中文拼音 [shì]
名詞1. (樣式) type; style 2. (格式) pattern; form 3. (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4. (自然科學中表明某種規律的一組符號) formula 5. [語言學] (表示說話者對所說事情的主觀態度) mood; mode 6. (姓氏) a surname
  1. The all-welded, a-frame pylon straddles the deck.

  2. Mobile front-bucket loaders often suffice for handling and retrieving rock in a-frame structures.

  3. Certain key aspects of abatement planning are best addressed through the use of an ambient air quality model.

  4. The waves should be sheared waves for the anisotropic aeo device and longitudinal waves for the isotropic aeo device. geometrical relationships of anisotropic acousto - optic effect in ln crystal and kdp crystals are studied by tangent - match condition. curves of incident angle vs. abaxial angle, diffractive angle vs. abaxial angle, extreme frequency vs. abaxial angle and acousto - optic merit vs. incident angle vs. abaxial angle are systematically gained and the design parameters are also calculated

  5. On evolution of the pattern abb in the song dynasty

  6. Until the age of seven, respiratory movement is abdominal.

  7. This almost formal abdication of fatherhood hurt him.

  8. To build the career guidance of engine model is a abecedarian try in innovating career guidance of high institutes, however, we hope such discuss can arouse more attention on career guidance and in - depth research on it

  9. Among the grove ' s 40 or so buildings are a caribbean house with shutters and a wooden balcony, an art deco cinema and a grand beaux arts building that houses a branch of the clothes shop abercrombie & fitch

    格羅夫購物中心大約40座建築中,有一座配備百葉窗和木製樓廳的加勒比建築,一座裝飾藝術電影院和一座豪華的美術大廈(內設阿伯克比龍與菲奇時裝品牌分店) 。
  10. The new aesthetic forms were thenceforward written off as typical aberrations of late capitalism society.

  11. Here, the same format was used for the seminar as for the one in ghana, except by master s arrangement, we were able to use st paul s church, in the heart of the city of abidjan, for our venue

  12. The charter i introduced the schematics of the experimental setup, the model of pulsed laser ablating solid target ( s - n model ) and the subplantation model for film growing proposed by y. lifshitz

    第一章簡要介紹了實驗裝置、激光燒蝕固體靶的s - n模型和y . lifshitz提出的次表面生長模
  13. The believer is to pray in a prescribed manner after purification through ritual ablutions each day at dawn, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and nightfall

  14. Analysis of the strategic cost management mode under abm and value chain analysis

  15. The very possibility of heroism had been, as it were, formally abnegated in the minds of all

  16. Textual research proves it feasible to slice directly on 3 - d models and abnegate stl format file that is usually used in all kinds of rapid prototyping machine, it has a significantly practical value

  17. In soft, abnegating bald dos operating system, we will realize testing and displaying in real time on windows operating system. in hardware, we use computer as postposition cpu, monolithic processor as front cpu, and link them into simple network. in this way, we will realize a kind of distributing testing system providing with high precision and remote controlled ability

    軟體上,屏棄枯燥的D O S界面,使用windows平臺實現實時性很高的實測實顯任務;硬體上,將計算機作為上位機,單片機作下位機,連成簡單的網路,實現高精度的、具有遠程控制能力的一種分散測試系統。
  18. Especially from reform and opening, situation of transportation market deeply changes, and competition of several transportation ways gets aboil

  19. After 15 minutes ' intensively discussion, they started to exhibit their results. the nine groups, adding culture construction group, drumbeating group started their aboil contend and pk match. first, the elected leaders steped onto the platform to declare their team name and catchwords, and devised themselves ' characteristic behave. this activity bubbled up the assembly room ' s atmosphere. then we let the leaders stand in a line and give them the last 2 minutes ' speak time to draw tickets. lastly, we decided to choose the winner using the method that every group votes two tickets. but for there were 3 winners at last, we handed out a few lollipops averagely to this 3 groups. their great ambition expressed in last prevail speech reminded us the experience and scene in summer camp

  20. Dr. proudie would abolish all forms and ceremonies.