日間 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiān]
日間 英文
in the daytime; during the day日間列車 day train; 日間跳傘 daytime parachuting; 日間游覽 day excursion
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • : 間Ⅰ名詞1 (中間) between; among 2 (一定的空間或時間里) with a definite time or space 3 (一間...
  1. Elemi, bitter orange, italian lemon, indonesian pepper and pink pepper, ambergris, oak, cedar, vetiver, balsam of peru and tears of siam

  2. All teams will design their own route, which usually covers the birdwatching hotspots such as long valley, tsim bei tsui and tai po kau. teams will also employ different skills such as hearing the owls or nightjar churring during mid - night to record bird species. participating teams include junior police call team and baptist wing lung secondary school team formed by young birdwatchers

    比賽當,各隊伍將自行定出觀鳥路線,前往本地的觀鳥熱門地點如?原尖鼻嘴及大埔? ,運用各種觀鳥技巧,日間找尋雀蹤,晚上細聽鳥鳴,務求在24小時內記錄到最多品種取勝。
  3. Should match the coattails either the fur short clothes or the short coat which the dovetail takes, should not put on during the day the short coat

  4. The total sky imager takes snapshot of the reflected sky from a convex mirror every 10 minutes, which is then used to observe clouds and assess the cloudiness during daytime. interesting weather phenomenon

  5. 40 additional day hospital places

  6. Hospital beds for mentally ill persons and severely mentally handicapped persons, psychiatric day hospitals and outpatient clinics, psychiatric community nursing centre, etc

  7. An additional 500 day nursery places

  8. In 2003 - 04, among users of the services provided by day creches and day nurseries, those receiving assistance through the scheme accounted for 77 per cent and 54 per cent respectively

  9. Secondary 4 - 7 courses at an approved secondary day school

  10. Erenow, there is not test of overreaction with data of days in china

  11. Driving at night or in the half light of dusk and dawn can be more difficult than driving during the day

  12. Day trips, disco clubs, ice skating, movie nights

  13. Trips, museum trips, day trips, ice skating

  14. For one, the leap second occurs in the middle of the day in asia and australia, causing a time hiccup during stock trading

    其中一個是,潤秒發生在亞洲和澳洲的日間,時會在貨運進行當下「跳針」 。
  15. We exposed both nocturnal and diurnal, or day-active, rodents to different light levels.

  16. The snipe is of special interest and radio telemetry of its habits has taught much about its ability to cope with the pressure of life in hong kong. within the valley, it flies near to the ground only at night time and feeds in the wet agricultural area

  17. China - japan , kodai provides weekly reefer container liner service to cover main ports of china and japan

  18. Day trips, museum trips, beach trips, scuba

  19. According to time of operation, the buses are divided as follows : numbers that start with " 2 " are morning and evening rush hour buses, numbers that start with 3 are night buses ; according to location, buses are divided as follows : puxi buses, pudong buses, buses that cross the river including tunnel and bridge lines, and suburban area buses [ 700s & 900s ] ; according to payment method, the buses are divided into : single - ticket rmb 1 ( lines of 13 kilometer or less from end to end ) and rmb 1. 5 ( lines of 13 kilometers or more from end to end ) ticket - sellerless buses ( most two digit city buses and three digits buses starting with " 1 ", " 2 ", " 7 " are of this kind ; no change will be made, but terminal stations and hubs will have rmb 1 and rmb 1. 5 ticket booklets for sale, 50 non - refundable tickets per booklet ), and also single ticket rmb 2 air - conditioned buses and scaled - price ticket special lines ( including specialty coach lines starting with " 5 ", pudong specialty lines starting with " 6 ", mid - size coaches that start with " 8 ", double - decker buses and air - conditioned coaches that start with " 9 ", as well as the ten air - conditioned tourism lines [ and airport buses ] )

    按運營時分,有:日間公交車、 「 2 」字頭的早晚高峰車和「 3 」字頭的夜宵車;按地域范圍分,有浦西的、浦東的、過江的(含大橋、隧道線)和郊區線;按票務方式分,有單一票價1元(全程13公里以下的線路)或1 . 5元(全程超13公里的線路)的無人售票車(市內公交號碼為兩位數的或三位數中「 1 」字頭、 「 2 」字頭、 「 7 」字頭的線路絕大多數是無人售票車,自備零錢,不找零,公交終點站、各主要交通樞紐均有1元和1元5角兩種面值的公交預售票出售,每本50張,售出不退) ,還有單一票價2元的空調車和多級票價的專線車(有「 5 」字頭的大巴專線、 「 6 」字頭的浦東專線車、 「 8 」字頭的中巴專線和「 9 」字頭的雙層車或空調大巴,還有十條空調旅遊專線) 。
  20. Cultural tours, day trips, ski tours, snowboard