asphalt 中文意思是什麼

asphalt 解釋
n. 名詞 瀝青,柏油。
asphalt concrete 柏油混凝土。
an asphalt pavement 柏油路。
vt. 及物動詞 塗柏油,用柏油鋪(路)。

  1. The admixing technology aging mechanism and the influence of rubber powder on the performance of asphalt were studied

  2. Long term immersing marshall test and frozen - thaw cycle test were used to investigate the anti - stripping performance of andesite asphalt mixture using cement and anti - stripping agent

  3. Study on experimental parameter of antiskid surface of asphalt mixtures

  4. Two parts are included in this study : part one : study evolve in domestic and overseas the general introduction were given about the class, property and composing of asphalt and the development background, study evolve in domestic and overseas and class of modified asphalt. the comparative detailed introductions were given about performance and influencing factors, appraisable means of some important polymer modified asphalt

  5. Most streets are laid with asphalt.

  6. So they had bricks for stone and asphalt for mortar.

  7. In the island of trinidad the oil is in the form of asphalt.

  8. The sky was dreary grey, like the asphalt beneath and the high granite walls.

  9. Upon the asphalt sidewalk itself, soft and sticky with the morning's heat, was a continuous movement.

  10. Suddenly, however, she became aware that one of the passing shadows remained stationary between her line of vision and the gleaming asphalt.

  11. Research on sand ratio of modified asphalt mixture

  12. During the previous analysis of asphalt pavement structure with cracks, the stress intensity factors were usually calculated approximatively using plane strain model for some limitation. however, the assumptive load of this model is not coincident to the practical load

  13. The texaco gasificationprocess, which converts the by - products, asphalt and petroleum coke, in - to clean syngas, is the basis for the realization of the coproduction pro - cess

  14. Asphalt. coated chippings asphalt concrete. definition. classification. characteristics. fabrication. laying

  15. Construction of rockfill dam with asphalt concerte core wall

  16. Applying placement asphalt concrete core wall in rock - filled dam

  17. Adaptability of pouring asphalt concrete core wall for earth - rock in cold region

  18. Experimental research on asphalt concrete impervious core wall for yele hydropower station

  19. Asphalt damp proof course

  20. Analyzing the failure characteristics of steel deck plate paving and the actual use of the testing section which uses epoxy asphalt at jiangyin yangtze river bridge, this paper decides to use epoxy asphalt concrete as the repairing material to prevent pavement from deteriorating