方書 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fāngshū]
方書 英文
[中醫] medical formulary
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方形; 方體) square 2 [數學] (乘方) involution; power 3 (方向) direction 4 (方面) ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(寫字; 記錄; 書寫) write Ⅱ名詞1 (字體) style of calligraphy; script:楷書 regular script2...
  1. This study, starting with zengguofan ' s learning and social status, has combined with era settings of social transition and china ' s aggressed

  2. The party b shall not sublease any part of the apartment without the written consent of the party a

  3. The two types of formulary embody the sense of splendor stage in the song dynasty from various viewpoints

  4. So it is useful to the development of modern pharmacology of tcm by studying the two types of formularies

  5. The former was characterized by its abundant contents, authentication and rich set - prescriptions, while the latter was characterized by paying attention to practices, conscience and careful classification in different special areas

  6. Neiyiyuan published 25 medical books, used as textbooks or practical recipe books, which played an important role in medical education and the popularization of medical knowledge, therefore promoted the development of modern korean medicine

  7. Ming college and dongfong college were long - time rivals in all the inter - collegiate competitions. the principal of ming college desperately wanted his college to win the competitions, so he invited li, a grand master of kung - fu, to teach his students

  8. Party b shall not partly or totally sublet the said premises without the written permission from party a

  9. The above offer is made without engagement and all order will be subject to our write acceptance

    以上報盤為虛盤(無約束力) ,所有訂貨將以我方書面接受為準。
  10. No substitutes or change against p. o. are permitted without prior written consent of the purchaser

  11. The documents which shall follow this agreement such as letters of intent, full corporate offers, bank comfort letters, contract terms and conditions, banking details or pre - advised payment instruments and / or any information contained in such documents may not be passed, under any circumstance, to another intermediary or broker or trader or any company or private persons who are not end buyers or end suppliers without prior specific written consent of the party ( s ) providing such information

    合同條款應經簽署需經合作或互利合作的第三同意.文件應按照意向,責任供貨函(完整的共同報價) ,銀行保函,合同條款,銀行詳細資料和預先通知支付票據來做.在任何情況下給非終端購買者或終端供應商另一中間或經紀人或商人或任何公司或個人,在沒有優先特別經簽約方書面同意提供這些信息,任何信息在這些文件中將不能通過
  12. Without the consent in writing of the salvor, the vessel or other property salved shall not be removed from the port or place at which they first arrived after the completion of the salvage operations, until satisfactory security prescribed in paragraphs ( 1 ) of this clause has been provided

  13. Smoking, playing, touching of exhibits or unauthorized video - taking except those with prior written permission are prohibited in the museum

    參觀者不可以在博物館范圍內吸煙、喧嘩、觸摸展品或拍攝錄像(已獲館方書面許可者除外) 。
  14. Pku secretary of the party committee min weifang and other pku leaders came to the spot, conveying greetings to the staff

  15. This contract may not be assigned by seller without buyer ' s written consent

  16. Seller agrees that its failure to submit such claim or claims within the applicable time period will constitute a waiver thereof unless seller requests in writing, prior to expiration of the applicable time period, an extension for making its claim and such extension is granted by purchaser in writing

  17. You may not transfer your domain name registration to another holder during a pending administrative proceeding brought pursuant to paragraph 4 or for a period of fifteen business days as observed in the location of our principal place of business after such proceeding is concluded ; or during a pending court proceeding or arbitration commenced regarding your domain name unless the party to whom the domain name registration is being transferred agrees, in writing, to be bound by the decision of the court or arbitrator

    在下列情況下,你不可以轉讓你的注冊域名給別的持有人( i )依照章節4提起的未決行政訴訟期間或訴訟結束后的十五( 15 )個工作日期間(見我主要辦公地點) ;或( ii )由於你的域名而提起的的未決的法庭訴訟或仲裁期間,除非接受注冊域名轉讓的一方書面同意服從法庭或仲裁人的決議。
  18. “ supplier ” as referred to herein means such party to this contract as may receive written orders from party b for amore products, including party a, party c as well as party d

  19. Such information or data shall not be duplicated, disclosed to others, or used without the written permission of seller

  20. All orders will be subject to our written acceptance