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中文拼音 [wén]
文哲 英文
christian helmut wenzel
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (字) character; script; writing 2 (文字) language 3 (文章) literary composition; wri...
  1. Part three, discussing the fundamental principles of school education from the aesthetic point of view, argues that, in school education, the value of educational aesthetics cannot be attained unless the basic belief has been established that aesthetics both inspires and unifies truth and good. in this part, the author elaborates on its epistemoiogical foundation, its basic implications and specific contents in school education. to achieve this, the author further affirms that the aesthetic education takes the acquisition of aesthetic perception as its intrinsic psychological condition, affectional education as its medium, artistic education as its foundation and aesthetic educational forms as its additional important conditions

  2. The article explained the formation and development of the category study from philosophy and psychology, 4 points of view about perceptual classifying, classifying and clustering in methodology, connection between design solution and analogism

    學和認知心理學的角度闡述了類別研究的形成與發展,以及關於人的知覺分類行為的四種觀點(規則觀、原型觀、樣例觀、理論觀) 、方法學上的分類與聚類、設計求解與類比推理的關系。
  3. Based on chinese traditional philosophical thinking, beginning from introducing the chinese traditional ecological main ideas, this paper analyzes the meanings of ecological culture in the chinese traditional building unit from its three parts - roof, body and platform, and approaches the relation between these meanings and the chinese traditional ecological main ideas, in order to deeply understand the design theory and method of chinese traditional architecture from different angles and provide a salutary reference for modern arcology study

  4. French : your love of poetry, culture and artsy movies means that french is perfect for you. study up and you can spend afternoons discussing philosophy over a cup of coffee

  5. Two ph. d. theses attest to the results of his work.

  6. Camus showed the balanceable thoughts just like the ancient greek in his works

  7. Staid men and good scholars at first expressed mirth and then indignation at the audacity that baptised this gay rag bag english literature, then philosophy of history, then human culture.

  8. Though we can not prove toward that elias has actually accepted the bergsonian ideas to build his notion of social change, this paper could be an exploration in order to investigate the theoretical sources of norbert elias, and expectantly be subservient to the studies of elias from another perspective

  9. The human - oriented ideas of christianism from the perspective of culture and philosophy

  10. The article takes mathematization as the characteristic of neoteric science by starting from the background of 17th century ' s philosophy of the nature and reviewing three aspects. these three aspects are the mathematization of the prospect of the nature which is based on the tradition of pythagoras, the mechanization of the prospect of the universe which is based on the tradition of christianism, and the deducting of the system physics which is based on the tradition of euclid

  11. It is the only precious stone known to exist in outer space as it has even been found in meteors that have fallen to earth. peridot ranges in color from light yellow - green to intense bright green and on to olive green. the purer green a peridot is the higher the value

  12. The purer green a peridot is the higher the value. gem quality peridot comes from zagbargad ( zebirget ) island in the red sea off the coast of egypt, mogok, myanmar ( burma ), kohistan, pakistan, brazil, germany, mexico, ethiopia, australia, and arizona and hawaii in the united states

  13. The westernization movement office - holder ' s thought - " chinese learning as fundamental structure, western learning for practical use ", and yung wing ' s thought - " total westernization " were the two coexistent guiding ideas running through the process of chinese children studying in the u. s. a. they formed an incisive ideological and cultural proposition in modem china as well

    貫穿于整個留學過程中的兩條不同的思想路線? ?洋務派的「中體西用」和容閎的「全盤西化」又是中國近代歷史上深刻的思想化命題,從而昭示出近代社會發展的深刻理。
  14. Philosophically and critically, coleridge opposed the limitedly rationalistic trends of the the 18th - century thought

  15. Foruthly, remoulding and assiminating compendious idioms and allusions and aphorism and famous remark containing rich philosophic theory in chinese ancient books and records

  16. So far the d isciplinary angles of pedagogy philosophy of higher education and culturology h a ve been taken as references which have greatly promoted the research level

  17. But myths are flexible, which offers the inertia possibilities for mutual communication philosophies and cultures, and also for their own “ demythologizing ” and “ interculturalizing ”

  18. As we know, the ritual is often taken as " the traditional container ", which means ritual has a very special capable to contain the ethnic, historical and traditional interpretative ability for itself as well as multicultural, multiethnic exchange events and " facts ". in this case, dionysus pattern is a typical example, many aspects showed that there existed a very complicated relations among the arche - type : the origin of the western tragedy, the exhibition of relation between man, nature and culture, the expression of literary themes etc. main purpose of this research will be concentrated on the combination of the dionysus ritual pattern and analyses relative eastern factors including historical texts, the drama literature using the method of literary anthropology

    作為一個經典範例,酒神祭耙儀式被視為一種跨民族、跨區域、多元明的遺產:西方戲劇起源的濫骯學美學類型上的二元對峙關系的基本要件:西方學敘事中不可或缺的原型;更重要的是,它是人類生命體驗的「自然之性」的展示… …本通過對酒神的個案的人類學資料,同時結合狄奧尼索斯祭祝儀、戲劇學以及相關的歷史本分析,旨在對比較學中「西方中心」的歷史邏輯進行梳理和反思。
  19. When his diwan collection of ghazals and other poetic genres reached philosophical, the poets of delhi who were engaged in composing poetry in persian language, were much impressed and they also started writing poetry in urdu, which they named rekhta

    當他的diwan ghazals和其它詩風格的匯集到達了學,參與組成的詩歌用波斯語語言德里的詩人,被打動了並且他們並且開始了字詩歌在urdu ,他們命名rekhta 。
  20. The course contents include the development and thought of space design aesthetics in the late 20th century, discussing their relation by way of literature, psychology, semiology, and philosophy, investigating the past and contemporary viewpoints of living environment through the interaction between multimedia communication, and society, education, culture, and economy, raising the examples of spatial aesthetics transition ( classicism, modernism, post - modernism, and post - post modernism ) to compare and evaluate the works of famous spatial designers

    本課程主要內容: 20世紀末空間設計中美學發展的進程與思潮並以學、心理學、符號學、人文哲思探論其關連;從多媒體傳達與社會、教育、化、經濟互動之應用中探討人居環境的時代觀與當代價值觀;以人居環境中的空間美學轉變(古典,現代,后現代以及后現代之後)為例進行空間設計大師作品之類比與評估。