棧平 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhànpíng]
棧平 英文
  • : 名詞1 (養牲畜的柵欄) shed; pen 2 (棧道) a plank road built on sides of cliffs for army3 (棧...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (沒有高低凹凸 不頃斜) flat; level; even; smooth 2 (高度相同; 不相上下) on the same l...
  1. To oversee all the details yourself in person ; to be at once pilot and captain, and owner and underwriter ; to buy and sell and keep the accounts ; to read every letter received, and write or read every letter sent ; to superintend the discharge of imports night and day ; to be upon many parts of the coast almost at the same time ? often the richest freight will be discharged upon a jersey shore ; ? to be your own telegraph, unweariedly sweeping the horizon, speaking all passing vessels bound coastwise ; to keep up a steady despatch of commodities, for the supply of such a distant and exorbitant market ; to keep yourself informed of the state of the markets, prospects of war and peace everywhere, and anticipate the tendencies of trade and civilization ? taking advantage of the results of all exploring expeditions, using new passages and all improvements in navigation ; ? charts to be studied, the position of reefs and new lights and buoys to be ascertained, and ever, and ever, the logarithmic tables to be corrected, for by the error of some calculator the vessel often splits upon a rock that should have reached a friendly pier ? there is the untold fate of la prouse ; ? universal science to be kept pace with, studying the lives of all great discoverers and navigators, great adventurers and merchants, from hanno and the phoenicians down to our day ; in fine, account of stock to be taken from time to time, to know how you stand

    親自照顧一切大小事務;兼任領航員與船長,業主與保險商;買進賣出又記賬;收到的信件每封都讀過,發出的信件每封都親自撰寫或審閱;日夜監督進口貨的卸落;幾乎在海岸上的許多地方,你都同時出現了似的; ? ?那裝貨最多的船總是在澤西岸上卸落的; ? ?自己還兼電報員,不知疲倦地發通訊到遠方去,和所有馳向海岸的船隻聯絡;穩當地售出貨物,供給遠方的一個無饜足的市場,既要熟悉行情,你還要明了各處的戰爭與和的情況,預測貿易和文明的趨向; ? ?利用所有探險的成果,走最新的航道,利用一切航海技術上的進步; ? ?再要研究海圖,確定珊瑚礁和新的燈塔、浮標的位置,而航海圖表是永遠地改而又改,因為著計算上有了一點錯誤,船隻會沖撞在一塊巖石上而至於粉碎的,不然它早該到達了一個友好的碼頭了? ? ,此外,還有拉?貝魯斯的未知的命運; ? ?還得步步跟上字宙科學,要研究一切偉大的發現者、航海家、探險家和商人,從迦探險家飯能和腓尼基人直到現在所有這些人的一生,最後,時刻要記錄房中的貨物,你才知道自己處于什麼位置上。
  2. The epicentre appears to have been that part of the metropolis which constitutes the inn s quay ward and parish of saint michan covering a surface of fortyone acres, two roods and one square pole or perch

    震中好像在首都的客碼頭區至聖麥昌教區一帶,面積達四十一英畝二路德一方桿或波爾赤639 。
  3. Business scode : wayside pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden footway, corridor, water balcony, naturel wooden house, outdoor floor, flower shelf, flower jar, outdoor desk - chair, landscape wooden handrail, yacht wharf, outdoor garden sketch, etc

  4. Bdi gratings can be widely applied to platform, pathway, bridge, trench covers, well covers, fences and handrails at systems of petro - chemicals, power plant, water plant, sewage treatment plant, urban construction engineerings and urban sanitary engineerings

  5. In coast and offshore engineering, the safety of the structures whose superstructures located in the splash zone such as piled wharves, shore trestles, oil drilling platforms, etc, have great relation to wave slamming

  6. It includes chip selection, schematic circuit design, cpu selection and configuration, startup of the system, selection and configuration of embedded operation system, selection and configuration of tcp / ip software. it also describes some driver programming techniques of network controller. part 3 ( chapter 5 and 6 ) briefly introduces encryption technology and the ipsec protocol system, including architecture, mode, security association, security policy, implementation mode, processing of in / out packet, esp ( encapsulation security payload ), ah ( authentication header ), ike ( internet key exchange ) etc. the security requirements of embedded - networking is also analyzed

    本文首先探討了嵌入式網路的原理和設計要求,接著介紹了本文所開發的嵌入式系統的硬體臺的設計(包括處理器的選擇與配置、存儲器的選擇和io設備的選用等) ,系統的啟動(包括bios和dos的啟動以及嵌入式操作系統vrtx的配置和引導) ,網路及其安全服務的實現(包括嵌入式協議usnet的選取、底層驅動程序的設計和安全協議ipsec的分析與實施) 。
  7. I tried to regain my balance but i fell off the jetty and into the drink

  8. Decorated with green wooden path the anping customs office was built in 1930

  9. The set consists only of platforms, scaffolding, cagelike balconies and ratty bric - a - brac, but it extends by catwalks and planks through both levels of the theater

  10. Any trip to pingyao should include a visit to the ri shengchang financial house museum and a stay at the tian yuan kui guesthouse

    在古城遙,說「票號」不能不說「日升昌」 ,談客不能不談「天元奎」 。
  11. Elcome to the robert black college which offers excellent accommodation to visiting academics, professionals and their associates to hong kong. here you will find many academic and cultural exchange activities

  12. The whole yard was pervaded by the strong smell of a tavernfull of peaceful suggestion and soothing relief to pierrethe smell of hay, of dung, and of tar

  13. Fisherman s wharf s wooden path is in the right side of anyi bridge close to anping harbor. all family can take a walk here and enjoy the view of this harbor. it also provides chairs and tables for tourists

  14. In this dissertation, based on the st company ' s sti5100 hardware platform, the development of usb host computer software, the test procedure, and the application of this software on dvr set top box have been introduced, which are mainly including the implement of the host controller driver, the kernel of usb protocol stack, the usb device drivers and the usb host protocol stack on dvr set top box

    本文介紹了基於st公司提供的sti5100硬體臺上usb主機軟體的開發與測試和該軟體在dvr機頂盒上的應用,主要包括主機控制器驅動、 usb核心協議和usb設備驅動程序三個部分的軟體實現和該usb主機協議在dvr機頂盒應用的軟硬體實現。
  15. Pascal calling convention is the reverse of c calling convention. it passes parameters from left to right and the callee is responsible for the stack balancing after the call

  16. In software, for realizing the real - time qualities of control system i transplant rtos - uc / oc - ii on the platform of gateway and i also transplant the tcp / ip stack called lwip to realize network function of the gateway. in worldfip, using fullfip2 ' s fip device manager come to realize the functions of fieldbus

    在軟體方面,為了實現控制系統的實時性,在網關臺上移植了rtos ? ? c oc - ,並且移植了tcp ip協議lwip來實現網關的internet網路功能;在現場總線側,應用通信控制器fullfip2的通信庫fipdevicemanager來實現現場總線的功能。
  17. In all fairness, the runtime spy adds overhead, especially if stack traces are captured, so true uninstrumented elapsed time is closer to 37 seconds overall from a warm start

    地講, runtime spy增加了開銷,尤其是當需要捕獲記錄時,所以從半熱態啟動( warm start )時,實際上不加修正( uninstrumented )消耗的總的時間接近37秒。
  18. But without supported by gvernment, it was terminated. until tainan government want to carry out the national anping harbor historic park project, it was then included into this project. after repaired in 2004, one can cross this tree house now by the wooden path with a childlike image to discover this funny space

  19. Due to the special landforms of lin mo - niang park, the sunset and night view have become a new one of tainans tourism. with the construction of historic harborside park including wooden path, water view and toilets, lin mo - niang park will become an international tourism providing the citizen a better and comfortable place

  20. Supporting a limited number of platforms and controlling the software stack for that platform does have advantages