還說 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [háishuō]
還說 英文
  • : 還副詞1 (表示現象繼續存在或動作繼續進行; 仍舊) still; yet 2 (表示在某種程度之上有所增加) even...
  • : 說動詞(說服別人聽從自己的意見) try to persuade
  1. Their acceptance of the contract is still in doubt.

  2. The adb has been a leading force in the region to help developing economies address these challenges

    還說, 「中國已經具備條件,現在就採取更靈活的(匯率)制度。 」
  3. He said the ugly one can marry to his adjutant

  4. On the penultimate blank page of a book of inferior literary style, entitled sweets of sin produced by bloom and so manipulated that its front cover came in contact with the surface of the table with a pencil supplied by stephen stephen wrote the irish characters for gee, eh, dee, em, simple and modified, and bloom in turn wrote the hebrew characters ghimel, aleph, daleth and in the absence of mem a substituted goph, explaining their arithmetical values as ordinal and cardinal numbers, videlicet 3, 1, 4 and 100

    在用低俗文學體裁寫的一本題名偷情的快樂的書是布盧姆掏出來的,他擺得很巧妙,使封面和桌面接觸那底封前倒數第二張空白襯頁上,斯蒂芬用一管鉛筆斯蒂芬提供的以簡略體與裝飾體寫下相當于g a d m的愛爾蘭語字母117 。布盧姆則寫下希伯來字母ghimel aleph daleth和qoph這是用來代替所缺的mem的。他還說明,這些字母作為序數及基數的算數值,各自代表三一四及一百118 。
  5. Besides, she added, a message might possibly come from mr. rochester when she was undressed ; et alors quel dommage

    此外,她還說也許她解衣時,羅切斯特先生會讓人捎來口信, 「 etalorsqueldommage ! 」
  6. Those whom he overrode called him arrogant.

  7. Whereupon i told her not to mind his badinage ; and she, on her part, evinced a fund of genuine french scepticism : denominating mr. rochester un vrai menteur, and assuring him that she made no account whatever of his contes de fee, and that du reste, il n y avait pas de fees, et quand meme il y en avait : she was sure they would never appear to him, nor ever give him rings, or offer to live with him in the moon

    因此我告訴她別去管他的玩笑了。而她卻顯示了豐富道地的法國式懷疑主義,把羅切斯特先生稱作「 unvrai menteur 」 ,向他明確表示她毫不在乎他的「 contes de fee 」還說「 du reste , il n y avait pas de fees , et quand meme il y en avait 」 ,她敢肯定,她們也決不會出現在他面前,也不會給他戒指,或者建議同他一起住在月亮上。
  8. Joyce : speaking of breaking wind, the article said that the japanese invented some kind of cushion that can absorb farts

  9. So we put the sheet back on the line that night, and stole one out of her closet ; and kept on putting it back and stealing it again for a couple of days till she didn t know how many sheets she had any more, and she didn t care, and warn t a - going to bullyrag the rest of her soul out about it, and wouldn t count them again not to save her life ; she druther die first

  10. " more needs to be done for older people during the winter months so that they can heat their homes adequately without worrying about the cost. " it is essential that older people keep warm during the winter

    還說: 「在冬季的幾個月中,我們需要為這些老年人做更多的事情,以便他們能住上更暖和的屋子而不用擔心費用問題。 」
  11. I remember being on the church steps grinning like a cheshire cat, when you said how dashing and handsome i looked in my uniform

  12. They also say that the electricity needed to pump the sea water to the condenser can be produced by windmills.

  13. Miss china is the front - runner for the miss congeniality award. she is lovely, and could also be a semi - finalist

  14. It was the speech, mark you, the professor said, of a finished orator, full of courteous haughtiness and pouring in chastened diction, i will not say the vials of his wrath but pouring the proud man s contumely upon the new movement

    「那篇講演嘛,你們注意聽著, 」教授, 「是雄辯家完美的演詞。既彬彬有禮,又奔放豪邁,用語洗練而流暢。對于新興的運動雖然還說不上是把懲戒的憤怒傾泄出來, 205但總歸是傾注了高傲者的侮辱。
  15. The meal was passed in commonplace talk of what he had been doing during the morning at the abbey mill, of the methods of bolting and the old - fashioned machinery, which he feared would not enlighten him greatly on modern improved methods, some of it seeming to have been in use ever since the days it ground for the monks in the adjoining conventual buildings - now a heap of ruins

  16. Announcing the changes yesterday, south dublin county council also said that the upgrade of the n4 interchange with the m50 in dublin would be completed within 10 weeks

    在昨天宣布交通改變的時候,南都柏林郡議會還說, n4同m50在都柏林出入口的升級工作將在10周內完成。
  17. On the contrary, that stab in the back touch was quite in keeping with those italianos, though candidly he was none the less free to admit those ice creamers and friers in the fish way, not to mention the chip potato variety and so forth, over in little italy there, near the coombe, were sober thrifty hardworking fellows except perhaps a bit too given to pothunting the harmless necessary animal of the feline persuasion of others at night so as to have a good old succulent tuck in with garlic de rigueur off him or her next day on the quiet and, he added, on the cheap

    不過,他仍然願意坦率地承認,庫姆街附近的小義大利128那些賣各種炸土豆片的自不用有賣冰淇淋的和賣炸魚的,也都不喝酒,是些勤勤懇懇省吃儉用的人們。不過,他們也許太喜歡趁著夜間隨手亂逮屬于旁人的有益無害的貓129族了。把他或者她那不可或缺的130大蒜抄了來,好在第二天人不知鬼不曉地飽餐一頓帶汁的佳肴,並且還說: 「來得真便宜。 」
  18. Hmm ? mm - hmm. anyway, deb said dad ' s crazy about him

    嗯?嗯。 deb還說老爸很喜歡他
  19. " yes - and you meow back, if you get a chance. last time, you kep me a - meowing around till old hays went to throwing rocks at me and says dern that cat

  20. He told me to watch out sharp and let him know when the men come in sight again ; said they was up to some devilment or other - wouldn t be gone long