愛衛會 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [àiwèikuài]
愛衛會 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (對人或事物有很深的感情) love 2 (喜歡; 愛好; 喜好) like; be fond of; be keen on 3 (...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(保衛) defend; guard; protect Ⅱ名詞1 (周朝國名) wei a state in the zhou dynasty2 (姓氏...
  • : 會構詞成分
  1. The ceremony was officiated by bishop hwa yung ( bishop of the methodist church in malaysia ) and rev boh che suan ( president of chinese annual conference, methodist church in malaysia )

  2. The van of the procession appears headed by john howard parnell, city marshal, in a chessboard tabard, the athlone poursuivant and ulster king of arms. they are followed by the right honourable joseph hutchinson, lord mayor of dublin, the lord mayor of cork, their worships the mayors of limerick, galway, sligo and watedord, twentyeight irish representative peers, sirdars, grandees and maharajahs bearing the cloth of estate, the dublin metropolitan fire brigade, the chapter of the saints of finance in their plutocratic order of precedence, the bishop of down and connor his eminence michael cardinal logue archbishop of armagh, primate of all ireland, his grace, the most reverend dr william alexander archbishop of armagh, primate of all ireland, the chief rabbi, the presbyterian moderator, the heads of the baptist, anabaptist, methodist and moravian chapels and the honorary secretary of the society of friends

    跟在後面的是都柏林市市長閣下約瑟夫哈欽森208科克市市長閣下利默里克戈爾韋斯萊戈和沃特福德等市的市長閣下,二十八位爾蘭貴族代表209 ,印度的達宮貴人們,西班牙的大公們,佩帶著寶座飾布的印度大君,都柏林首都消防隊,按照資財順序排列的一群財界聖徒,唐郡兼康納主教210全爾蘭首席阿馬大主教紅衣主教邁克爾洛格閣下,全爾蘭首席阿大主教神學博士威廉亞歷山大閣下,猶太教教長長老派教主席,浸禮再浸禮理公以及弟兄首腦,還有公誼的名譽幹事。
  3. On the evening of the 1st of september, count rastoptchin had come away from his interview with kutuzov mortified and offended at not having been invited to the council of war, and at kutuzovs having taken no notice of his offer to take part in the defence of the city, and astonished at the new view of things revealed to him in the camp, in which the tranquillity of the city and its patriotic fervour were treated as matters of quite secondary importance, if not altogether irrelevant and trivial. mortified, offended, and astonished at all this, count rastoptchin had returned to moscow

  4. National patriotic publihealth campaign commission

  5. To support world health day, the department of health will launch a series of events and activities under the theme of love your children, pay attention to safety. apart from television promotion, we will organize a

  6. But through masters love and blessings, and keeping her principle of positive thinking in mind, they decided to go ahead with the project anyway, saying, well, well just do it and pray to master for help. so they traveled to qualcomm stadium, wearing yellow and green vests bearing the words the san diego rescue team of the supreme master ching hai international association, and were ushered through several checkpoints by other rescue workers and the centers security guards

  7. " yes, we have injuries but people should n ' t forget that we still have a lot of quality players and experienced internationals available. " while stephen carr, the republic of ireland right - back, underwent his second hernia operation in three months in london yesterday, shola ameobi was pencilled in for hip surgery on monday and steven taylor announced that his shoulder problem was likely to keep him out for the rest of the season

  8. At the baltic defence college in estonia, officers from ukraine and georgia study alongside locals

  9. We innovatively apply anion material to sanitary napkin and earn multiple national patents. “ love moon ” anion sanitary series are recommended to be high technological products by world chinese traditional medicine association, “ china key protective new brand name ” by china well - known and excellent brand management appraisal center, “ china famous brand name ( cqgc ) by china quality guarantee center

    其中「月月」負離子生巾系列產品被世界中醫藥學推薦為高科技產品,被中國名優品牌管理評價中心推介為「中國重點保護新品牌」 、被中國中輕產品質量保障中心推介為「中國著名品牌( cqgc ) 」 。
  10. Eagerly awaited by everyone, master, in a pure white au lac formal gown, gracefully appeared and went around the venue, escorted by the guards who dressed up as british royal guards. in master s elegance there was a boundless unifying power, which touched all who were present. with thunderous applause that could surely be heard in heaven, the crowd expressed their infinite gratitude and affection, like that which children would have for their mother

  11. In kutuzovs service was not to be obtained for boris by all anna mihalovnas efforts and entreaties. shortly after the gathering at anna pavlovnas, anna mihalovna went back to moscow to her rich relatives the rostovs, with whom she stayed in moscow. it was with these relations that her adored borinka, who had only recently entered a regiment of the line, and was now at once transferred to the guards as a sub - lieutenant, had been educated from childhood and had lived for years

  12. Many well - known americans have been aft members, including john dewey, albert einstein, hubert humphrey, pulitzer prize - winning author frank mccourt, nobel peace prize winner elie wiesel, former senate majority leader and ambassador to japan mike mansfield, former hhs secretary donna shalala, and former united nations under secretary and nobel peace prize winner ralph bunche

  13. Lab members have completed or begun a variety of projects, including studies of public health measures, small - scale loans ( called microcredit ), the role of women in village councils, aids prevention, and barriers to fertilizer use

  14. David larrabee : we ' ll have a wonderful time, darling. we ' ll build a raft and sail on the pacific ocean, like kon tiki. or climb the highest mountain like annapurna

  15. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread sovereign lord, king james, by the grace of god, of england, france and ireland, king, defender of the faith, e &

  16. How patriotic sanitation campaign to play a role in promoting new - type socialist rural construction

  17. Now he is vying for a regular spot in the irish national team, and hoping to impress sir alex ferguson with his performances on loan at royal antwerp

  18. In the closet, there is a stranger in moscow, he is the just goodfrend of mine, he is a p. y. t, but sometimes he is also a thriller, he always sings earth song for heal the world, dear michael, don ' t stop till you get enough, with your power of love, we can see a bad man, in the human nature, let your blood on the dance floor, we also can see a dance machine, the way you make me feel, we ' ll be there to change the world, you are not a ghost that off the wall, you are not the one who was written by the taibloid junkie, we do will keep the faith, cause of that ' s your privacy, and remeber the time, they don ' t take care about us, and let ' s come together, another part of me, to do the right thing for your childhood, please don ' t gone too soon, you are not a smooth criminal, you are a truly angel, you are the break of dawn, i wanna be staring something to fight for you, cause of your are the sunshine in my life, and you will invicible forever

    譯文: 《在衣櫥里》 ,有一個來自《莫斯科的遊子》 ,他也是我最好的朋友,他是一個《漂亮的小東西》 ,但,有時,他也是一個《顫栗者》 ,他總是唱著《地球之歌》來《拯救世界》 , 《親的邁克爾》 ,用你《博的胸懷》 ,請《不要停止,直至你的心意滿足》 ,我們《在人群中》 ,看到一個《真棒》的男人,讓你的《血濺舞池》吧,我們也能看到一個《舞蹈機器》 , 《你給我的感覺》是, 《我們應該去那裡》 ,改變世界,你並不是《從墻上下來》的《幽靈》 ,你並非是那些《小報消息》所寫的那個人,我們當然《保持公正》 ,因為那些全是你的《隱私》 , 《請記住那些時光》 , 《他們不關心我們》 ,讓我們《團結起來》 , 《另外一個我》 ,正在為你的《童年》做著正確的事情,請不要《離開太快》 ,你不是一個《狡猾的罪犯》 ,你是一個真正的《天使》 ,你是《黎明前的曙光》 ,我想為了捍你, 《開始做一些事情》 ,因為你是我生命中的《陽光》 ,並且,你將永遠《無敵》 。
  19. In addition to the hiv / aids epidemic, conference topics included tuberculosis and other health problems, education and literacy, microenterprises and vocational training, polioplus, and the rotary centers for international studies

  20. The chinese people deeply love peace, longs for peace, but the chinesepeople always do not submit to the other families aggression, if whichinvader dares to encroach upon us, we certainly can brave stand, pledges to fight to the death guards own motherland dignity