江北 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiāngběi]
江北 英文
area north of the yangtze river
  • : 名詞1. (大河) (large) river 2. (指長江) the changjiang [yangtze] river 3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Look at jiangbei when the tide surges and sail across the billowy sea a new chapter composed by chongqing jiangbei in - service training school in imparting knowledge and educating people

  2. Jiangbei town covers a total area of 2 square kilometers, with unique natural conditions, clear lines of mountains and rivers, and luxuriant forests, all of which provide a sound ventilation for the city

  3. The bayankala mountains form the great divide between china ' s yellow river on its north and yangtze river on its south

  4. The 500 - kilovolt electricity transmission line , extending from fangzheng, mudanjiang, dunhua to baojia, as part of the project of “ electricity transmission from north to south ” of the province , has been completed and will be put into operation in succession

    近日,黑龍電南送」 500千伏方正牡丹敦化包家輸變電工程的線路架設全部竣工,並即將陸續投入運營。
  5. Ningbo jiangbei chunhong clothing factory was established in 1990, specializes in making all kinds of t - shirts, knitted wears, pure silk underwear, dress and pajamas, covering an area of 10000 sq. m., has more than 200 sewing machine, the annual production value amount to 10 million rmb yuan, the products all have been exported to europe, america and other countries

    寧波市江北春宏服裝廠成立於1990年,專業生產各檔t恤杉、針織服裝、真絲內衣、吊帶衫、睡衣套裝,經過十多年的創業,現有廠區佔地面積10 , 000平方米,擁有大量花色縫紉設備,年銷售量在1000萬以上,產品100 %外銷歐洲等地區。
  6. Environmental changes since late - pleistocene in north - bank of yangtze river, nanjing

  7. Poc in the dongjiang river was influenced mainly by c4 plant such as grass and crops, and poc 6 13c value was heavier than that in the xijiang and beijiang rivers

    在珠流域中,東水體poc受c _ 4植物草類以及作物的影響明顯, ~ ( 13 ) c值比西偏重。
  8. Hejiang jiangbei pharmaceutical co., ltd. is located along pacific ocean west seashore ; east sea coast and on the banks of taizhou bay jiaojiang river

  9. Reof analysis was carried out for summer and autumn rainfall field over zhejiang province. the results indicate that the rainfall fields spatially are classified 3 subregions in summer and autumn, but they include some different place in each subregion

  10. The poc14c apparent age of zhujiang river suspension is between 540 and 2050 a. among the three branches, xijiang and beijiang river suspensions are older. the 14c apparent age value of dongjiang river is comparatively scattered - it not only has considerably younger samples but also the older ones

    水體懸浮物poc ~ ( 14 ) c表觀年齡介於540 2050a之間,西懸浮物poc年齡相對較老,東懸浮物poc年齡較為離散,既有較為年輕的樣品,又有較老的樣品,但以較年輕的樣品為主。
  11. Ningbo boyi garments co., ltd

  12. The dorsett seaview hotel dihao haijin jiudian is located in kowloon, one of hong kong s most popular shopping areas and near to the temple street bazaar. the hotel is just one block away from the hustle and bustle of the traders and hawkers on nathan road and a convenient distance from the mass transit railway station at yaumatei. this hotel has 255 well appointed ensuite rooms, some with limited seaview aspects of hong kong island

    交通便利,前臨景色迷人的灕望碧蓮峰南面書童山遠眺東嶺,離張藝謀劉三姐水上大型山水實景僅500米,與世界聞名的「洋人街」 -西街僅百米之遙,是陽朔首家按國際四星級標準設計裝修建造的集客房餐飲商務會議旅遊度假休閑娛樂美容保健為一體的國際大酒店。
  13. Sidaogou landslide situated at the north of yangtze river and the southwest of wushan new county, whether the landslide is steady or not relates to the reliability of bank reconstruction, dock building, roadbed along yangtze and the safety of the life and estate in the landslide area

  14. From north china literary group in mudanjiang, like to play flute and gym

  15. Yeke fashion co., ltd

  16. If they go by sea, they can go up daedong river,

  17. Chongqing jiangbei internatioanl airport lounge

  18. Chongqing jiangbei special building material

  19. Yongshang home costume textile co., ltd

  20. 29 wangjiangbei road dongyang zhejiang china