雇船 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chuán]
雇船 英文
affreight; hire a boat
  • : 動詞1. (出錢讓人為自己做事) employ; hire 2. (租賃交通工具) hire
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. " 2. part ii, which contains chapter ii, iii, aims at reviewing legislative practices in shipping industry in main countries / regions. the author represents and analyses the investment laws in shipping industry of the main countries / regions in asia, america, europe and australia, according to introduction of general investment laws and special ones in shipping industry, which contains foreign investment laws on international shipping, auxiliary services, port construction and port service, internal waters and cabotage right, and the regulations on ship registry and seaman employment

  2. At thirty, he signed on as first mate with a cargo ship

  3. The crew of that foreign freighter was fully hired on

  4. The owner of a schooner called the silver maid was signing up sailors for a voyage to china.

  5. Scottish sea captain who was hired to protect british shipping in the indian ocean and then was accused of piracy and hanged ( 1645 - 1701 )

  6. A scottish sea captain who was hired to protect british shipping in the indian ocean and then was accused of piracy and hanged ( 1645 - 1701 )

  7. Seafarers on board a ship shall be provided with food free of charge during the period of engagement

  8. Counters for applications for various permits and certificates for trade or import export purposes of the agriculture, fisheries and conversation department, applications for incorporation and registration of companies, public searches of the companies registry, registration services for medical and healthcare professionals, registration and licensing services relating to chinese medicines, school dental clinics, sai ying pun dermatological clinic and chai wan social hygiene clinic of the department of health, shroff for receiving payment of debts damages of the department of justice, some support services to schools, teachers and the general public provided by the education and manpower bureau, registration services for electrical workers, lpg cylinder wagons, lifts and escalators, builders lifts tower working platforms and amusement rides provided by the electrical and mechanical services department, processing of sick leave clearance for employees claiming work injury compensation by the labour department, sections dealing with family litigation and insolvency matters and criminal matters of the legal aid department, licensing and port formalities at four marine offices and advance booking of professional ship surveying and inspection service of the marine department, services for offenders and medical social services at department of healths kowloon bay integrated treatment centre provided by the social welfare department, road driving tests and driving ability assessment services to people with disabilities provided by the transport department and customer enquiry centres and meter testing services of the water supplies department will move to a five - day week with effect from january 1, 2007

  9. As there is no scheduled fleet traveling around various islands, the tourists have to hire the kaito at sai kung town on their own, and have to plan their routes with the ship owners beforehand

  10. As there is no scheduled fleet travelling around various islands, the tourists have to hire the kaito at sai kung town on their own, and have to plan their routes with the ship owners beforehead

  11. In consideration of an additional premium, it is hereby agreed that this insurance covers, subject always to the exclusions contained in this insurance, loss of or damage to the subject - matter insured, whilst on the ship, caused by error, neglect or default of the carrier or his servants in the navigation or management of the ship, for which they are relieved from liability under the contract of carriage

  12. Chapter 4 analyzes the relation of off - hire clause and employment and indemnity clause. unless the master can demonstrate the enough evidence to show it will danger the ship and crew according to the order of the charterer, he must act under the orders and directions of the charterer as regards employment and agency. if not, the delay from the master ' s decision would lead to off hire

  13. If the ship comes into collision with another ship as a result of the negligence of the other ship and any act, neglect or default of the master, mariner, pilot or the servants of the carrier in the navigation or in the management of the ship, the owners of the goods carried hereunder will indemnify the carrier against all loss or liability to the other or non - carrying ship or her owners in so far as such loss or liability represents loss of, or damage to, or any claim whatsoever of the owners of said goods, paid or payable by the other or non - carrying ship or her owners to the owners of said goods and set off, recouped or recovered by the other or non - carrying ship or her owners as part of their claim against the carrying ship or the carrier

  14. Seafarers employed as ships ' cooks with responsibility for food preparation must be trained and qualified for their position on board ship

  15. Shipowners shall ensure that seafarers who are engaged as ships ' cooks are trained, qualified and found competent for the position in accordance with requirements set out in the laws and regulations of the member concerned

  16. Visitors are required to have adequate funds to cover the duration of their stay without working and, unless in transit to the mainland of china or the region of macau, to hold onward or return tickets

  17. Vigorous measures include service rationalization, adjustment of pay scale of new recruits and repairing vessels in places further away from hong kong in order to cut costs

  18. 2 the underwriters waive any breach of the implied warranties of seaworthiness of the ship and fitness of the ship to carry the subject - matter insured to destination, unless the assured or their servants are privy to such unseaworthiness or unfitness

  19. The owner of the vessel, their servants and agents shall, before the release of the cargo, make best endeavor to cause the owners of the cargo salved to provide satisfactory security for their proportion of their salvage reward

  20. The paper attempts to explore the main issues of flagging out, review exiting maritime policy, and find out some reasonable alternatives for government to deal with foc issues

    本研究簡要回顧1936 - 2001年海運政策,並且對于現行政府所採行稅賦減免、傭、貨協調、舶補助、兩岸直航、雙重籍檢查證書以及徵用補助措施作分析,最後尋求合適建議對策供參考。