中文拼音 [chén]
Ⅰ動詞1. (安放; 擺設) lay out; put on display2. (敘說) state; explain Ⅱ形容詞(時間久的; 舊的) old; stale Ⅲ名詞1. (朝代名, 南朝之一) the chen dynasty (557-589), one of the southern dynasties2. (周朝國名) chen, a state in the zhou dynasty3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. I abhor every commonplace phrase by which wit is intended.

  2. Huang, chu - ren, chen keh - jian & gao zhao - ming academia sinica, taipei

  3. 2 recharge station ", a series of refreshing live entertainment events were launched at sai kung and stanley during summer weekends. featuring live performances of " hi - fi divas " dong xin and apple chan, yoga demonstrations, jazz dance, acappella, live jazz and bossa nova, chalk art demonstrations, etc., we enlivened the spirits of our audiences

    我們在2006年炎夏的四個周末下午,于西貢及赤柱呈獻休閑加氧站,透過兩位發燒hi - fi天後董沁和果的悅耳歌聲瑜伽示範爵士舞無伴奏清唱現場爵士樂演奏平地粉筆畫示範等等,散發清新休閑的感覺,為各觀眾加氧。
  4. Irene is a frequent piano accompanist for singers and instrumentalists like ms. chan siu kwan and mr. martin choy kwok tin. her musical talent is by no means restricted to piano performance. she studied organ with ms. tam tin si and ms. chiu siu ling, and choral conducting with dr. yip wai hong and dr. byron mcgilvary

  5. In the second part, the author defined the proper plaintiff and burden of producing evidence thereof by deferent means. in the third part, the author examined the damages and the method of computation therein from the status quo of scholarship. in the last part, this article thought that the limitation of actions should be accounted from dies a quo when the decision on punishment of securities supervision commission is published by the company in punishment or by the commission itself

    關于計算方法,本人認為應以均價法為宜,即證券買入或賣出價格與上市公司對其虛假述進行更正之後的10天或從揭露日至該流通股換手率達到100 %之日止的這段時間期限內的平均交易價格之間的差額進行計算,如果原告在上述期限內賣出股票,則按證券賣出的實際價格計算,否則按平均收盤價格計算。
  6. This thesis taking the lead in systematically studying pleurocarpous mosses, is a part of the comprehensive research of bryophytes in hebei, which will provide datum for the statistics and analysis of bryophytes along with exploit and utility of plant resources in hebei, which will provide the first - hand material for the compilation of the ( ( flora bryophytarum hebeiensis ) ) and the ( ( flora bryophytarum sinicorum ) ). on classification system, the author references the classification systems about bryophytes and approves standpoint of vitt., considering that the place of capsule growing is the criterion of distinguishing acrocarpous and pleurocarpous mosses

    本研究採用了邦傑教授( 1963 )修正的reimers ( 1932 )關于蘚綱植物的分類系統,同時,支持h . d . mitten ( 1984 )的觀點,認為劃分頂蒴和側蒴蘚類植物的依據是孢子體著生的位置,其中側蒴蘚類植物是指蒴柄從葉腋中發生非著生莖頂的蘚類植物,分類系統上指從虎尾蘚科( hdwigiaceae ) ?塔蘚科( hylocomiaceae )等。
  7. Contains nutrition factors which are extracted repeatedly from herbs ( rcf ), adopts american technology, it will promete metabolism to reactivate your skin sell. it will activize and nourish skin, stimulate their regeneration process, prevent skin from ageing leave supple, whiten, smooth and ever - young complexion, used this product after seven times, you will have perfect skin

    引進美國技術,生物分化提取珍貴細胞再生因子( rcf ) ,其獨特的活化細胞再生功能可加快皮膚的新代謝,充分的補足深層肌膚的營養及水份,深度美白肌膚,使皮膚水嫩透白,光滑,富有彈性,只需使用七次,即可重現動人光彩。
  8. Ms lai shuet - fun, adela

  9. Professor chan ying keung, adjunct professor, department of sociology, cuhk

  10. In variably, also, the latest presents from ramona's admirers were displayed.

  11. Cell proliferation and ca2 - calmodulin dependent protein kinase activation mediated by ? 1a - and ? 1b - adrenergic receptor in hek293 cells

    65 .張坦鳳榮張幼怡。腎上腺素受體的生物進化。
  12. On the second floor, mammals are exhibited, what are more fantastic are africa tropical grassland animals and australia marsupial animals ; on the right side, minerals, rocks and precious stones are exhibited and there is also special show room for aerolites

  13. In fact, throughout the years, numerous graduates have become leaders and professionals worldwide. for example, aesthetician mr. chu hwan - tsien ba 1923, hondlitt 1985 ; mrs rita fan hsu lai - tai bsc 1966, president of the sar legislative council ; mr rafael hui si - yan ba 1970, chief secretary for administration ; mrs anson chan ba 1962, honlld 1996, previous chief secretary for administration ; mr antony leung kam - chung bsocsc 1973, previous financial secretary ; ms elsie leung oi - sie llm 1988, previous secretary for justice ; mr. chan cho chak ba1964 dipms 1971, managing director of the kowloon motor bus co 1933 ltd

  14. File power : sacd a beginning position the oneself in the hi - end class, the first pedestal flagship that release the scd - 1 is to it may be said and very do to develop a fever it can matter, regardless internal use the, whole machine craft to all and strictly press hi - end phonograph the specification the design, later on low file model of inside that release too strict according to decorous and cool - headed, use the to really develop a fever the principle design the manufacturing. it is deep to suffer the that large hi - fi develop a fever friend with affirmative. but dvd - audio chen s at with in the fighting of sacd, always regard as the dvd - audio to is on cultivate flowersing the fee not much, quite good function affixture of result is in the universal type dvd on board proceeding of video - disc publicity of, is a kind of boulevard goods to the person s impression, dvd - audio that add the function is numerous but not and with single mind, the fuselage of airplane is thin, and use the general, so develop a fever the friend heart the inside to is not good - looking in the large stereo set, from but lost the sacd on the file time

    檔次方面: sacd一開始就把自己定位於hi - end級別,索尼推出的第一臺旗艦scd - 1可謂極盡發燒之能事,無論內部用料整機工藝都嚴格按hi - end唱機規格設計,以後推出的中低檔機型也嚴格按厚重沉穩,用料實在的發燒理念設計製造。深受廣大hi - fi發燒友的青瞇與肯定。而dvd - audio營在與sacd的爭斗中,一直把dvd - audio當作是一種花費不多,效果不錯的功能附加在普及型dvd影碟機上進行宣傳的,給人的印象是一種大路貨,加之dvd - audio功能眾多但並不專一,機身纖薄,用料一般,故在廣大音響發燒友心目中並不好看,從而在檔次上輸給了sacd 。
  15. Innovation and flourish for more than 4 century that lightened afflatus to name the company chaozhou meiyi ( meiyi means " beauty & art " )

  16. Mayer a e h j, stowe r a. experimental study into mixing in a solid fuel ducted rocket combustion chamber [ r ]. aiaa 2000 - 3346

    餘勇,小前,等.三維實驗固體火箭沖壓發動機燃燒室湍流反應流數值模擬[ j ] .國防科技大學學報, 2002 , ( 5 )
  17. At present, the competition of oil industry is very fury, so reducing the cost of exploitation of oil is imperative under the situation. but the oil drillers of our country are relatively old, and the control mode drops behind, which result in the long period of making hole and high ratio of aiguille attaint, which is the main restrict factor of reducing the cost of oil exploitation

  18. The air group led by general chennault swept away all obstacles in the battles and was praised as " flying - tiger group "

    納德將軍指揮機隊英雄殲敵,所向披靡,被人們譽為「飛虎隊」 。
  19. Facing the japanese fighter ' s wanton bombing, claire lee chennault ( middle ), an american ex - serviceman, resolutely organized the 14th air group in china to destroy the japanese fighters

  20. The exported scotswoman, mrs. bickerton by name, ate heartly of one or two seasoned dishes, drank some sound old ale.