清單 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīngdān]
清單 英文
inventory; repertoire; detailed list; detailed account
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (純凈) unmixed; clear 2 (寂靜) quiet 3 (清楚) distinct; clarified 4 (一點不留) w...
  1. Herewith i have the pleasure to hand you an account sales of 150 bales textiles received per s. s

  2. On the demand of application and according to the soluhons menhoned above, a method of displacement waiting auto - sy ' nchronizing is put forward, which is based on match filters. at the end a complete and speeflc set of hardware circuits and software programs which haplements the scheme, is also presented in the ancle. the synchronization system was tested in the pool and in the shallow wate near m port, the result of the test shows that its performance is satisfactory

  3. T, depository, repository, armory

    武器庫, inventory存貨清單
  4. Listing 3 gives the asm implementation subclass

  5. Assayer ' s and seller ' s certified weight list describing each bar

  6. If be you, to the country tax bureau requirement takes the place of invoice, goods exceeds 8 kinds, be about to have the sales detailed account of form a complete set, you yourself can arrive the office of duty wu division with tax accessary bureau buys the nation blank sales detailed list, tax bureau gives the country of invoice making generation you computer of affix one ' s seal is printed, if the country of acting invoice wants yourself handiwork to autotype after tax bureau affix one ' s seal, after you autotype by hand with respect to oneself, give together with bill buy the buying party

  7. Luckily we just did a title b inventory.

  8. Several back - to - back orders with the same supplier can be included in a single purchase order if necessary

  9. We hand you our account on the bar iron, amounting to $ 512, 000, which kindly pass to our credit

    茲奉上棒鐵總價為512 , 000元清單一份,懇請列入我公司貸方帳項為荷。
  10. You can test this code for yourself by putting the code in listing 2 in a file called barebones. pm in any directory, and running the following from that directory meaning, " include the current directory in the library path, use the barebones module, and create a new barebones object "

    可以通過將清單2中的代碼放入任何目錄內名為barebones . pm的文件中,然後在該目錄中運行以下命令來測試該代碼(這表示: 「在庫路徑中包括當前目錄,使用barebones模塊,然後創建一個新的barebones對象」 ) :
  11. Brief discussion on project tendering with boq pricing mode

  12. To integrate with the international practice, boq should be adopted for valuation in china

  13. In addition, this paper analyzes the relationship between the boq and contract price under different boq modes, and analyzes the contract price risk under different contract modes

  14. In international, especially in the countries of commonwealth of nations, boq is used widely, at the same time, boq mode is a development trend of construction cost management reformation in our country

  15. This paper discusses the advantages of boq, and introduces the principles, main contents and requirements of boq. this paper analyzes cost controlling under boq, and mainly discusses the problems of boq tendering

  16. The advantages of boq valuation include : saving enormous labor force, material and time, meeting the requirements of market competition, promoting joint bearing risks by both parties of contract, controlling effectively the investment of construction projects, and avoiding some bad behaviors of present construction market

  17. The lessee will, therefore, be asked to submit his balance sheet and his profit and his profit and loss accounts for the past three years, in addition to his budget plans for the years to come

  18. He scrawled a few notes to castor.

  19. You will need to add " index. cfm " to this line, like shown in listing 1

    那麼您需要將「 index . cfm 」添加到這一行中,如清單1中所示。
  20. A printed checklist was provided, undue haste forbidden.