次目標 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [biāo]
次目標 英文
minor heading
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (次序; 等第) order; sequence 2 [書面語] (出外遠行時停留的處所) stopping place on a jou...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (眼睛) eye 2 (大項中再分的小項) item 3 [生物學] (把同一綱的生物按彼此相似的特徵分為幾...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (樹梢) treetop; the tip of a tree2 (枝節或表面) symptom; outside appearance; ...
  • 目標 : 1. (對象) target; objective 2. (目的) goal; aim; destination
  1. On the base of serious summarizing the experience of more than 20 pilot villages of the all city during the past 7 years, twice villages surveys in large scale in 1999 and 2001 ( including over 200 villages ) and thirteen pilot villages in the project of rural development by technology and education project in beijing in 2002, generalizing experience on how to develop village economy and rural development by technology and education project entirely, extrapolating the operating mechanism, management system and village development pattern in how to rely on technology to train rural elites and boom village economy especially. thereby, representing the conception, goal and operating clue of village economy and rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in beijing in detail. it is the first time to represent four operating thesis of rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in china systematically : system thesis of village productive forces ( inside ) ; regional actinoid thesis in village ( outside ), operating thesis for origin, bank and fluid, and the thesis of biology balancing and limited factors

    在認真總結北京市7年多來全市20餘個科教興村老試點和1999年、 2001年兩大規模村級調查( 200餘村) 、北京市2002年十三個科教興村新的試點的基礎上,全面總結如何依靠科技、教育在發展村域經濟、開展科教興村等方面的經驗教訓,特別是重點總結歸納了7年來北京市如何依靠科技、培育鄉土人才、促進村域經濟發展的科教興村的管理體系、運作模式、村級發展模式;在此基礎上,詳細闡述了21世紀北京市科教興村的概念、和工作思路;並在國內首較系統地、深入地闡述了21世紀科教興村的四大運行理論基礎:村域生產力系統理論(對內) 、村域區域經濟發展輻射理論(對外) 、 「源、庫、流」運轉學說和「生態平衡理論和限制因子學說」 。
  2. A killer known as four eyes appears mysteriously in tokyo, a city of sickness and degeneracy. he has taken on a justice - seeking alter ego to punish th.

  3. Through the relationship between sodium chloride and target crystal : calcium hypochlorite hydrate, the recycle of mother liquid, the principle of reactive crystallization of sodium - process bleaching power was analyzed

  4. A pure software solution is given in order to gather more tracking data. the reason of the zenith - blind - zone forming is analyzed detailedly. the conclusion is that the extent of the zenith blind zone was restricted by three parameters : maximum azimuth angular velocity of tracking mount, flight level and airspeed of the target

  5. Elite hex spell. for 20 seconds, the next time target foe takes damage while moving, this hex ends. when hidden caltrops ends, target foe takes 15. . 63 damage and is crippled for 5. . 17 seconds

    精英降咒魔法。持續20秒,當敵人下一在移動中受到傷害時,該降咒終止。同時該降咒終止時,受到( 15 … 63 )傷害並且遭受殘廢病癥( 5 … 17 )秒。
  6. This paper put forward that credit estimation and guarantee of small and middle enterprise must pay attention to its characteristics, that is to say, stressing some estimations such as " future innovation, grown - up, . development " through normative analysis remonstrating analysis, comparing analysis and research. at the same time it must deal with whole credit and part credit combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis and relative relations about methods of estimation and goals of estimation. according to characteristics of credit estimation, 1 choused index and form systems of multilayer index and select combination of delphi and ahp in order to avoid subjectivity and random for setup in the course of setup of estimation index. it should adapt flexibility of anti - guarantee setup and embody its supporting function for enterprises through qualitative analysis of anti - guarantee and estimation of risk with reason. in view of mature experience and criterion of science and technology estimation, this paper introduced into concepts about index of filtration and superior and established relative and traditional methods which are suitable for modes of small and middle enterprises for credit estimation and are applied by credit guarantee

    本文運用規范分析法、實證分析法、比較分析法,通過研究提出,中小企業信用評價和擔保信用評估應注重中小企業的特點,即強調「未來、創新、成長、發展」方面的評價。同時還要處理好整體信用和局部信用、定性分析和定量分析相結合以及評價方法和評價的相對應的幾方面關系。在中小企業信用評價指體系的設置中要根據中小企業信用評價的特點,合理選擇指和形成多層體系,並選擇delphi法(德爾菲法)和ahp (層分析法)相結合的方法避免權重設置的主觀性、隨意性。
  7. 5. two criteria are put out in straw classification process. the first one is based on the proportion of length and width of object ' s bound box, and the second one is based on the circularity of object

  8. Next, it analyses the theoretic foundations of internal control : theory of clientage and corporate governance, and explain the importance and significance of establishing internal control considering the actual conditions of china. then, starting from the evolution of internal control theories, author brings forward goals framework and elements framework of modern enterprise ' s internal control system linking with connotations of modern enterprise system and characteristics of new economics. last, applying the case of zhengbaiwen, author analyses the problems and causes of chinese listing corporations " internal control system and advances counter measurements

  9. In this thesis, we first compartmentalize the goal of image segmentation based on the analysis of its definition

  10. This dissertation can be divided into three parts as following : focusing on institutional risk control, this dissertation demonstrated the effect of institutional risk on dis " objects by analyzing the relationship between deposit insurance and financial development, financial stability and market discipline, in light of foreign or native primary theory and empirical results of dis. in virtue of statistical method and with the theory of game, this dissertation explored the cause the institutional risk such as moral risk and adverse selection, on the basis of which discussed the approach of controlling institutional risk and proper deposit insurance pattern. because deposit insurance assessment is the core of institutional risk control, this dissertation introduced and discussed deeply the passive casualty - insurance model, the option - pricing model, the game - theory - based pricing model, and reasonable pricing interval, and put forward the hierarchical pricing strategy of dis on the balance of information confiscatory and risk - based - assessment necessity

    本文以存款保險制度風險控制為中心,在借鑒國內外關于存款保險制度的基本理論和實證的基礎上,通過分析存款保險與金融發展、金融穩定和市場懲戒等方面的關系,論證了存款保險制度風險對存款保險制度的影響;並藉助統計學的方法,運用信息博弈論的觀點,從主要制度參與者? ?投保機構和存款保險機構? ?的效用函數出發,對存款保險所引發的道德風險和逆向選擇等制度風險的成因進行深入的剖析,探討有效控制制度風險的途徑和制度參數的安排模式;由於存款保險定價是制度風險管理的核心問題,本文還專門對意外存款保險消極模型、存款保險的期權定價模型、基於信息經濟學的存款保險定價模型以及合理定價區間等定價模式進行深入分析和詳細評述,闡述各種定價思路的局限性和可能運用的空間,通過權衡信息的充分性和風險定價的必要性,提出存款保險制度的層性定價策略。
  11. At the begin, we decompound the frame - work to seven class set, which are object class set, interaction class set, model class set, federate - agent class set, simulation class set, interface class set and framework class set, and offer a class - hierarchy structure gragh for it. then, we give the detailed realizing method for each class set in sequence

  12. On the basic of it, through constructing the model of individual participation in the third distribution, it raises the maximum utility target of the charitable donator and the balanced conditions of realizing the target, and also analyze the influence factors of

  13. Secondly, it was accordant with the region economic development plan to develop the zhejiang fritillary production in lishui region

  14. The japanese pick the most efficient product in a particular market and let it set the specs that everyone else will have to live up to in a few years, at which point the goal posts will be moved again

  15. Hitting an eight - iron 300 times with a goal of leaving the ball within 20 feet of the pin 80 percent of the time, continually observing results and making appropriate adjustments, and doing that for hours every day - that ' s deliberate practice

    揮動8號鐵(高爾夫球桿型號? ?本網注) 300是球離號旗桿不到20英尺的數達80 % ,不斷觀察結果,作出適當調整,每天這樣練習幾小時? ?這就是有意識地練習。
  16. The last point is doing teaching experiment and " rank - goal teaching " to promote the teaching quality

    四是進行教學方法的改革實驗,實施「分層次目標教學」 ,提高教學質量。
  17. The sixth, based on formerly theory and experience, " graduation goal - guide and inquiry " physical teaching mode is put forward, the content is illuminated, the structure of mode is analyzed, and the guiding effect of teacher is established

    第六部分,在以往的理論及經驗的基礎上,探索性地提出「層次目標? ?引探」物理教學模式。詳細闡述模式的內涵,構建模式的基本結構,分析模式的實施過程,確立教師的指導作用,並用課題研究實例對模式加以論證。
  18. Based on the event of single - warship air defence system intercepting several groups of target, the operational capability of air defense system with the improved aam model is evaluated

  19. Within one single source echo, both doa and time - delay can be estimated simultaneously by this algorithm via high - resolution rotational invariance technique and high - resolution time - delay frequency ( tdf ) technique. the esprit - tdf algorithm has features of low computation, good precision, and high resolution both in doa and time - delay. it is suitable for multiple source exact localization

  20. On the characteristics of the aims of school education and the relationships between the aims of education at different levels