斷環 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [duànhuán]
斷環 英文
abscission ring
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (分成段) break; snap 2 (斷絕;隔斷) break off; cut off; stop 3 (戒除) give up; abstai...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (環子) ring; hoop 2 (環節) link 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(圍繞) surround; encircle;...
  1. The web had fractured when the ambient temperature was between-12℃ and-23℃.

  2. It thoroughly analyses the drastic competitive market faced by yongsheng group, which consequentially promote the enterprise inside continuously to improve its labor productivity, product quality, and improve the outer circumstances of services, anisomerous structures on the employee ’ s quantity and quality, and the inner circumstances which limited and affected the whole stuff diathesis ’ s improvement and enhancement. it sums up the existing problems on yongsheng group ’ s human resources development and management and puts forward the mode of yongsheng group ’ s 1e3p1c human resources management system. the mode of 1e3p1c human resources management system is composed of engage system, position analyse system, performance examine system, pay administration system, culture system

  3. In this general environment, subjects as architectonics the city planning theory sociology environment psychology ethnology folklore and so on start continuously to expand and to architectonics realm, urge people rethinking traditional architecture concept

  4. The article is based on nation nature science foundation of china, " biogeochemical cycling of pollutants in complex environments of tidal flats in the yangtze estuary " ( no. 40131020 ). the author chose open tidal flat of dong tang chongming yangtze estuary as research object and set up typical section plane so that under the good condition, the author measured hydrology element, total nitrogen and total phosphor index

    本文依託國家自然科學基金重點項目「長江口濱岸潮灘復雜境條件下物質循研究」 (批準號: 40131020 ) ,選擇了長江口崇明東灘敞開型潮灘為研究對象,設置典型面,在平靜天氣條件下,實測了水文、地球化學要素,獲得了水位、流向、流速、 tn及tp等指標6000多個實測數據,著重對長江口潮灘水動力過程、 tn和tp的動力輸移過程進行研究。
  5. Kids discover the natural phenomena that shape our planet earth. meteorology, volcanoes, earthquakes, geology, the water cycle, climate and biomes are explained through animated simulations, hands - on activities and reference scrapbook

  6. According to the mechanism of block of development in vitro culture on early embryo of mammal and in vivo surroundings of early embryo, the paper states that requirement and utilization of nutrients during each cell stage of early embryo of mammal in vitro culture in order to search for in vitro culture condition and method to improve the development rate of blastosphere

  7. In reference to the practical changes in the deregulated markets of the advanced countries in the area of europe, america and asia and the countermeasures of the countries, combing with the problems encountered in the marketing and sales practice of the panzhihua brach of sinopec, the paper applies the swot analysis method, rationally analyzes the outside environment and inside conditions. according to the characterizes of gasoline resources, and the market situation after it transformed from the monopolistic style of planning economy to the monopolistic competition style, the paper also analyze the strengths and weakness of the industry brought by the forthcoming event of the permission of the wholesales market of gasoline. based on the above analysis, the paper posits the marketing strategic objectives and measures as follows : ensuring the management of suppliers, adding the retail and direct sales network, improving operating qualities, making the customer relationship management and realizing the multi - benefits of company and customers

  8. It can be seen from the results that the control beam had good plastic property in the static failure experiment after two million fatigue loading circles. all specimens with corroded main bars were failure under the fatigue loads within one million fatigue circles. fatigue lifespan of reinforced concrete beam was sharply shortened after main bars corroded in it and the beam was destroyed bristly without any prediction

  9. Caldera ring fault

  10. Diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome using ring finger sensory nerve conduction velocity

  11. Now, new findings suggest that the drug achieves this by cutting off the tumor ' s blood supply, not just by blocking an enzyme called cyclooxygenase

  12. Power laws for various precipitation - dislocation interactions are derived, and used to develop the cutting - to - bowing transition. coherent vs. incoherent interfaces are discussed in terms of strengthening

  13. The main contributions of this dissertation are listed as the followings : l ) deducing and proving the " three in one " theory of natural monopoly, that is, from the angles of economies of scale, economies of scope and economies of network, giving an explanation of natural monopoly ; 2 ) putting forward the concept of " strict superadditivity " and proving that total value function and total revenue function of network economy have strict superadditivity ; 3 ) summarizing the emerging characteristics in the market definition of natural monopoly, that is, in the monopoly industry, " market " tends to be more and more smaller than " industry " ; 4 ) expounding that the objective patterns of regulatory reforms of the railway industry in china are explicit regulation with partly characteristics of implicit regulation ; 5 ) proving the idea that the structural reforms of the railway industry in china should be hierarchical ; 6 ) demonstrating the theoretical bases for whether infrastructure management should be separated from transpo rt operation ; 7 ) expounding and proving that the interior of the railway industry in china should implement the differential property rights reform pattern

    本文的研究特點在於: ( 1 )在規模經濟、范圍經濟的基礎上進一步推導並證明了網路經濟與自然壟的關系,即自然壟可以從規模經濟、范圍經濟、網路經濟三個角度來解釋論述; ( 2 )明確提出了一個與鮑莫爾、潘澤與威利格等人提出的「成本劣加性」相類似的概念? ?價值優加性,並證明了網路經濟的總價值函數和總收益函數具有嚴格優加性; ( 3 )概括了自然壟市場界定中所出現的新特徵,即在壟產業中, 「市場」正越來越小於「產業」 ; ( 4 )進一步論證了中國鐵路產業規制創新的目標模式是兼有部分內生規制特點的外生規制; ( 5 )在中國鐵路產業的結構改革中應體現分層次的思想; ( 6 )明確論述了內容提要鐵路路網公司等自然壟斷環節是否分割的理論基礎; ( 7 )提出並進一步證明了中國鐵路產業內部應實行差異化的產權改革模式。
  14. Carry on a large amount of experiment and analysings, the result of calculation of designing has been verified, the error of designing and computing has been revised, the physical dimension of the rivet has been confirmed finally. combine the real working condition of the factory the difficulties that the rivet stem and the locking collar are difficult to process are solved, a series of feasible technology schemes are made finally. according to the designing and of the test of the blind rivet, consult the relevant standards of u. s. a., the relevant aviation industrial standards which lay the foundation for the popularizaion and application of the rivet are compiled

  15. Like. . like a chink in the chain or.

  16. Like. like a chink in the chain or

  17. Analysis and improvement of high engine oil consumption lower exhaust and ring break

  18. Functions of the software are data collecting and saving, controllers configuration, fault diagnose for equipments, environment parameters setting, real - time data refreshing and historical data displaying and printing

  19. Nested diagnostic contexts

  20. To uniquely stamp each request, the user pushes contextual information into the nested diagnostic context

    要唯一標記每個請求,用戶要將上下文信息放到嵌套式診斷環境( ndc )中。