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中文拼音 [lún]
法輪 英文
dharmacakshu the
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : Ⅰ名1 (輪子) wheel 2 (像輪子的東西) wheel like object; ring; disc 3 (輪船) steamer; steamboa...
  1. In december 2005 they were then shortlisted in the final round with adp of france

    2005年12月, arup與國的adp進入了最後一角逐。
  2. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  3. The gearing machine tool of the model y3150e is modified and a new milling head is designed to cut the envelope tooth of the pinion using allelomorph method. a assembled drawing of clamp for cutting the tooth shape of circle - arc gear is also presented

  4. Method for determination of the annual rings width and latewood rate of wood

  5. Dendrochronology a method of archaeological dating by the annual rings of tree, used when the lifespans of living and fossil trees in an area overlap

  6. The essay discusses the serious situations of water pollution from small tankers due to quality of rubber hoses during oil operations. it emphasizes on paying more attention to the supervision of hoses qulity, usage and management in accordance with the law and technologic specifications. which will be useful for deepening management of safety and antipollution

  7. Abstract : the essay discusses the serious situations of water pollution from small tankers due to quality of rubber hoses during oil operations. it emphasizes on paying more attention to the supervision of hoses qulity, usage and management in accordance with the law and technologic specifications. which will be useful for deepening management of safety and antipollution

  8. A new standardization method is proposed to solve the problem of the distorted image recognition, which is that the image ' s centroid was gotten based on the pixels total value of the whole image, and then the largest apothem and the rotated angle were obtained by the distance of the centroid and the image brim, last the object and the reference image adjusted the entirely same images in the scale and the rotated angle according to the uniform standardization

  9. We ran to where my father was, and saw a few sisters doing artificial respiration on him. i stood in a state of shock. my youngest sister pulled me to the side and said, " now i know why father said three days ago that he saw the manifestation form of master, and she had blinked her eyes and smiled at him.

  10. Vsp is both a pivotal tache in logistic distribution optimization and indispensable in electronic commerce. it can increase logistic economic benefit and realize logistic rationalization. the systemic study on the theory and method of vsp is the base on the growth of logistic intensivism, the establishment of modem chain of command, the development of its and ec. now, the problem is not only applied to the field of auto transportation, but also to ship avigation communication electricity industry management computer application etc. the algorithm has been applied into many combinatorial optimization problems such as the trainman ' s shift arrangement in avigation the optimization design of cargo arrangement in ship company

  11. Btw - upon arriving in baku, the capital of azerbaijan, i got in touch with the local rotary club and visited them - and i was excited to learn that azerbaijan also has a rotaract club - having founded the rotaract club in my german home town, i immediately brought the clubs who worked together and we already managed to renovate two orphanages in baku

  12. We put forward an algorithm for self - discrimination of island relation and an automatic intersected method of the region machining unit, which can judge the relationship among any plane obturate contour line effectively and swiftly. we also study the tool path generation technology of two - dimensional machining, basso - relievo machining, three - dimensional lifting - pen machining. meanwhile, we put forward an optimize approach of tool path, which improve the efficiency of engraving

  13. Performance test method of steam turbine for naval ships at the bed plant

  14. The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship were like the sight of beryl

  15. Methods for the calculation of load capacity for bevel gears

  16. Interpreting with cultural ecology, bunon ' s traditional agriculture of shifting cultivation and intercropping would match with the principles of soil and water conservation and biodiversity maintenance

  17. Bituminous mixtures - test methods for hot mix asphalt - wheel tracking

  18. A new method is brought forward to solve this question. it goes directly from point clouds to a rp slice file. three problems, the preprocess of point clouds, the method of directly slicing the point clouds, the extraction and fit of contour data, are discussed

  19. Esign and implement the database connection pool, the general solution, the mend algorithm in outline of data model, the make - ring algorithm in outline, the area - scanning algorithm and the synchronized store and retrieve algorithm between dbms and file system in rp agent

  20. It is more important to mass production of aspheric optics. in this paper one aspheric surface measuring instrument is discussed. some of aspects connected with measuring instrument are introduced such as the work theory of aspheric surface measuring instrument, the causations of machine error and the solving ways of these causations, the precision of instrument confirming, the result and analysis of experiments and the function of this instrument in practical production