中文拼音 [zhǐ]

  1. Through the detailed analysis of the aaf, the defection of using chirp - fourier transform in guidance radar signal processing is pointed out

    通過對加速度模糊函數的形態分析也明了針對線性調頻信號的二次相位匹配處理( chirp - fourier變換)在應用到制導雷達信號處理中所存在的缺陷。
  2. The representation of aaf and its resolution not only enriches relative theory of radar signal processing and is instructive in radar parameter design and performance analysis, but also provides a practical method to quantitatively evaluate the acceleration effects on signal processing

  3. Contracture of abductor of little finger : a case report

  4. Flute abecedarian, teacher is needed, like psychology, philosophy and mathematics

  5. To build the career guidance of engine model is a abecedarian try in innovating career guidance of high institutes, however, we hope such discuss can arouse more attention on career guidance and in - depth research on it

  6. This periodical, poe thought, abetted new england writers in maintaining a mutual admiration society. in a review of lowell's “fable for critics” he burst out.

  7. Malachy was charged with having abetted the crime

  8. The duels in fearless are ably coordinated by yuen wo - ping, the master behind the matrix films

  9. It is an abridgement of the practical guide which explains the scope, the basic concepts and contents with references to the six key areas of health promoting schools set by the world health organizations

  10. The government blamed a bomb attack on an army bus in colombo on the tigers, and said it would abrogate the truce, which had “ ceased to have any meaning ”

    當天在科倫坡發生了一起針對一輛運兵大巴的炸彈襲擊,政府責猛虎組織應對此次事件負責,並且聲稱將廢除休戰協議,因為「它已經沒有任何意義了」 。
  11. He is charged with abscond from lawful custody

  12. The process of abstraction is sometimes applied also to descriptions or theories which distort in order to simplify.

  13. The accusation against guy liddell was palpably absurd.

  14. This paper is a study of narrative embedding, which, as a rewarding method of plot construction in narrative texts, constitutes an important component in the poetic presentation of theme on the absurdist stage

  15. He insisted in an extremely agitated fashion on the absurdity of the parallel.

  16. Laura bush : you mean the abu graib prison thing

  17. The third part of this article mainly discussed the value and function of education on literature of high school. it points out that education on literature of high school can be affluent in the knowledge of science and culture of students and it has great function on improving students " abuttal of appreciating beauty, on building humanities spirit to intigrate the character of the middle school students, on broading the thoughts and improving the aptitude of application for language

    出:中學文學教育可以豐富中學生的科學文化知識,對于提升中學生的審美境界、構建中學生的人文精神? ? 「健全中學生的人格」 ,以及開闊中學生的思維、提高中學生的語言應用能力有巨大的功用。第四部分探討了中學文學教育的主要內容? ?中學文學知識、文學欣賞、文學評論、文學寫作教育及其與之相關的教育要求。
  18. Recently, the chinese plant protection agencies reported the growing hardships in controlling some field populations of oriental migratory locust with organophosphate ( op ) compounds. up to now there are more than 600 arthropod species with documented resistance to one or more insecticides and / or acaricides since resistance phenomenon was first described in san jose scale to lime - sulfur in washington in 1908. enhanced metabolic detoxification and reduced sensitivity of insecticide target - sites are the two major mechanisms in resistance development, involving three primary metabolic enzymes of esterases, glutathione s - transferases and cytochrome p450 polysubstrate monooxygenases

    代謝抗性是對殺蟲劑起水解或隔離作用的酶發生改變,從而對殺蟲劑起到解毒作用,昆蟲主要解毒酶系有酯酶、谷胱甘肽- s -轉移酶、細胞色素p450單加氧酶等,這三種酶系任何一種的組成部分發生改變均會引起害蟲抗性的改變;靶標抗性是由於殺蟲劑作用靶標敏感度降低而產生的抗性。
  19. It took nearly an hour to staff acc

  20. By investigation on traditional domestic architecture in typical historical zone, such as " shengli hall - yongdao street - wenming street " in kunming, at same time, by making use of theories and methods of modern architecture design and new technology of contemporary architecture, this paper discuss their preservation and reform on the basis or " sustainable development " accentuation on several typical examples