過冬 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guòdōng]
過冬 英文
pass the winter; winter; hibernate
  • : 過Ⅰ動詞[口語] (超越) go beyond the limit; undue; excessiveⅡ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. Now the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month, with a fire burning in the brazier before him

    耶36 : 22那時正是九月、王坐在過冬的房屋裡、王的前面火盆中有燒燼的火。
  2. We have enough coal to see the winter out.

  3. He spends the winter in the west indies and summer in england, commuting back and forth like the migrating swallows.

  4. Herbert ponting, looking like fraternity brothers in a dormitory, members of scott ' s terra nova expedition savor various creature comforts in their snug pre - fabricated winter quarters at antarctica ' s ross island, as they await spring and their final assault on the south pole

  5. While i am carefully heaping up a stock of grain for winter, i see you feeding on filth about the walls.

  6. Let 's store the flowers away from frost.

  7. The goloshes were new, just bought for the winter, and the pimples on their soles were fresh and sharp

  8. Stands among seagulls on a mudflat during low tide. the ring on this bird ( no. 042 ) reveals that it has flown over 4, 000 kilometres from khabarovsk in the north to winter in hong kong

    根據套在鸛足上的腳環編號( 042 ) ,可知它是從西伯利亞的哈巴羅夫斯克飛來香港過冬,路途超4 , 000公里。
  9. Father is going to spend the winter in new york.

  10. Far from doing anything of the sort, he used his power to select out of all the various courses open to him the stupidest and most pernicious of all. of all the different things napoleon might have donespending the winter in moscow, going to petersburg, going to nizhni - novgorod, going back a little more to the north or to the south, by the road kutuzov afterwards tookno course one can imagine could have been more ruinous for his army as the sequel proved than the one napoleon actually did adopt ; that is, the course of staying in moscow till october, letting the troops plunder the town, then in hesitation leaving a garrison behind, marching out of moscow, going to meet kutuzov and not giving battle, turning to the right and going as far as maley yaroslavets, again refusing to risk a battle, and finally retreating, not by the road kutuzov had taken, but by mozhaisk and the smolensk route through devastated country

  11. The squirrel makes a store of nuts for the winter.

  12. And after three months we departed in a ship of alexandria, which had wintered in the isle, whose sign was castor and pollux

    了三個月,我們上了一艘亞歷山太來的船。這船在島上過冬,船的名字是「宙斯雙子」 。
  13. I am less affected by their heroism who stood up for half an hour in the front line at buena vista , than by the steady and cheerful valor of the men who inhabit the snowplow for their winter quarters ; who have not merely the three - o ' - clock - in - the - morning courage , which bonaparte thought was the rarest , but whose courage does not go to rest so early , who go to sleep only when the storm sleeps or the sinews of their iron steed are frozen

  14. It is also one of the world s most important staging posts for an even larger number of migratory birds on their routes back and forth from summer breeding grounds in siberia and northeastern china to wintering grounds as far south as australasia

  15. He returned somewhat despondently to his river again-his faithful, steady-going old river, which never packed up, flitted, or went into winter quarters.

  16. And i will smite the winter house with the summer house ; and the houses of ivory shall perish, and the great houses shall have an end, saith the lord

  17. And i will strike the winter house along with the summer house ; and the houses of ivory will perish, and many houses will come to an end, declares jehovah

  18. I will tear down the winter house along with the summer house ; the houses adorned with ivory will be destroyed and the mansions will be demolished, " declares the lord

  19. What sort of games are you up to ? ’ said the water rat severely. ‘ you know it isn ' t time to be thinking of winter quarters yet, by a long way

    「你們在玩什麼游戲呀? 」河鼠繃著臉說。 「你們該懂得,現在還不是考慮過冬住所的時候,早著吶! 」
  20. And it may be that i will abide, yea, and winter with you, that ye may bring me on my journey whithersoever i go