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名詞1. (由液體或某些固體變成的氣體) vapour2. (水蒸氣) steam
  1. Luciana vanished aboard one of the diminutive green vehicles.

  2. The road is full of abrupt [sudden] turns and is dangerous for motoring.

  3. This is accomplished by using a thermocompressor to recycle regenerating steam through the absorber.

  4. Acc. to this value to control fan operation

  5. Design philosophy of hardware and software is established. the paper bases control algorithm of operator and control program diagram on thorough investigation into truck crane operation reliability action flow, which makes sure of accurate and effective control over handle and accelerograph and achieves test process automatization

  6. I recited a list of my accomplishments on behalf of the ford motor company.

  7. Method of autocar ' s accumulator of lead fast refresh

  8. If you can afford a car then, a fortiori, you can afford a bicycle

  9. The engines were howling again as though in pain, and the air inside the plane was acrid with the smell of machinery and fetid with the stench of gasoline.

  10. The television ads for chrysler have already made me more famous than i ever wanted to be.

  11. Start brand of dense product china, world brand, add luster for chinese economy and auto industry, we are certain have adamantine belief and through the joint efforts, our ideal can come true certainly

  12. Adaptability test code of spark plug for automobiles

  13. The following night they passed through the strait of bab - el - mandeb, which means in arabic the bridge of tears, and the next day they put in at steamer point, north - west of aden harbour, to take in coal

    這個名字,阿拉伯文的意思是「流淚之門」 。第二天是14號,蒙古號停泊在亞丁灣西北的船岬,因為要在那裡加煤。
  14. The former is to gain refrigeration volume through the process of adsorbing adsorbate ( cryogen ) by adsorbents ; while in desiccant cooling, solid adsorbent is used to remove the moisture from the surrounding

  15. These days, advertisers not only offer free samples, but free cars, free houses, and free trips round the world as well.

  16. I am looking for an " aeolus " tire supplier directly from china

  17. Through analyzing the marketing mode of aeolus company and finding the strength and weakness, it can provide a reference for dongfeng group ' s marketing innovation. what ' s more, it can afford some good experiences for the development of chinese automobile industry

  18. It has been two years since aeolus automobile co. ltd was founded. in the two years, aeolus company is famous for its little investment and outstanding achievement. the bluebird selling like hot cakes makes the decision - makers of dongfeng group think the marketing modes of the group renewedly

  19. This essay firstly analyzes the influence to chinese auto industry after china entering wto, and explains the necessity of analyzing the marketing mode of aeolus company. chapters 2 - 3 illustrate the marketing system of dongfeng group and the marketing environment of chinese automobile manufacture industry. on the basis of that, chapters 4 - 5 analyze and evaluate faithfully the marketing mode of aeolus company, and then offer some advises to perfect this mode

  20. Most autobots abandon cybertron for either earth or bases on aeon and secundus