中文拼音 [zhǔ]
屬名詞1. (類別) category 2. [生物學] (生物分類系統上所用的等級之一) genus 3. (家屬; 親屬) family members; dependents Ⅱ動詞1. (隸屬) under; subordinate to 2. (歸屬) belong to 3. (系; 是) be 4. (用十二屬相記生年) be born in the year of (one of the twelve animals)
  1. Examples include certain species of lycopodium and selaginella, which have two rows of lateral leaves and one or two rows of smaller abaxial or adaxial leaves

  2. Attribute defines a short abbreviation for the detector

  3. Want to treat specific condition, belong to like the circumstance solid, have abecedarian evidence, can investigate a branch to inform against to economy of public security mechanism, investigate by them, sue, can ask in lawsuit capital of pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken

  4. Rollwalztechnik abele + h ? ltich gmbh is well - known not only in engen with gear cutting machines, rolling mills and profile milling machine as well as with precision tools, thread rolling machines, flat - die - type and thread rolling machines with cylindrical dies, but also with further offers, like knurling tools, thread machines and / or gear rolling machines, cutting machine tools and precision cutting tools

    是一家理想的企業,該企業製造最新的、傑出的金加工,滾螺紋機,螺紋滾軋機(包括滾螺紋機及搓螺紋機) ,研磨機械,機床,螺紋機械,磨床、砂輪機、刃磨機,引人注目的機床,改形機床。
  5. Ah above showed that the full length cdna ej175 encoded pollen allergen - like protein and could be induced by abiotic stress factors

  6. Spectro - analysis of gas breakdown in laser - induced plasma during laser ablating metal

  7. The peak of temperature is more high with metal powder, as a result of absorptivity is more high

  8. Abies yuanbaoshanensis is a guangxi endemic and endangered evergreen coniferous arbor, listed in the red data book of plant in p. r. c, being one of the stated - proteced first - class rare and endangered plants. it is distributed only in yuanbaoshan mountain in northern guangxi

  9. An anglo - ethiopian boundary commission in the ogaden discovers an italian garrison at walwal, which lay well within ethiopian territory. this leads to the abyssinia crisis

  10. Guide to methods for assessing the acceptability of flaws in metallic structures

  11. It is ok that accessary hospital should return zhongshan medicine university, but the price is bad to said

  12. Basic standard and method standard are the accessary part of environmental standard system or directive part, the formulate that is environmental standard provides unified language and means

  13. It is good that the money on credit card puts 500 yuan or so commonly, enough pocket money of a month is good, need not put too much, at ordinary times unused money can be put fixed, or the current account that puts to do not have accessary card this in

  14. 5, the system of material management is developed which including the subsystem of purchasing management, the subsystem of stock management, the subsystem of department material management, the subsystem of fixed assets management, the subsystem of accessary management and the subsystem of system maintain

    並利用powerbuilder6 . 5數據庫開發工具,實現了物資管理系統的開發,它包括采購管理子系統、倉庫管理子系統、科室物品管理子系統、固定資產管理子系統、附零件管理子系統和系統維護子系統。
  15. She was tired of analysis and subtlety and all the accessories of a decadent civilization.

  16. The girls did not so much seem accessory wheels to the general machinery as mere cogs to the wheels.

  17. The company had very strong marketing ability on a national and international basis in the carpet accessories field.

  18. It is duality strong acerbity. it had ability with much metal and metal oxide action make sulfate while it process strong sop and oxygenation

  19. Hip a type of pseudocarp ( false fruit ) consisting of a cup - shaped receptacle containing achenes, each of which bears small hooklike hairs. hips are typical of the genus rosa

  20. Our protection system of inheritance obligation should be improved in entity and procedure in all sides. in entity, basic principles should be confirmed that inheritance obligation must be protected by law ; the recognition of inheritance must be based on lawful status, assisted by a proviso ; the denoted properties from the decedent to the heir due to marriage, business, a mensa et thoro and so on after the decedent ' s death should be regarded as inheritance. inheritance obligation should only be that caused by the decedent ' s behavior, based on public law and private law

    我國的遺產債權保護機制應從實體和程序兩個方面全方位的予以改造? ?在實體法方面:首先確立「遺產債權受法律保護的基本原則」 ,遺產的界定應以法律地位說為基礎,另輔以但書,被繼承人生前對繼承人因結婚、營業、分居等事項所受之贈與應視為遺產,遺產債務只能是被繼承人生前行為所引起的公法和私法意義上的債務,不包括繼承費用,繼承費用雖由遺產支付,但只遺產的負擔。