換齒 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huànchǐ]
換齒 英文
  • : 動詞1. (給人東西同時從他那裡取得別的東西) exchange; barter; trade 2. (變換; 更換) change 3. (兌換) exchange; cash
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (牙; 牙齒) tooth 2 (物體上齒形的部分) a tooth like part of anything 3 [書面語] (年齡...
  1. Selection by computers of change gears of the y3150 hobbing machines

  2. Specification for interchangeability dimensions of the drive of solid and segmental circular saws for cold cutting of metals : saw diameter range 224 mm to 2240 mm

    金屬冷切削用整體和鑲圓鋸驅動裝置部分的互尺寸規范:圓鋸直徑范圍224mm - 2240mm
  3. Our team visited a rural school with a rotary wheel over the door, a dirt floor but desks and books, where due to the generosity of rotarians literacy flourished

  4. During recently 3 years, i mainly engaged in mechanical vocation ' s plant planning. i attended 25 projects, which including feasible reports, preliminary designing and working drawing designing, ranged over establishment or technology reforming of machine tool factory, gear factory, tractor factory, automobile manufactory, electric pump factory, electromechanics factory, electric cable factory, the highest investment of them is 160 million yuan, total design work expand over 850 million ( no repeat calculate ). for i have professional ability and well up in developmental situation of mechanical vocation and it ' s situation inside jiangsu province, these projects what i designed were all authorized by leading department and expert, introduced into national plan and bring into operation. these projects bring both economic profit and society profit for the factory ' s technical advancement, product ' s update. as the director of these projects in these designing and consultation work, i generally organize and operate these and earn the higher valuation of leading department and consumer

    近三年來主要從事機械行業工廠工程設計,先後參與二十五個項目的可行性研究報告編制,初步設計和施工圖設計.涉及機床廠,輪廠,拖拉機廠,汽車製造廠,電泵廠,電機廠,電纜廠的新建或技術改造,其中單項投資額最高的為1 . 6億元,總計完成投資額為8 . 5億元(未重復計算)的設計工作量.由於對機械行業發展狀況和省內狀況較為熟悉,具有一定的專業水平,這些設計項目均經有關領導部門,專家審定列入國家計劃,得以實施,為工廠的技術進步,產品更新代,生產發展創造較好的經濟效益和社會效益.在這些設計,咨詢中,本人均任項目負責人,全面組織,實施設計工作,得到主管部門和用戶較高評價
  5. Fuel oil purifier overhauled and cleaned, gear case oil renewed

  6. Unwinding roller is made of stainless composite piping material, which has the following advantages : ( smooth on surface, non - pilling, non - knotting, non - slip - stick, unity in unwinding expansion, good core - spunned result ), roller seat, driven chain, traction changing gear, adjustable bearing godet wheel, driven cover

    退繞羅拉:採用不銹鋼復合管材料製作,該種材料具有以下幾種優點(表面光滑、卜掛絲、不纏絲、不打滑、退繞張力均勻、包芯效果好) 、羅拉托座、傳動鏈輪、牽伸變換齒輪、可調試軸承導絲輪、傳動防護罩。
  7. Auto trimming / colop change / stitch change machine can be set to auto or manually trim the upper / lower thread ( under thread only for lock stitch chenille ) and change color, auto or manually change among embroidery, taping, cording, zigzag or coiling

  8. Those who had prolonged binging and severely self - induced vomiting may have their stomach, eyes capillaries, internal mouthparts and fingers damaged, resulting in facial swelling or dental erosion. older age of onset and persistent fat - phobia were found to independently predict the poor outcome

  9. Denture base temporary relining resins

  10. Based on the fact of driven gear moving prior to normal locality when driving gear pair moving from upper dead center to lower dead center, considering all influential elements, the maximum backlash of gear pair can be controlled to satisfy the special driving requirement through controlling the length and deviation of its common normal without increasing its manufacture precision

  11. Side and face cutters with alternate teeth, with threaded bore and back centring

  12. Change gear box

  13. Change gear bracket

  14. Experimental investigation on convective heat transfer and flowing friction in risg tubes

  15. Invention of gear - driven switch with " zither " ( piano wire ) line banks. not used commercially. 200 - line " zither " board with ratchet drive installed at laporte, indiana, usa

    發明帶有「齊特琴」 (鋼琴絲)式接線排的輪傳動交機。沒有用於商業。美國印第安納州拉波特安裝了帶有棘驅動的200線路「齊特琴」主板。
  16. The setting of mesh and gear changing are done by electronic part instead of previous manual operation

  17. Automatic yarn let - off system which used change gear drive for regulating run - in values

  18. Change gear train

  19. This proven system negates the need for gear replacement if the strut bottoms should ever wear through

  20. In tradition, worker must computer, then change the gear for regulating the quantity of seeding by himself. this system can regulate it automatically by a microcomputer inside after inputting the demand of seeding quantity, and the regulating precision improved