country and it has been a main method in drainage consolidation methods

  5. Used for the rendering on both internal and external walls ; decoration plate and brick adhesive ; leveling by cement or gypsum ; also can be used as the bonding agent or interface treatment agent. it can be made into fine stone concrete used for structure enforcement and repair engineering too

  6. Clay gives the soil body.

  7. The quality of products is higher than the national standards. our products range from polyester spun - bonded geotextiles filament geotextiles, staple fiber geotextiles, geo - compound film, membranes to the back of plastic carpet and etc. jiangsu yizheng nonwoven factory relies on the excellent equipment and the advanced technology, valuing the people as the foundation of the company and always seeking the spirit of perfect quality

    5米,從80 - 800g m2任意選擇,產品技術指標均超過國家標準,主要產品有聚酯長絲紡工布、長絲燒毛工布、短纖工布、工復合膜、油氈基布、地革基布等系列產品。
  8. Geosynthetics - test methods for measuring mass per unit area of clay geosynthetic barriers

  9. The calculating results of laboratory tests demonstrate that the model can simulate the yield pressure of structure soil, the deformation and pore pressure during loading, the dr

  10. In this dissertation, based on the field data of using prefabricated plastic drains improving soft clay foundation of filling - sea project in the shenzhen gulf, the qualitative and quantitative analysis of many factors of theoretic calculation way used in prefabricated plastic drains design were done, which could be a reference to choose the theoretic calculation way in other projects

  11. Specification for straight concrete and clayware cable covers

  12. Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers - code of practice for the construction of pavements of precast concrete flags or natural stone slabs

  13. Sills and copings - specification for copings of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone

  14. Sills and copings - specification for window sills of precast concrete, cast stone, clayware, slate and natural stone

  15. There are many main buildings in the plant such as concrete - faced rockfill darn, the second darn with clay core, spillway, diversion tunnel, surge tank, ground workshop and switch mom etc

  16. In addition, the vermiculite can make use of it, to manufacture to inflate the preventable fire the door, the light glues the soil the brick, polymer wrap, catalyst etc. the product, its use very extensive, have the certain market potential

  17. C. application of inflatable vermiculite powder : 1, 10 - 150m is used in heat preservation material for buildings, household congealer, sound - proofing plaster, inner material for safe and cellar. 2, 20 - 40m is used in cars, planes, ice box, fire extinguisher, filter etc

  18. Records of the belief systems of ancient astronauts coming to earth can be found on rock art - - ancient sumerian clay tablets and cylinder seals, and in the bible

    古代宇航員來到地球上的信仰體系記錄可以發現在巖石藝術上? ?古代閃米特人的書寫和柱形封印,還有在聖經上。
  19. The purpose of the article is to study material property by adding fly - ash, clay and bentonite, and to develop the pouring material that can meet the engineering need and get the suitability for economy and technology by the experimental research

  20. Eventually, the sumerians made their writing more efficient, and slowly converted their picture words to a short - hand consisting of wedged lines created by bending the reed against the wet clay and moving the end closest to the hand back and forth once