民防團 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mínfángtuán]
民防團 英文
pam swarkasa pam swarkasa
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人民) the people 2 (某族的人) a member of a nationality 3 (從事某種職業的人) a pers...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(防鷥) provide against; defend against; guard against Ⅱ名詞1 (防守; 防禦) defence 2 (堤...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (團子) dumpling 2 (成球形的東西) sth shaped like a ball 3 (工作或活動的集體) group; ...
  • 民防 : civil defence民防隊員 air warder; 民防系統 civil defense
  1. Dr yeoh and other members of the delegation visited the fever ward of guangdong provincial people s hospital, and in the afternoon the centre for disease control and prevention of guangdong province to gain firsthand experience of the operation and work of the centre

  2. Founded on the above - mentioned research and under the concept of land reclamation and garrisoning the frontiers of xpcg, an effective mechanism and allocation mode of forces have been set up in this paper, the mode can not only indraft but also maintain new farmers and let every farmer do his best according to his lights to ensure economy development, social stability and national unity in xpcg, then progress to strengthen national defence and stabilize the frontiers in china

    以上述工作為基礎,結合對兵農場特殊性分析,從屯墾戍邊的大觀念下構建適合目前兵農場現實的勞動力引進機制和配置模式。通過這些機制和模式的構建,使兵農場勞動力「引得來,留得住」 、 「人盡其才,才盡其用」 ,從而為兵經濟的發展、社會的穩定和族的結,進而為鞏固國和穩定邊疆做出貢獻。
  3. With a military band playing and hundreds of people watching on a parade ground just outside the pentagon, senior military and civilian leaders gathered to pay tribute to secretary rumsfeld

  4. 02 04 2003 demonstrating corporate social responsibilities urban group establishes crisis communications centre to help preventing atypical pneumonia 01 04 2003 urban group obtained " 2003 hong kong quality circle award

    02 04 2003彰顯企業公責任協助遏止流行病毒蔓延富城集成立危機傳訊中心統籌派發菌口罩工作
  5. Ho mai chuan, for ten years head of the defence corps in the town of hsin kang, changsha county, was personally responsible for killing almost a thousand poverty - stricken peasants, which he euphemistically described as " executing bandits "

    長沙新康鎮局長何邁泉,辦十年,在他手裡殺死的貧苦農將近一千人,美其名曰「殺匪」 。
  6. Correct measures are essential to carry out the peoples equality and development policy and pertinent religion policy in the multi - nation - state ; to form a correct concept of people and to publicize correct ethos by combining nationalism with patriotism ; to prevent and expose the western countries " factionalism on the peoples issues to the multi - nation - state ; to set down the active and effective measures aimed at the terrorist character of the peoples separatist forces. due to the pervading existence of the peoples separatist forces in the world, different countries need to reach the common conclusion to strike the peoples separatist forces ; to cut the capital resources of the peoples separatist forces and terrorist activities, to root out the basement of them, with the lead of un, strike the international support to them ; besides, different countries should strengthen nation security protection, form a new concept of national security, get international and organizing cooperation and get rid of every form of hegemony and power politics

  7. Despite his busy schedule, he sacrifices his holidays to participate in mountain and water rescue training to improve his physical strength and skills. he is an internationally certified mountain rescue worker and a member of the roc amphibious rescue society, one of the first civilian volunteer rescue groups to be recognized by formosa s national fire administration. should a disaster occur, dr. chen wants to be among the first to reach the affected area to help the victims, showing the spirit of empathy that " one who gives hope to others is an angel, and one who delivers people in suffering is a bodhisattva.

  8. We need more efforts from civilian and government to establish the ems ( emergency medical service ) in our country after ji - ji ( taiwan ) earthquake ; it is longtime of apathy for us for training disaster medical doctors, but the person of disaster medical doctor is important for response coordinators and planners in the interorganization resource management. this article suggests each organization to follow the exist plan and to set the geographic information system ( gis )

  9. It is a large sized metallurgical joint enterprises of common and special steel. there are other factories including changlin machinery group co., jiangxi electrical machines plant, jiangxi steel cable plant, where. escalators, pipe - cutting machines, non - ferrous pressing and casting, stainless steel plastic compound pipes, hi - tech honeycomb porcelain, power fork trucks, power testing machines, hail - preventing and rain - producing rocket shells and other products with high content of technology have a promising market

  10. The hardships of starting an undertaking, life is arduous, temper the people of panzhihua iron and steel co., have formed the enterprising spirit fearless of danger and difficulty of the people of panzhihua iron and steel co., the spirit of pioneer of having the courage to bring forth new ideas, respect the scientific matter - of - fact attitude, the cooperation spirit of making concerted efforts, make the corporate culture of panzhihua iron and steel co. have national defence culture, national culture, the characteristics of immigrant ' s culture, era culture, trade culture, have formed the corporate culture that panzhihua iron and steel co. shows unique characteristics

  11. According to the special surface structure and actualities that the city is extending along the transportation line and river region because of the restriction caused by the mountains in the two sides of every cities in qingyang. the author thinks it is not good to squeeze out the existence of cave dwellings during the course of urban construction, and it is necessary to emphasize the symbiosis between urban and cave dwellings. the author conceives that it is feasible to develop group - dwellings in the steep - sides of mountain and especially to adapt to constructing " climb - slope cave dwellings which are covered with earth "

  12. The public security, civil affairs, judicial administrative departments, the urban and rural grassroots self - governing organizations, and social organization shall, according to their respective functions, prevent and stop family violence and help the women victims

  13. As the group expressed master s love and concern for the hurricane victims, the ncd director explained that another organization had promised to help them with their relief work but had had to cancel at the last minute. so he was delighted that master s team had shown up at this critical time

  14. And the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income application for certification of resident status company, partnership, trust or other body of persons

  15. The action for vision eye foundation, a tax - exempted charitable organization established in 1999, is dedicated to enhancing the standard of eye care and helping the needy suffering from eye diseases. it is always afvs commitment to helping the prevention and elimination of blindness in hong kong and china

  16. Our company is a system integration engineering firm, specially dealing with the information network project, peacefully guards against the monitoring to report to the police, the intelligent building system, the led display monitor, the public broadcast system, the group telephone, checking attendance system, multimedia classroom, erp software etc

    注冊資金2000萬元人幣,是一家專業從事信息網路工程,安監控系統,智能樓宇系統, led顯示屏,公共廣播系統,集電話,門禁考勤,多媒體教室網,門禁考勤收費一卡通, erp軟體等系統的系統集成工程公司。
  17. With its air passenger traffic growing at double - digit rates in recent years, china will need about 2, 650 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years, worth $ 289 billion, according to the latest projections from airbus, a unit of european aerospace group eads

  18. Implement of develop - the - west strategy concerns directly with expanding of domestic demand, promoting the economic growth, the national unity, social stability, the consolidation of frontier the coordinated development of the western and eastern and the realization of common prosperity finally

  19. In constructing and defending border areas, reinforcing national defense as well as strengthening ethnic harmony, the corps plays an important role without a parallel by any other organization

  20. Further, it prevents yunnan from keeping pace with the rest of the country in building a comparatively well - off society and brings negative influences to the stability of the border regions, the unification of the ethnic minorities and even the national defense