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nuclear well
  • : 核構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (從地面往下鑿成的能取水的深洞) well 2 (形狀像井的東西) sth in the shape of a well 3 (...
  1. In view of bearing capacity of the elastoplastic theory analysis, the author made a comparison between the achieved bearing capacity limit load pi / 4 of round base ( space problem ) and the limit load pi / 4 of bar groundwork foundation design ( plane problem ) from soil mechanics at home and abroad as well as foundation criterion, and explained why the value of formula in present design criterion from soil mechanics is inclined to be conservative. in the light of the author ' s many years experience of vibration test on the spot and the research work of relevant projects, the author worked over the dynamic pile testing of the bearing capacity of foundation and batholith, and gathered the parameter of dynamic analysis and testing. the author also talked over the difficult point of pile foundation design criteria in present batholith engineering world, i. e. the confirmation of batholith bearing capacity of pile end, from the following aspects : a ) confirmation of single axis counter - pressure strength of rock in house ; b ) f. e. m calculation of elastoplastic model ; c ) calculation of soil mechanics ; d ) deep well load test

    然後,對巖土工程領域至今尚未解決,甚至不為人注意的考慮地基變形的地基承載力問題進行了實用化的探討,提出了考慮地基變形的地基承載力上程計算方法;對基於彈塑性理論分析的地基承載力國內尚未見報道的空間問題得到了圓形基礎(空間問題)的承載力界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,並與國內外土力學專著及地基基礎設計規范中的條形基礎(平面問題)的界限荷載p _ ( 1 / 4 ) ,進行了對比,從而定量上解釋了目前設計規范引用土力學承載力公式值偏於保守的這一情況;根據本文作者多年從事現場地基工程振動試驗及相關課題的研究工作,本文以截頭錐模型模擬地基,對地基(巖基)承載力的動測法進行了研究,為各類地基(包括巖基) ,匯總了動力分析和檢測川的參數:針對日前巖土工程界應用樁基設計規范中的難點? ?樁端巖基承載力的確定問題,從巖石室內單軸抗壓強度確定、基於彈塑性模型的有限單元法計算、土力學計算及深斤載荷試驗四方面進行了深入討論;本文作者根據多年現場載荷試驗的工程實踐,對深荷試驗裝置的心部分? ?反力裝置,設計了側壁支撐反力加載系統,該加載系統具有實用、簡便、穩定及安個等優點。
  2. Combined with the application of new well logging technology such as fmi, cmr, interpretation model of the reservoir was set up by using various analyzing methods

  3. Application of imaging and nuclear magnetic resonance to assessment of fractured reservoirs in chengbei

  4. The whitebait salangid the wire and cable line : it has over 30 various enterprises which produce medium - high voltage electric cables, controlling cables, cables for ships, bearing probing cables, light - fiber cables, computer s cables and fire - resist cable, and white ant - proof cables

    生產110千伏交聯電纜電站電纜油探測電纜消防耐火電纜船用橡膠電纜等20多個系列1000多個品種,產銷能力達20多億元,擁有一批高新技術企業和高新技術產品,系華東地區聞名的「電纜之鄉」 。
  5. In order to meet the requirements of nda measurement, the laboratory of technical research for nuclear safeguards of china institute of atomic energy ( ciae ), is being in charge of developing four sets of nda standards : one set of segmented gamma - ray scanner ( sgs ) uranium standard, one set of sgs plutonhim standard, one set of plutonium isotopic standard, and one set of active well coincidence counter ( awcc ) standard. in this dissertation some pivotal techniques on quality control in developing of nda nuclear standards above were emphatically studied

    中國原子能科學研究院保障技術重點實驗室研製分段y掃描裝置( sgs : segmentedgamma - rayscanner )鈾工作標準樣品、 sgs鈈工作標準樣品、鈈同位素標準樣品和有源中子型符合計數裝置( awcc : activewellcoincidencecounter )鈾工作標準樣品來滿足材料nda測量的要求。本論文重點對上述nda標準樣品研製過程中質量控制的一些關鍵技術進行了研究。
  6. But to prevent any israeli retaliation, an iranian attack would not only have to overcome israel ' s arrow air - defence missiles and destroy its airfields but also penetrate the silos of its nuclear - tipped jericho missiles

  7. Recent years, with the full - blown development of the prestressed concrete technique, the prestressed technique with ring - like strands as the professional technique adapted to the penstock, has been applied to many civil engineering fields such as tunnels and surge shafts in civil engineering hydraulics and power engineering, containment shells of nuclear power station, industrial storage bunkers, digesters and conservation pools in municipal engineering

  8. The main work is done with the help of model experiment. in the flood - relief experiment, the flood carrying capacity of spillway tunnel is checked. in the hydraulic experiment of the diversion power conduit system, the followings are studied : the flow condition and fluctuation in the surge chamber, the distribution of flow velocity before the rack in the surge shaft, the amplitude of stage in the quick gate bay etc. the test step, content and results of different proposals are introduced in details

  9. The strength of legs of a jack - up drilling platform serviced in bohai sea is evaluated and the ice - induced fatigue damage of the platform leg under different ice parameter was determined

  10. After have systematically studied sequence stratigraphy of chagan depression, a analysis method of high precision sequence stratigraphic framework in fault - depressed lacustrine basin. the core of the establishing framework is exploration - significant identify of sequence, division of 2, 3, 4, 5 grades sequence and analysis of base - level based on lithologic log or well - logging, high - resolution seismic inversion constrained to well data. then using the results of 2d seismic data, and interpret sequence to enhance the precision of interpretation

  11. Abstract : the stimulation treatment of & quot; loosening rock by the dilatancy of explosive waves & quot; is tested in the casing well 4242 for studying its result and its influence on casing. the result of the field test shows that this test is successful in technology, the oil production of the well is 4 times as much as that of it before the test ; the deformation of casing is local, and the result of the strength calculation shows that the deformation will not destroy casing

  12. Discussion on mine ventilation capacity for low gas mine

  13. Discussion on checking and ratifying the mine ventilating ability

  14. Discussion on the parameters of mine ventilation ability regulation

  15. Specification for value transfer in nuclear well logging tools

  16. The calibration for petroleum nuclear logging tool part 1 : general rules

  17. The calibration for petroleum nuclear logging tool part 4 : the calibration for compensated neutron tool

  18. The calibration for petroleum nuclear logging tool part 2 : the calibration for natural gamma - ray logging tool

  19. The calibration for petroleum nuclear logging tool part 3 : the calibration for compensated density litho - density tool

  20. Used fourier transforming the nuclear logs, its vertical resolution can be achieved from analyzing the changes of amplitude spectrum slope